Ethiopian transitional council formation underway


The Organizing Committee of Ethiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC) held a press conference on Saturday, April 28, 2012, to deliver progress report and announce new initiatives. Several members of the media and over 84 participants had attended the press conference online.

Progress Report

The first part of the press conference focused on progress report. Representative of the Organizing Committee, Dr Fisseha Eshetu, announced that the conference to form the transitional council will be held starting on July 1st, 2012. Two cities are competing to host the conference — Dallas and Washington DC. The Organizing Committee will select the host city this week, according to Dr Fisseha. He reported that local chapters are currently being formed in over 35 cities. During the past 10 days alone, chapters were formed in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Sacramento and London, UK.

The primary responsibility of the chapters are to elect delegates to the June 29-30 conference. The chapters will play a critical role in making sure that every sector of the Ethiopian society is well-represented in the conference that is intended to be a people’s congress (Hizbawi Shengo).

New Initiatives

Dr Fisseha announced that the ENTC Organizing Committee fully endorses the call by 12 Ethiopian media organizations for boycott of enterprises that are controlled by the TPLF regime. He added that the ENTC is forming its own special task force that will coordinate the boycott campaign, and among it first targets are injera, beer and other items that are exported from Ethiopia by TPLF-affiliated companies. In the case of exporting injera, it is causing the tef prices to rise hurting the people in Ethiopia, Dr Fisseha explained.

The other project the ENTC OC has initiated is exploring possible charges of war crimes against the TPLF regime with the help of the International Tribunal Court (ICC). A legal task forces is being formed to carry out the task, Dr Fisseha reported.

The legal task force will also look into the U.S. law named FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act (22 U.S.C. § 611) that prohibits foreign spies from spying on citizens and residents of the United States to find out if the law applies to TPLF regime agents who are spying on Ethiopians and American-Ethiopians.

Regarding the participation of Ethiopian civil, political and other types of organization in the formation of the transitional council, Dr Fisseha explained that no one will be left out. He reported that progress is being made in several fronts as far as getting all stakeholders involved in the process.

– END –

For further information or to inquire how to support the formation of the Ethiopian National Transitional Council, please write to:

30 thoughts on “Ethiopian transitional council formation underway

  1. Anonymous on

    The best NEWS from the opposition camp!! well done Dr Fissheha
    we are tired of hearing what woyanne did to our country and our people, what we want to know is what is the opposition are going to do to stop it happing. we all know woyanne is the enemy of Ethiopia we don’t want to be preached day in day out. come up with action plan such as this

  2. Embe lagere on

    What a smart idea. We will support legal action against the regimen and its agent here in USA financially. we have to put pressure from all sides.

  3. damo on

    Every segement of the society must be included. We do not want to see another feudal or TPLF regimes in Ethiopia. Good start.

  4. Chalew on

    Boycotting weyane run business ,and setting up task force that will identify and bring perpetrators of crime to the justice is long waiting. The movement for democracy and change needs badly the IFUSIN OF VIGOR THAT IT NEEDS BADLY. And there is no any better way to achieve this but to carry take drastic action against the cruel TPLF leadership. This in itself will register some measurable gains. And the success that is gained from such action in turn will propel our people to take more peaceful protest, to paralyze and strangle the TPLF leadership. It takes commitment, involvement, and action to achieve scores of victory.

    Personally I credit a person by what the deed and not so much by what is said. If Dr.fisseha as a late arrival can help craft the establishment of the transitional government so that we can use it for the defense of all our people until such time the people set up the government of their choice, he will not be lagging behind those who have started ahead of him. What is needed is sincerity or (kenenet).

  5. titan on

    The Ethiopian Transitional Council SHOULD ACT AS A FOCAL POINT TO RALLY AND GIVE DIRECTION TO THE popular unrest within the country.

    The people of Ethiopia from East to west , north to south are crying for freedom from the fascist and ethnicist woyane junta. As if the cost of living is not enough, to add salt to the wound, indigenous people are being uprooted in millions from their ancestral lands to make way for arab, indian, pakistany land grabers who have no interest in Ethiopia. These people have been invited by TPLf to occupy vast swathes of land to grow cash crops for export to enrich themselves and the woyane mafia.

    The Ethiopian poor people have been evicted from their villages and been reduced to day labourers and slaves to work for these land grabers for a dollar a day. How low can we go. How much hardship and slavery can the people endure.

  6. bonger on

    It is long overdue. Ethiopian Review and all the other media organisations should receive applause for spearheading the formation of such a Council, for a long time.

  7. zimta beka on

    this is what we need, action, action and action! little pinching! then biting!and chewing Woyanne and cronies !!!!
    great job!!!!

  8. kenu derese on

    Dr,fisseha good job this is it no more taik wede sera,bertu bertu egzer yerdachwe i will support u.weyane must go very soon,

  9. Minale on

    We will see if they make any difference at all. I mean beyond duplication of efforts or serving non-Ethiopian interest. “Yemayategib Enjera Kemitadu Yastawkal”.

    • Abera on

      don’t be so pessimistic. They just started so how can you tell if they are not going to be successful. the Ethiopian saying you used does not even fit here.

      • Minale on


        Success doesn’t come by trial and error. My comment is a result of my personal analysis of their strategy. If you wish I can provide further details.

  10. Abera on

    What can I say? Fantastic, Fantastic, Good News to all Ethiopians who believe in Democracy and the rule of law. Thank you very much
    P.S. Don’t forget there are many who oppose this and fight hard so that the mission does not succeed, You guys have to show strength, patience wisdom and practice democracy within the organization.

  11. Hareg on


    I have a strong felling this is going to work because it looks like a grass-root movement.

    Egziabher yasakaw eneberta

    love to all Ethiopians

  12. keba on

    listen my brothers and sisters.long live ESAT for getting us every woyanne clearly out that they are going to destroyed our country,culture,religion, and so on by made us fight each other and hold the power once we know this why we waiting for? let stand togather and remove this evil pls.
    long live ethiopia!

  13. One Ethiopia on

    Ethiopian Transitional Council will be set up to provide the bed rock on which democracy, freedom and justice will be based in Ethiopia, after the removal of the ethno-fascist woyane gujile.

    The various Chapters being setup throughout North america and the rest of the world constitute the make up of the Council.

    The Chapters provide the link to the local Ethiopian communities where ever they exist.

    One Ethiopia, one future


    Death to Ethno-fascism.

  14. brx the bulga on

    Dr.fisseha expect a mischife from soroget of woyanee think to know people very well.wyane are scared like hell right now. he will do what ever he can to dismantel but he can not because he start to faile. as we see in ethiopian sport organization they faile so it is the begening of the end. Dr. fiseha God bless u. keep going. one thing i need to say the best way in the side of this movement try to stablish to assist the movement back home to speed up the crack and stret an uprising. we all ethiopian in your side. Agaion God bless u and your goal.

  15. guttu on

    Good luck to them but personally they missing where the key
    Point and the key it self .the key is olf where Oromo all over
    The world distances them selves from associating with other than
    Ideology of olf. Being said this in short . Unless other wise the
    Council device such strategy and bilateral agreement; its fruitful
    Ness would be far fetched belief

  16. Burka on

    Since 1991 countless numbers of Political organizations were created or established. Most of them were if not all, collapsed or remained little more than letter head paper. We failed to learn from the past mistakes and unfortunately, we are repeating the same mistakes by failing to evaluate critically the situation the country, the people including the diaspora are in. We need to come together to workout the strategy and tactics that suits our conditions. The Creation of nonfunctional organizations or multiplying compartmentalized Ideas do not help or strengthen us to achieve our goals but rather weaken us causing duplication of efforts.
    Let’s put down our ego or Individualistic work and come together and listen to each other and build each other and to plan the strategy etc… Then after that only, we will start to see the light at the end of tunnel.
    Every desperate attempts do not lead us anywhere.

  17. Ahadu on

    Long over due Thx Dr Fisseha !!!!!!! I´have heard your invitation of every Ethiopian by Esat radio and the different opposition parties to listen to their say ,as for me no one can oppose this good idea except the shocked woyanne gujilles.

  18. Unity on

    Dear ALL,
    I do support up to the bottom of my heart the true unity of the people, but observing the recent development in Ethiopia when our muslim brothers and sisters are confronting the TPLF, the other pole of Ethiopians watching like a far east film as if it happens to far eastners is a shame for our nation once more failed to stand together like Egyptians a year ago. Such observation shows how the TPLF facist regime enjoys a divided and rule systems so far.Now to see the so-called Transitional Council noise is only a bluff when the Ogadeans, Oromos, Anuaks, Tigreans/arena tigray/, Sidamas and others are determined to struggle for their national identity than for a unitary state which never ever give a guarantee for its citizens in protecting the mafia group at the helm.

  19. Gorfu on

    yet another Diaspora rethoric and another Diaspora organization. The only difference is that this time it is led by a man who knows no politics and by a man who was with Woyane his entire adult life.

    • Ahadu on

      Gorfu either your understanding of freedom struugle is low if none
      or as usuaual one of ferfari or hand out recipent,or frustrated so called in woyanne language silent diasspora last but not least you are waiting to for a victory to to join (Dil atbia Arbegna or opportunist)
      stay away from the struggle.

    • Anonymous on

      Things do not happen over time. We need to keep on trying. So STOP your negative attitude. Do something or shut up!

  20. Unity on

    I forgot to mention in my earlier comment that I am really ashamed by our bystander attitude. How long are we going to wait and see our country destroyed.

    I hope you will join us to serve justice to these Mafias.


    Dr. Fisseha Eshetu, Former President of Unity University College.

  21. hager on

    well very good idea doctor i assure u all young ethiopian support ur vision keep going …

  22. eth on

    Please I would need to advise of such a useless promotion of drunk group of people who call themselves Ethiopia transitional council. *0 millions Ethiopia people know you indeed as criminals. When you look at their compositon- most were invloved in criminal activities during the derg regime and Weyane regime..

    Though we acknowledge your concern, but it is not in the interest of all people of Ethiopia-Oromo, Amhara, Afar, Tigiri etc….. First of all Make utmost effort to consult all opposition parties of all groups. Take your time

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