Tselemt district in northern Gondar under siege

Tselemt district in northern Gondar, Ethiopia, is under military siege after confrontations between residents and TPLF regime security forces turned violent. Ethiopian Review sources in the area reported that at least 3 Woyanne troops have been killed and unknown number of civilians, including priests, are wounded.

The cause of the confrontation is the Woyanne junta’s plan to build a sugar factory near the historic Waldeba Monastery.

According to the monks and supporters of the monastery, the factory and the dam that is planned to be built nearby would destroy the holly site.

A few hours ago, the Woyanne junta shut down the telephone network in northern Gondar and we are unable to get an update. But we will try to use other means to continue getting the information out.

Meanwhile, in Metemma, a town bordering Sudan, it is reported that over 60 homes have been burned to the ground. A rebel group named Ethiopian Unity and Freedom Force (EUFF) took responsibility for setting the homes on fire. EUFF spokesman told Ethiopian Review that the homes belonged to members of the ruling TPLF junta.