Tselemt district in northern Gondar under siege

Tselemt district in northern Gondar, Ethiopia, is under military siege after confrontations between residents and TPLF regime security forces turned violent. Ethiopian Review sources in the area reported that at least 3 Woyanne troops have been killed and unknown number of civilians, including priests, are wounded.

The cause of the confrontation is the Woyanne junta’s plan to build a sugar factory near the historic Waldeba Monastery.

According to the monks and supporters of the monastery, the factory and the dam that is planned to be built nearby would destroy the holly site.

A few hours ago, the Woyanne junta shut down the telephone network in northern Gondar and we are unable to get an update. But we will try to use other means to continue getting the information out.

Meanwhile, in Metemma, a town bordering Sudan, it is reported that over 60 homes have been burned to the ground. A rebel group named Ethiopian Unity and Freedom Force (EUFF) took responsibility for setting the homes on fire. EUFF spokesman told Ethiopian Review that the homes belonged to members of the ruling TPLF junta.


33 comments on “Tselemt district in northern Gondar under siege

  1. yemm on

    This is a time of reckoning. We should no more allow the woyane gujile to push us around. stand up and fight with sticks, fists and stones.

    • Selamawi on

      WOYANIE’S expiration date will come, just like spoiled milk.
      Making enemies all over Ethiopia, Eritrea & Somalia does NOT guarantee “Tigray Republic”, just like planned in “TIGRAY MANIFESTO”.

      Just like the ARAB-SPRING, the Ethiopian people’s VOLCANO have been building up under the WOYANIES feet.
      Little did WOYANIES knew, the VOLCANO that desperately tried to extinguish will come to explode on woyanies face.

      WOYANIE, You lived by sword, Therefore, will die by sword, for you made you bed & you will sleep on it.


  2. Gezaee H. on

    Everything Woyane touch is turning violent. Woyane will continue to suppress the people not learning from derg it is trying to impose itself forever and forcing its blind policies on the people. Aye, Aye,… min aynet yetergme hizb new ezach ager yetefetre. I wish I was not born in Ethiopia. Babaric creature, do these people think at all? Why are they trying to force everything on the people? do they know it will backfire on them ? Aye, Aye,… fed up with Woyane arrogance and ignorance.

    • Asbeha on

      Ante woyane,
      “min aynet yetergme hizb new ezach ager yetefetre”
      yeteregemew hizb yetigre hizb new, yeteregemew hager tigray new.
      Keep your dirt with yourself please.

  3. peace on

    When other countries preserve their historical sites, and even these historical sites bring in income from tourism. I have traveled around the world. Most nations are proud of their historical heritage and preserve every single religious sites. Where as, TPLF, the enemy of Ethioipa destroys these sites. Is he Wahabist staging as neoliberalists? What a development, indeed.

  4. peace on

    Bravo Ethiopian fighters, attack the foreign agent and foreigners from left and right, in the North and in Gambella area. The lion is starting to roar! I am afraid, TPLF is ready for major war in Ethiopia that is why it is provoking Ethiopians. Unfortunately, the Arabs and West will attack Ethiopians to support TPLF making it sound like “terrorists” are attacking Ethiopia.

    I am curious though. The recent attack of tPLF in Arsi. What is the detail? Ethiopian Muslims are saying TPLF not to interfere but they are not making it detailed enough what interference they are talking about? I hope Ethiopian Muslims are not involved with Wahabists supported by TPLF and Alamoudi.

  5. Treaty on

    Elias, which town is under siege? Telemet is a region that include the towns of Ambamadre, Maysemerie, and Adarkay. These ar towns are all in Telemet that are closest to Waldeba.Which one of these towns would it be? The decision of TPLF leaders to cut telephone line to Northern Gonder could mean the junta is planning massacre in the region.Ethiopins all over the world need to take weyane for what it is. The fact that the TPLF leaders decided to go ahead with its agro business plan by snatching the property of the monastery instead of engaging the public in dialogue, made it conclusive the regime is asking Ethiopians to rise up in arms against it. There is no doubt in my mind, the decadent Arat kilo TPLF regime is out of touch with reality. Instead of reversing its ill designed and controversial business plan, its decision to send armed militias to disperse the civilians speaks that TPLF see itself staying in power, for unforeseen future, by massacring innocent Ethiopians.

    The case of Waldeba is a watershed event that will galvanize not just the people of Gondar but all Ethiopians-It is a national cause, it is an attack on the very land mark of the country, and an affront to GOD.I was trying to hear the VOA report but it fails to open up for me.Since, there is no working telephone line in Northern Gondar, if you can (Elias) you may try to contact Ethiopians who reside inside Sudan border. Ethiopians residing in towns such as Abderrafi, Gelabat and Tiha, who frequently travel in and out of of Sudan to theirhome Telemet and Welkait, can be good sources of information about what is taking place in Telemeter region at the present.

  6. gudu on

    The last evilish act of weyane is under way and this is the perfect time for all Ethiopians and friends to get ready and eradicate Meles and his boss Mebrahtu G/hiwot from the face of planet earth.

  7. Gezaee H. on

    How can we ask them to listen to people? How? they refused and their provoking the citizen to take up arms and they will accuse them as terrorists?

    I am affraid TPLF is pushing the country into civil war. Look, TPLF refused to finish shabia. It saved shabia and shabia opened war fronts in Ogaden and Somalia. TPLF decided to fight endless war in ogaden and Somalia instead of dealing with the source. Now TPLF continued, and chased the people of Ethiopia from their land and gave the entire Gambela to 36 countries? can you imagine? what type of human being are these felas? why do the people Tigray has to be blamed for the ignorance and stupidity fo the few felas. Now you see war started in Gambela and Gambela becoming another Ogaden? In Tigray 240 people kidnapped by another rebel based in Eritrea, TPDM. Woyane continued and is determined to destroy a historical and theological site, Waldeba, we hear houses burnt and around. Why is TPLF doinng all these? It is not on purpose to incite civil war in Ethiopia? why they never tried or never try to work the citizen? why they do everything by forcing citizen? where is the theory that they fought for freedom if they are killing freedom?

    I am frustrated with the high level of stupidity of woyane? who is not now responsible for the people killed in Gambela? will Almouldi pay for the 10 lives? why these people never listen to the cry of their ciitzen? why decided to be ignorant and stupid like this?

    • Ahadu on


      No one can blame the tegreans for that matter as woyanne is an evil gang that has massacred real Ethiopian tegrean heroes all the way and later throw the others out of the playing field to silence the rest, all the so called “golden” people is an usual decipt like we have witnessed since the creation of the woyanne gang and still there are gallant Ethiopian tegreans giving their lives to get back their honourable and proud identitity “Ethiopianism” .For me as an Ethiopian citizen woyanne is a collection of a “proxy slaves” that does not have nothing to do with tegrean peoples and at the same time woyannes iron fist is more strong in the province through its belly boys that are loyal to the evil deeds which will be taken accountable after the woyanne era.

    • Sam Kidane on

      I am fed up of people like you blaming Eritrea for all your problems.Get rid of your xenophobic assumptions and start looking for the real causes of your country’s predicament.Get real!! Leave Eritrea and its hardworking, decent people alone!!!

  8. Jeleta on

    I sometimes wonder who really the worst. The Italian, who came to conquer and subjugate and most of divid the nation into zone and killed millions of people and destroyed so many historical places at the same time took so may artifacts or the weyanne, who did and does the same thing.

    Would it be possible for weyanne, who prefaces to be Ethiopian kill, sell women to the Jemalas and sell babies to the highest bidder with out any question and at the same time have an illicit money moved out of the country, while millions of people are dying of starvation. I cannot make head or tell of them, if they are Ethiopians or a foreign enemy occupying our country

  9. Berhan on

    It is late but note too late to destroy woyane. keep the flame of freedom and liberty. we shall be free.

  10. Yetigre Mekera on

    Elias make a correction: Telemint not tselemt as u stated. what we have the info directley from the area says that the work has stoped and tplf security aparatus has disgised as a monk has entered the monostry armed was pistols and chasing and aresting the amhara and other ethiopian monks accusing them of being anti tigre. sadley the tigre monks are siding with the tplf agents and giving the info to the saecurity agents. now the tplf has spreading rumers that there are shiftas inside the monostry. in another development two chinese has died who was working with thew tplf construction company in the area. people from wolkait from the low lands and JanAmora from the highlands are taking measure aganist the tplf invading army. God will, tplf will suffer . In general terms tplf has a paln to turn the area into a tigrian hub denying the ownershiop of the amhara. wolkait and telemit never been for a sigle minute part of tigre. stay tune.

  11. Balcha Aba Nefso on

    We, who are unlucky to fight weyane on the ground, have to prepare ourselves for a full support of the struggle back home. Let’s show once again that we are the free nation!!!!!

    I donot judge weyane whether it is a dictator or not because it’s beyond those who practiced aparthide in South Africa.

    It’s shame on us!

    Let’s use this 11th hour opportunity to get ride of TPLF as well as any power seeking persons. Let’s fight such that power will be possesed by the people!!!

  12. Mamo on

    Tyrants are history. TPLF like strong man is gone, no more. Full democracy, full rule of law, full freedom. Short of that, there is going to be a lot of fire and noone will survive.

  13. alem teklay on

    Shut up Amhara, Weyane is here to stay. You will be ruled forever or there will be no ethiopia as you know it.

    • Mamo on

      There will be an Ethiopia as “you will know it.” You just have to wait for it.

    • Wahabi on

      Alem teklay or Hagos from our former province

      No matter how long it takes and sacrifies woyanne will go once and for all not to be seen in Ethiopia again ,Ethiopia had over come so many problems and woyanne would be the last of its type as we are well aware of the short comings in the Ethiopian society so that our enemies pave their way fordestruction like they have done it with woyanne.(Woyanne is the least capable to stay in administration in this great nation had it not been the enemies advice and financial support which is estimated to be 40 Billion as donation leaving the countries product tax and export aside that has been life support machine for the gang specially after being rejected by election 1997)
      so the best thing is leave ethiopia as it was before your arrival and join your brothers and sisters in the neighbouring country even though i dont think that Eritreans would accept it for all the rest we are ready to confront woyanne in the language it only understands .

  14. Anonymous on

    alem teklay,
    Woyanes like you are sociopath that are full of hate and have no conscience, no feelings of guilt of what is so ever for another human being. It is obvious that there are good and evil people in this world. The evil ones like Woyanes serve Satan and get satisfactions and enjoyments when they beat, torture and kill innocent people. The good ones, who serve God/Allah, feel the suffering of others and try everything in their power to stop it. What goes around comes around and in time, God will give you what you deserve. That judgment day will come and I feel sorry for the likes of alem teklay and the rest of disgraced woyanes who have spilled the blood of unknown number of innocent people in every corner of Ethiopia.

  15. Lemma Ketema on

    Why take the Waldeba area? If this is a tactic to chase Amhara from the region so as to take advanrtage of land grab in the name of sugar project its wrong.

    • Anonymous on


      live the black people stra gle and survival It tooke long time to unite Ethiopia for King Tewdrose ,but it took short time to Yones to be a king of Ethiopia. Why? Becuse King yohnse dis honsty took ted life short so dose yones. Woyne thinks he the leader by force,but the mass of Ethiopia as always wait antil the final push woyne! then let it be known no force will stop Ethiopian up rise!!!!!!

  16. Gizew on

    Stalin Gebere-slilasie?

    isn’t he Woyane? what is he doing in the church?

  17. abba on

    on every corner of Ethiopia, the people rising. I don’t think they (woyane) can control it. We the people shouldn’t bee deceived as usual woyane will try to calm down by negotiating (agreeing)to buy time and strike back. So we should support both Muslim and Christian (all Ethiopian people)for common cause and that is get rid of them once for all. And the reality is how many agazis woyane will send every where? it’s already stretched. But we are 80 millions. May God bless Ethiopia and the people.

  18. Mulugheta T. on

    Hello Elias Kifle the GREAT (Keep it up!),

    This is a great News. Please post more about it. I have tried to get photos from Addis Abeba about the recent self-burnning of the Ethiopian police (the hero) but I could not yet. Please ask your readers if they have one.

    A Peaceful Ethiopia without Woyane will prevail.

  19. Anonymous on

    why is VOA not working or is it just a lie?? don’t say things that u don’t have proof .cuze u hate woyane i don’t hate it i don’t lov it they booth are our family
    animals fight
    real civilized discuss so discuss !1

    • Waka on

      You can never be civilized even if you drink a civilization like a coca cola ,the once in the minilik palace are not better than you do ,the difference is they are sitting on a golden cow giving gold as a milk and throw a little piece for the low life supporter of tyrant like you,

      they can never be civilized ,you better go to school does not matter how long it takes even if it takes life long, and may teach your grand kids before you die other wise leave the politics rather ask your woyanne bose a small farm land and good oxe start farming where you can be more productive.

  20. Just Go on

    Keep on keep it on! Woyane HAS to be erased from the face of Ethiopia including the criminal evil army called AgNazi – and their supporters have to be listed and hunted down like the Nazi criminals wherever they may hide. Be it in the embassies or Mesheta Bet. Because their crimes for the last 30+ yrs are humongous !!!
    Even their foreign supporters have to face world court and get punished. No excuse.
    Meanwhile time to kick some woyane cadre’s asses in the streets of anytownUSA or Europe or Africa or Bombay.
    Let the cadres be on the run scared of the coming SUNAMMI !!!

  21. Tekaly on

    plz u my fellow Ethiopian ppl i really like to see Meles to go way, am from Mekele but i feel shame for him and he is not representing the people of Tigray, just himself, personally me and all the ppl of mekele r against him, weather u b’liv it or not soon u all see a miracle (peaceful one. BTW about the blue nile dam, dont think it will be there, he used the money for what we know something, it will come out soon too. am advising the people not to contribute money for Abay dam. its not for real but for him to stay in power. freedom to the ppl of ethiopia.

  22. T.gebregzi on

    Did you know that cowardly criminal leadership of the T.P.L.F.took many innocent young boys from Enderta with them through the Amara regien to Addis Abeba and made them house keepers of a clic who were behind Meles since the start of elimination of progressive and diciplined fighters.In all that 17 years in Tigray like we have heared it repeatedlly from G.Medhin Araya,Meles.Sebhat,Samora,and many others who support these mad criminals have been killing our brothers,George jackson,Afro American revolutionery who died in prison riot in the 1960s said of Jomo Keniata,the one who threw his gun befor the end of the war,what can you say about this black skin white masks,they are hated by true revolutioneries,men of scince and art religious people like me,we need to think possitive and learn to love friends,they say life is priorities,let us unite and help the poor and incarage the young to say no boldly,Some body I like sent me a book I liked most,in the book he wrote with love and prayer and this is what I can say and do,weither you are Ethiopians or Eritreans,as i tried to say it above I grew among Amharans and Eritreans,besides I was born in the golden years of Ethiopia,1949 G.calender,thank you,it is late I have to go to bed tomorow early in the morning go to work.

  23. Africa on

    የረሐብ እሮሮ የህጻናት እንባ
    የመነኩሴው ጸሎት ተሰማ በራማ
    ስደት ወይ ባርነት ከእንግዲህ ይበቃል
    ፈርኦን አድምጠኝ ህዝቤ ነፃ ይወጣል

    ከአፍሪካ የዓለም ተስፋ

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