Meles Zenawi a manipulative, ruthless tyrant – Graham Peebles

By Graham Peebles | Eurasia Review

Arrested, jailed and beaten, tortured and imprisoned, this is the recipe for justice that the Ethiopian government serves up to dissenting voices. Men and women peacefully exercising their democratic right, demanding their human rights, crying out for their moral rights. The victimised are not only those living within Ethiopia who attempt to offer an alternative to the current dictatorship, who form and organise political opposition to the Meles regime, but journalists inside Ethiopia and abroad, who dare to speak out in criticism of the governments criminality, human rights violations and policies of indifference.

Amnesty International in its damning report of the Ethiopian government, Dismantling Dissent in Ethiopia (DDE);1 state that from March to November 2011 “at least 108 opposition party members and six journalists have been arrested for alleged involvement with various proscribed terrorist groups.” By November they were all charged with crimes under the internationally criticised Anti Terrorist Proclamation. In addition, Amnesty continues, “six journalists two opposition party members and one human rights defender, all living in exile, were charged in absentia.”

The ‘T’ word as former Secretary General of the UN Kofi Annan, called terrorism, is the umbrella term used by the Ethiopian government (amongst others) to justify the unjust, the dishonest and the criminal. If there is a terrorist organisation flourishing in Ethiopia, committing crimes against humanity and violating the human rights of the people it is State terrorism delivered by the EPRDF government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, as this UN definition of terrorism makes clear. “Criminal acts intended or calculated to provoke a state of terror in the general public, a group of persons or particular persons for political purposes are in any circumstance unjustifiable.”2 Fear of the government, fear of reprisal, of violence and [false] imprisonment casts a deep shadow across the people of Ethiopia, whose human rights are being ignored by the Meles regime, that seized power twenty years ago and has brutalised and systematically restricted the peoples freedom and human rights ever since.

Lawless lawmakers

In 2009 the Ethiopian government passed legislation on the highly controversial Anti Terrorism Proclamation. Human Rights Watch (HRW)3 that year looked closely at what was then the proposed law and amongst other recommendations held high within their fury and despair, said, “if implemented this law could provide the Ethiopian government with a potent instrument to crack down on political dissent, including peaceful political demonstrations and public criticisms of government policy” and “It would permit long-term imprisonment and even the death penalty for “crimes” that bear no resemblance, under any credible definition, to terrorism. It would in certain cases deprive defendants of the right to be presumed innocent, and of protections against use of evidence obtained through torture.” Needles to say, the law was passed almost entirely as drafted, duly implemented and has since been used solely to silence dissent. Amnesty in its report found “the prolonged series of arrests and prosecutions indicates a systematic use of the law and the pretext of counter-terrorism by the Ethiopian government to silence people who criticise or question their actions and policies, especially opposition politicians and the independent media.”

It is the utilisation and enforcement of this unlawful law that is enabling the Ethiopian government to quash opposition and free speech within the country and intimidate those voices for fairness, justice and common sense abroad. The legislation allows the government to ban free association and to arrest and imprison anyone who has the courage to speak out against the government and their many human rights violations. The police, who were already commonly acting outside of the law, with little or no knowledge of human rights, were given new and unlawful powers. HRW in its analysis states, “The draft Proclamation grants the police the power to make arrests without a warrant, so long as the officer “reasonably suspects” that the person is committing or has committed a terrorist act. The Ethiopian constitution requires that a person taken into custody must be brought before a court within 48 hours and informed of the reasons for their arrest-a protection that is already systematically violated.” This constitutional requirement as with many articles of decency and good intention is dutifully ignored. Arrested under the Anti Terrorist Proclamation individuals are held in confinement for weeks, sometimes months without charge and denied legal support. Even before this draconian legislation was enforced HRW states “Ethiopian police routinely detain people without charge for months, and sometimes ignore judicial orders for release.”

Five from many

In January five more innocent people were convicted in the Ethiopian Federal High Court, of conspiracy to commit terrorist acts, and money laundering. Evidence against the three journalists an opposition leader and a woman, Hirut Kifle Woldeyesus, was made up primarily of online criticism of the government and plans to stage peaceful political protest. None of which constitute acts of terrorism. This is common as Amnesty found in the 114 cases they investigated in their detailed report, “much of the evidence against those charged involves items that do not appear to amount to terrorism or criminal wrongdoing. Rather many items of evidence cited appear to be illustrations of individuals exercising their right to freedom of expression, acting peacefully and legitimately.”

Two of the journalists tried in January were sentenced to 14 years imprisonment while Elias Kifle (tried in absentia), editor of the web-based journal Ethiopian Review, received his second life sentence [emphasis mine]. These cases are simply the most recent in a long line of miscarriages of ‘justice’, where the outlaw government has exercised an abuse of power and in the name of justice imprisoned the innocent. A further 24 journalists and opposition party members are awaiting trial, many of whom could face the death penalty, for trumped up charges which amount to nothing more than journalists exercising their constitutional and moral right to freedom of speech. The UN Special Rapporteur on human rights defenders, Margaret Sekaggya stated in a meeting of UN human rights investigators in February “journalists, bloggers and others advocating for increased respect for human rights should not be subject to pressure for the mere fact that their views are not in alignment with those of the Government.”4 Indeed. Journalists must be free to speak out against the government, to criticise policies of persecution, to highlight the suffering of the people and to draw attention to the multiple human rights abuses taking place within Ethiopia. UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression, Frank La Rue, “Journalists play a crucial role in promoting accountability of public officials by investigating and informing the public about human rights violations, they should not face criminal proceedings for carrying out their legitimate work, let alone be severely punished.” However all those speaking out in anguish and rage at the EPRDF’s criminality and repression are subject not simply to ‘pressure’, or ‘criminal proceedings’, but violent arrest, torture and false imprisonment, or indeed death.

Free the innocent

These five innocent men and women, who were mistreated in custody, falsely imprisoned and like others, including the celebrated writer Eskinder Nega (imprisoned for life in September for writing an on-line blog), denied their liberty, must be released immediately and an independent enquiry instigated to investigate their cases, their treatment whilst in jail and their hollow convictions. During their three-month imprisonment at the Maikelawi detention center before the trial and in violation of Ethiopian and international law, the defendants were denied access to legal counsel and family members, and claim they were beaten and tortured. This is the experience of a great many whilst held in Maikelawi, Amnesty reveals in its report, “many of the [114] detainees were forced to sign confessions and to acknowledge ownership or association by signing items of seemingly incriminating evidence.” The Ethiopian courts have not investigated any of these claims, they are it seems nothing more than servants of the Government, and are as HRW states “complicit in this political witch hunt.” This collusion of the courts contravenes the Ethiopian constitution that states in Article 78/1. “An independent judiciary is established by this Constitution. Article 79/1. “Judicial Powers, both at Federal and State levels, are vested in the courts,” furthermore, 3. “Judges shall exercise their functions in full independence and shall be directed solely by the law.” The UN Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, Gabriela Knaul “deplored the reported failure to ensure the defendants’ right to a fair trial.” Reports the UN News Centre.

The Ethiopian government cannot be believed or trusted; the international bodies supporting the country should impose independent observers of the judicial system. Amnesty International in its report calls “on the representatives of the international community in Addis Ababa to take up the role of monitoring trials.” This would be an important initial act in placing the EPRDF under international scrutiny and accountability. It is time the international community acting through the UN undertook its responsibility and role as advocate for justice, self-determination, “the suppression of acts of aggression” (article 1) and freedom for the people of the world, in accordance with its charter.

A blind eye to torture

In addition to the suppression of free speech, the use of the death penalty and withdrawing the legal right of presumption of innocence, torture is allowed under the Anti Terrorism Proclamation and information gathered whilst under such duress is admissible in court. HRW again, “The draft Proclamation deems confessions admissible without a restriction on the use of statements made under torture”. This is illegal under international law, The Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment does not allow the use of any statements made in a court of law, that where elicited under torture. The use of such information is also prohibited under the Ethiopian Constitution. Article 19 states, “Persons arrested shall not be compelled to make confessions or admissions which could be used in evidence against them. Any evidence obtained under coercion shall not be admissible.” The much-trumpeted constitution in colours green red and yellow, no doubt framed and hung neatly upon a wall of indifference and conceit, unenforced; it means little or nothing to the people and even less to the EPRDF who ignore its charter.

Known unknowables

It is an acknowledged fact within the corridors of the UN and Ethiopia’s donor countries that human rights abuses are occurring daily within the country under the increasingly paranoid gaze of Prime Minister Meles and his ministerial menagerie. How do we as a world community, responsible and alert to the needs of our brothers and sisters, respond to such men, to such injustice and tyranny? Fight fire with fire many would advocate and in the face of such cruelty many of us would perhaps gladly fuel a furnace, however as Mahatma Ghandi said “I cannot teach you violence, as I do not myself believe in it. I can teach you not to bow your heads before anyone even at the cost of your life.” To be silent in the sight of injustice and persecution is to allow tyrants like Meles to maintain their stranglehold over the innocent. It is time intense political pressure from those providing and delivering the much-needed financial and developmental aid, was applied to put an end to the current regimes human rights violations and abuse of the people, including freezing of personal assets and targeted sanctions. The British government give £315 million a year to Ethiopia, a spokesperson from The Department for International Development (DFID) told the Guardian (3/02/2012) “The prime minister, the foreign secretary and the secretary of state for international development have all raised concerns with Prime Minister Meles over the recent arrests of opposition leaders and journalists.”5 ‘Concern’ is all well and good, but all too easy for the arrogant to shrug off, outrage and horror a more apt response from Westminster and more in keeping with the offences being committed. Criticism alone however will not bring change within the abysmal regime and justice to the long-suffering people.

Repeal and release

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi presides over a brutal manipulative dictatorship that restricts all freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom of the media in Ethiopia. Peaceful dissent is met with violence and false imprisonment. Intimidation and fear are the key tools in such repression, this must end and we the international community must ensure it is so. The Anti terrorist Proclamation is an unjust piece of legislation designed and implemented by a corrupt and violent regime who are in breech of international law and there own constitution. It must be repealed immediately, the many innocent good men and women falsely imprisoned released and those supporting Ethiopia through development aid should insist on the implementation of these legitimate and morally right demands. Sit not in silent appeasement, but raise your bowed heads and act.


2. 1994 United Nations Declaration on Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism annex to UN General Assembly resolution 49/60 ,”Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism”, of December 9, 1994, UN Doc. A/Res/60/49
3. Human Rights Watch Analysis of Ethiopias Draft Anti-Terrorist Law.

(About the author: Graham Peebles is Director of The Create Trust, a UK registered charity, supporting fundamental social change and the human rights of individuals in acute need. He may be reached at

63 comments on “Meles Zenawi a manipulative, ruthless tyrant – Graham Peebles

  1. per on

    The ethno-fascist woyane mafia are being watched by the international media/community, the attrocities committed on the Ethiopian people are being noted, judgement day is coming. Woyane mafia you are dead!

  2. Fezaza on

    Hello all my Ethiopian friends I have a good idea. Let us all write letters to Meles asking him to resign. May be he will listen to us and do it. The sooner we do it the better. Please and Thank you.

      • Anonymous on

        @ Anonymous- You are abosultely right “EWNETEM FEZAZA” !! LOL :)

    • Anonymous on

      Are you for real? or are you being sarcastic at the expenses of the suffering Ethiopians? This is not a joking matter! Meles and TPLF thugs see the lives of Ethiopians like worthless flies! Meles darn well knows and very angry that he is rejected and despised by all Ethiopians, except his trained killer machine Woyanes and a few hodams who have no respect for the rule of law and human rights. Iwnetem Fezaza!

      • Fezaza on

        My brother I know what you are saying and I also agree there should be change but just to make it quicker may be he will think we are nice people and resign. What do you think if our brother Elias Kifle writes him a letter instead? I don’t think he wrote him any letter before. And besides Elias is more popular than him even in Ethiopia many people like Elias. I think this one is a better idea than my first one. Please let me know as soon as possible and I will ask Elias.

        Thank you very much, your Ethiopian brother.

        • Selamawi on

          For God sake,,, Where have you been for the last 21 years?

          – “There should be change but just to make it quicker may be he will think we are nice people and resign”.
          – “What do you think if our brother Elias Kifle writes him a letter instead? I don’t think he wrote him any letter before. And besides Elias is more popular than him even in Ethiopia many people like Elias”.
          – “I think this one is a better idea than my first one. Please let me know as soon as possible and I will ask Elias”.

          GET REAL BUT FYI:
          Elias Kifle is already in TPLF’s wanted-hit-list, charged in “absentia”, for enticing terrorism, found guilty in TPLF-kangaroo-courts & sentenced for life in TPLF-dungeons.

          Therefore, TRY THIS, instead of writing to Elias Kifle, write to the TPLF-tribal-tyrant Zenawi, SEVENTY MILLION ETHIOPIAN WILL HAVE THEIR DAY UNDER THE SUN & he will be the first one to go, just like Hitler did.

          GOOD LUCK!!

    • Anonymous on

      Do you have alternative after his resign? Who replaces? Who will be included with the leadership? etc. I realize we continue demonizing TPLF but we have no alternatives. TPLF will be leaving a HUGE vaccum and many damages have occured under their rule, so it will not be easy that is why transitional governments must be set up that benefits ALL, I repeat ALL and not the status quo: such as the same puppet dictator, same TPLF type, same ethnic group type, save past regime status quo, etc… If any of these are installed, you bet it will be the same perpetuation and another unsatisfyed group will pick up arms etc. So I hope we have learned our lesson so far.

      • Fezaza on

        Thank you my brother. you see people call me Fezaza because of my eyes but i am not really stupid. You asked a good question. I have some idea who can replace Meles. I think Kenenisa Bekele would be a good leader. Besides he loves his country.And we should make Meseret Defar or Teddy Afro in charge of the foreign affairs.

        I am not really sure who can replace Bereket Simon, I like Abe Tokichaw but he is not in the country now. You probably have a good idea.

        By the way what is your real name? My name is Kassa, people call me Kassa Fezaza. That was back home now they know I am fighting for their country.

        Thanks, next time I will send you my phone number.

      • Anonymous on

        Ezana you are so smart
        you are nothing but a poppet. i think Ezana you got a new recruit in Fezaza but i think his a Lott’s smarter than you are. now you are changing your tune woyanne.”who will be included in leader ship”? so now you are after power?” so i hope we have learned our lesson so far” no you did not learn at all. you put your self in power talk like a see i believe one man one vote.your just bunch of big takers with no understanding of what Ethiopia mention of the suffering Ethiopian under this banda and you want to go be in leader ship position.a pig is a pig it doesn’t matter what kind of make up you put on it..pigs

      • sister on

        And your point is? We should sit back and let TPLF poo Poo on us for ever.

    • Anonymous on

      Wright the later to Melese and tel us ween will be the wedding day between you and Melese. so we can attend to the wedding. for sure i will be there to see it. i think that is much made in heaven for you Fezaza.

      • Fezaza on

        I am sorry for making you angry. Now you have started insulting me. That is ok as far as it makes you happy. So you don’t think writing a letter to Meles asking him to resign a good idea. I have seen many organizations asking people to write letters to leaders to release political prisoners.

        So what is the quickest way to bring change in Ethiopia?

        I am pretty sure there are very intelligent people who can tell us. I like the boycott thing because when the government finds out they are short of money they know it was Elias Kifle who did all this. And they will bring his case to court and sentence him for another life term. I think Elias Kifle is going to live for at least 300 years otherwise there is no point of sentencing him for life so many times. What i don’t understand is why don’t the government like Elias? I did not know that loving your country is a crime.

        whether it works or not I am going to ask people to write letters to Meles asking him to resign. I really like prof. Alemayehu’s articles he is such an intelligent man he can draft a letter for me.He loves his country and specially poor people like me and many in Ethiopia. And when Meles resigns every body is going to tell me how smart i am.

    • Ezana From Toronto on


      you are so funny. What is Meles’ address? Where do we address our letter? You can go ahead and write one, not me. But make sure not to include your real name:-)

      Good day

      Ezana From Toronto

      • Fezaza on

        Thanks for your comment Ezana from Toronto. Actually i was not trying to be funny I am serious about it.

        Ofcourse I have to include my real name how am I going to receive his letters just in case he decides to write back to me. You are not afraid of him, Are You? You live in Toronto we are just neighbors i am in Dallas.

        I hope Meles is not reading this I was planning to surprise him. His address I will ask brother Elias Kifle. This guy knows everything, he even knows what is going on in Metema. That is far from Addis.

        • Anonymous on

          Love u, Fezaza!!!. You are one smart dude for those who can understand u but most here on this forum unfortunately are know it all, good for nothing dumb a** peep.

  3. Shetaye on

    Thank you mr. Peebles, a deep, logical and fair analysis of the brutal and dictatorial system in Ethiopia.

    Because we can not speak freely in our own country we can not move freely, we can not do things freely and we can not vote freely. If we can not vote freely then there is dictatorship that is telling us, forcing us, intimidate us, imprison and kill us. That is what every citizen should fight.

    Like Mr. Peebles you don’t have to be an Ethiopian to see and criticize the system that is subjecting the population in a terrorizing state of life. They took jobs away, snatched the lands and gave it to foreigners with a 100 percent right to export the food items to their own countries. What kind of Government gives away a land by starving its own people in a country where there is serious famine and starvation among almost 8 million people?

    Is it really wise to sell land, water, crops, minerals of the country and ask for foreign aid to feed the people? don’t people specially the media reporters have an obligation to ask why and where the country’s resources are going? Why does tons of coffee disappear suddenly? Why is there no food in the country?

    does it make any sense to any one when you question this unfair treatment in your country. you are accused of becoming a terrorist and sentenced for 14 or more years?

    How do you fight unemployment when you lay off thousands of educated and experienced people and give the jobs to the so called fighters of the woyane party? Is this the prize for “winning” and occupying the country?

    It is very legitimate to demand change in Ethiopia. Change the government that is not trusted by the people.

  4. Tulu on

    Yes, Ethiopians are intimidated, detained, and tortured daily by murderous terrorist security officers; sentenced and imprisoned by lawless lawmakers and judges; and enslaved by manipulative and psychopathic ruthless dictator. The saddest thing is people don’t say that is enough, rise up, and dismantle the reign of terror, death, and torture. What a contradiction? Very sadly, this is how most Africans accepted, tolerated, and lived through hundreds of years of back breaking, dehumanizing, and devastating colonialism and apartheid. I don’t think any Ethiopian of sound mind should entertain the thought of Ethiopia and Ethiopians surviving as human beings, people, and country another twenty years of Woyane/TPLF onslaught.

  5. Tekle on

    What does this guy know about our country and way of governance? He is just one of those who try to stir troubles in a very stable country. May be he is pissed off because any one of his cousins or close friends were not given a stake in mineral or oil ventures. Folks! You see we fought the blood thirsty Mengistu for more than 17 years and paid enormous sacrifice both in human lives and property. You guys call our capitalistic development loot but the matter of fact is that we are getting paid for that 17 years sacrifice. The most sophisticated calculation which is the fairest way of reciprocation calls for 25 years for each year of sacrifice. Therefore, without a doubt we will continue to play a leadership role for at least 450 years to come. And we will continue to be amicably paid for our leadership role. It is high time!!!! It is Tigray time baby!!! So you must read the sign of the road!!! Shhhhh!!! Can’t you see it says ‘Do Not Disturb’!!!! That includes when our infallible leader comes to town to meet with President Obama. I am telling you to shut up and that is a standing order!!!!

    • Jegnaw on

      witch planet did you com from Kunty lekame? and believe me you will go back to you KUNTY lekema very soon. your numbers are up.and if you don’t know what kunty is ask your mom,your dad or you gran parent they will tell you.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Abdi on

      Hey Tekle, I remember you. I thought you were dead with the rats in the garbage bins. You were the one who was insulting every Ethiopian who is not from Tigray and not a member of your blood thirsty TPLF, a party of bandas. You were the one who were saying life is great in Ethiopia because you have houses in Amercica, Addis and Mekele. You told us to shut up telling us there is freedom and democracy for all in Ethiopia.
      So a foreigner unless he brings some gifts for your moron uneducated TPLF leaders from Adwa is not good for Ethiopia. You think we believe you.

      Listen Tekle, this is not the Tigray forests where the law of the jungle was practiced. If you want that pack up and go to you stone infested province , become like Eritrea and eat what ever you find.Leave the rest of Ethiopia alone.

      Otherwise, when the people demand democracy, freedom and they vote you out of the office leave peacefully.

      But it is a little too late now. If you are posting here I hope you are reading what is going on in Gondar,Gmabela and even in Addis. Your TPLF masters are intimidating and use their media to create fear among the population just like Gadaffi, Mubarak and others. And I know you are stupid but not moron enough to not know what is coming next. It won’t be long. One day when you wake up the whole country will be engulfed with fire of my people saying enough and you would wish it was a nightmare.

      Please don’t reply to my comment. I know you love the TPLF but their time has come and gone. Just sit back, wait and stay in America.

      • Tekle on

        Abdi and the likes!!!

        You don’t even know how to conduct yourself in the conversation. It shows you were raised wrong and all you know is insults. You could be one of those so-called Amhara ‘Resurrection’ imbeciles who are seriously afflicted with day dreaming. Thanks to Mengistu you are left without any capable leaders who could have given us a run for the money. Just take a look at those names among the 60 individuals shot in November 1974. Just look here!!!!

        Lij Tsehafi Ti-izaz Aklilou HabteWold
        Leoul Ras Asrate Kassa
        Lij Indlakatchew Mekonnen
        Ras Mesfin Sileshi
        Lieutenant Colonel Tamrat Yigezu
        Kibur Ato Akalework Habtewold
        Ato Mulatu Debebe
        Ato Abebe Reta
        Dejazmach Solomon Abraham
        Dejazmach Legesse Bezou
        Dejazmach Sahlu Difaye
        Dejazmach Workneh Wolde Amanuel
        Dejazmach Kifle Ergetou
        Dejazmach Worku InqoSelassie
        Dejazmach Aemero Selassie Abebe
        Dejazmach Kebede Ali Wele
        Colonel Solomon Kedir
        Afe Negus Abedge Debalk
        Kibur Ato Nebiye Leul Kifle
        Kegnazmach Yilma Aboye
        Kibur Ato Tegene Yeytechawork
        Kibur Ato Solomon GuebreMariam
        Kibur Ato Hailu Teklu
        Lij Hailu Desta
        Blata Admassu Reta
        Fitawrari Dems Alamirew
        Fitawrari Amde Aberra
        Fitawrari Tadesse InqoSelassie
        Lieutenant General Abey Abebe
        Lieutenant General Kebede Guebre
        Lieutenant General Diresse Dubale
        Lieutenant General Abebe Gemeda
        Lieutenant General Yilma Shibeshi
        Lieutenant General Haile Baykedagne
        Lieutenant General Assefa Ayene
        Lieutenant General Belete Abebe
        Lieutenant General Issaya GuebreSelassie
        Lieutenant General Assefa Demissie
        Lieutenant General Debebe Haile Mariam
        Major General Seyoum Gedle Ghiorgis
        Major General Goshu Kebede
        Major General Tafesse Lemma
        Vice-Admiral Eskender Desta. Some of these officials may not be from the Amhara nationality but they could have made things extremely difficult for us if they were alive. They knew how to fight and they did that by being worst nightmares to fascist Italians in the 1930’s. So I say ‘Thank you Mengistu, Thank you very much’!!! As far as I am concerned, Mengistu should be awarded first before facing the gallows. I am telling you to shut up because you do not know how to fight, how to wage a skirmish let alone a battle. You have no balls. Because Mengistu had cut your balls and left them scattered all over town and when we entered Addis in 1991 we have discovered them. We gave them to the dogs and that was it. If you are thinking about going into battles with us, I highly suggest that you ask all those groups who buckled in the face of our heroic children of Tigray before starting one. Like OLF, we kicked the ass; ONLF, we kicked they ass; EPPF, we kicked they ass; EDU, we kicked they ass; EPRP, we kicked they ass so bad they thought they robbed a bank; Hailu Shawel and his cohorts(Did you see him lately? He has turned into one heck of fur-ball smitten), we kicked they ass; AL-Shabaab, we kicked they ass; ELF, we kicked they ass; EPLF and the entire Eritrean army, we kicked they ass so bad that they president was forced to call the then US President Clinton during the wee hours begging him for intervention. I am giving you the best advice you can find any where. Don’t even think about going into battle with my indomitable fighters from Tigray. I hate to see you them cutting your balls out and giving all to the hungry dogs. And one word out of you when our infallible leader is in town to conduct diplomatic affairs with our dear son and President Obama. Not even a cough!!!! So I am telling you to shut up and shut up until I tell you to speak. And that is a standing order!!!!

        • abdi on

          you are just vomiting out what you were told as a kid and grew up chewing the same thing like an animal. Few things you need to know
          1- None of those you listed here were bandas like your grandfathers who do not have a country of their own.
          2- just because of you i don’t even want to say things that would offend the people of Tigray because there are so many good people i know. Not like you who every one including your mother regrets for having you. You came to this world by accident and you are thinking like a rat.
          3- Every body knows that your banda TPLF came to Addis because Ethiopians refused to fight for Derg and you were guided like a child by Shabia.
          4- Shabia was beaten not by your flea infested TPLF soldiers it was by other Ethiopians who almost got into Asmara. Ask your employer Isayas Afewerki.TPLF members were eating kitfo and injera they have never seen in Tigray. I am not sure what they are going to eat when they are kicked out of the rest of the country. We all know that there is no injera and kitfo in Tigray.

          Finally i am glad you have not said anything about what is going on now. You must be wetting your pants now. By the way I heard many members of TPLF were shocked to see their own faces in a mirror because they have never seen one before.

          why don’t they go to school like you to learn math and become stupid than before.

          And my advice to you as i said before try not to have any children because you will pass on your “intelligence” to them. Moron Tekle.

        • Solomon Belew on

          Abdi I don’t understand why you mention about Shabia and Isyas. Please do your homework first with TPLF.

    • Waka on


      A typical begger behavier you and mellese Zenawi has been leeking their boots all the way from dedebit till they enable you and mellese Zenawi to seetle in Minilik palace as a proxy slaves for their long time hidden agenda, which is the destruction of Ethiopia,and they have been giving advice and financial support that sums up to 40 billion U.S dollar to make their agenda reallity which have been tried by the woyanne Gujille and comes to sunm zero by the bravery of Ethiopian peoples. If your memory serves election 2005 was the total rejection for the gang and again tolerated by his masters after killing 200 officialy and may be millions since the arrival of the proxy slaves.Believe it or not your days are very numbered.

    • Sister on


      hmmm. ” we are paid for our 17 years of sacrifice” you just shot yourself in the foot with your ignorant and arogant comment. I thought you fought for liberation, which meant taking your people out of state oppression and bringing equality. I did not know you fought for capitalist economy for self service. In fact your policy then was you were “Albania style communist”, which was the worst kind but it is not your economic ideology that is a big problem here. It is your greed you just openly display that you are entitled to loot through capitalist system. How shameful and uncultured you are to say that!

      Think, no matter how much wealth you amass through your network of looting, do you know, there is so much one can eat. you still going to die leaving behind all what you stole; mainly in East Asian secret banks but in Ethiopian culture there is something called “sim”- repitition legacy,and you have lost it for ever!

      I suggest you read the story of the great Tigrean hero, like Yohannes, and learn what heroism is all about. Don’t quote for me Meles is going to see Obama. So what? Did you not know it is all the crooks of 3rd world who are friends of America. Mubarak, Saddam (yes, he was once a very great friend of US, and I can assure you that is what is going to happen to your hero too).

      By the way do you know the nature of the visit? am sure not, you all geared up to show a million times on television is the long awaited hand shake with Obama, go on gloat, but it don’t change the sad truth. He is not going to America, becuase he has done something great, but to take instruction. Let me educate you, it is to discuss food insecurity.

      yes, as you know we are forever starving whilst you “capitalists” are selling our land, mineral and even women to any one who has a dollar or two. Capitalist my ass!!! At least proper capitalist ensure plenty supply and excess production. you are nothing but a bunch of criminal gangsters who are hell bent in destroying Ethiopia!

  6. Mott Lefiyyelu on

    Meles Zenawi, called “the goat” by a few who were ingenious in observing his uncanny resemblance to the animal- not just in looks but by far in deeds- is ruling very much in the goat’s opportunistic style.
    Hubbub and confusion suit the goat mounting its mother as the old saying has it. In the confusion that he himself created not only has Meles Zenawi defiled his supposed mother, Ethiopia, but has prostituted her to lecherous Indians, Saudis and Chinese receiving mere pittance. He has proven himself not just a wicked, salacious, goat but also the ultimate wily pimp.

    He may no doubt defend himself convincing his ego saying, I am Eritrean, as every thing he is or does resonates with his Eritrean identity! It is just that the goat is acting in the sheep’s (Tigrayan) clothing on the back of quite a few asinine (Tigrayan) donkeys.

    Goat he is and like goat he will be sacrificed, at a time and altar not of his choosing, not very far temporally or spatially. The dictator’s vanity often facilitates their end in the hands of the common people!

      • Tekle on

        Hey you Sultan and Mott Lefiyyelu:

        Who you calling a frog or goat? How dare you use such a rude word to call our most deific leader who is God-send in order to save your kin and kits? How dare you? If I were you I wouldn’t venture outside when there is a thunderstorm in your neck of woods. God will descend a lightning bolt upon you for calling the name of our revered leader in vain. I am telling you he is the chosen one, chosen by God and sent down to this good earth so he can lift up his people from abject poverty. And he has done just that. Have you been back home lately? The entire population has joined the ranks of the middle income earning peoples of the world. Tigray has been transformed from a neglected region into an industrial hub humming with factories; Addis has become one of the most beautiful cities of Africa; Nazret(Adama) is close to be just like Hong Kong sans harbor; Dire Dawa is hard to distinguish it from Dubai without the high rises; Awasa is surging ahead to challenge Nairobi.

        So don’t you dare call this man, the super special breed one any name. Otherwise, I will ask the US Government to deport you out of this country. So you better shut up!!!!!!

        • Jegnaw on

          Congratulation you now have become the 1st FROG queen pageant winner Tekle and runner up Melese….

  7. Anonymous on

    Meles Zenawi, called “the goat” by a few who were ingenious in observing his uncanny resemblance to the animal- not just in looks but by far in deeds- is ruling very much in the goat’s opportunistic style.
    Hubbub and confusion suit the goat mounting its mother as the old saying has it. In the confusion that he himself created not only has Meles Zenawi defiled his supposed mother, Ethiopia, but has prostituted her to lecherous Indians, Saudis and Chinese receiving mere pittance. He has proven himself not just a wicked, salacious, goat but also the ultimate wily pimp.

    He may no doubt defend himself convincing his ego saying, I am Eritrean, as every thing he is or does resonates with his Eritrean identity! It is just that the goat is acting in the sheep’s (Tigrayan) clothing on the back of quite a few asinine (Tigrayan) donkeys.

    Goat he is and like goat he will be sacrificed, at a time and altar not of his choosing, not very far temporally or spatially. The dictator’s vanity often facilitates their end in the hands of the common people!

  8. kent on

    Hey, guys..please, don’t expect WAYANE will give you back the power. Evenif Meles leaves, one of the thugs from Tigray will replace him,..Didn’t hear that Meles and other Powerful Tigrians are preparing an fake opposition party/organization that will compete with the current regime in the next election…to be the winner. The new party is being on process undercover…probably that constitutes the nations and nationals of ETHIOPIA TRIBES….Tigrians won’t give you back the power no matter what. They know deeply that once they give this power, that is the day when all of them are dead….critical thinking. The only means to dismantle the current regime is fight like… and come back with victory. There is no way that civilized marching works for this evil people. MANEW KE MOKE BET WETITO BERREDO BET YEMINORREW

    • Waka on


      You are an extrem low life and illitrate individual who is trying to undermine the intelligence of the Ethiopian peoples it is
      freedom is not a piece of ambasha that we are expecting from some one rather we will let it come to the civilized people where it will be served better than the woyanne primitives or barbarians.

  9. anon on

    This report by Mr. Graham Peebles is revealing in that the crime that is being committed against innocent Ethiopians, and the abuse of human right in the country not only is at alarming condition but the government is making a mad dash in trampling religious rights of Bothe Christian and Moslem faith.
    Mr.Peebles made a pertinent statmet by quoting the following statement from former U.N’s Kofi Annan, about TPLF’s sponsorship of reign of terror in Ethiopia.

    ‘The ‘T’ word…. terrorism, is …The term used by the Ethiopian government … to justify the unjust, the dishonest and the criminal. If there is a terrorist organization flourishing in Ethiopia, committing crimes against humanity and violating the human rights of the people it is State terrorism delivered by the EPRDF government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.’

    This is the essence of the matter. The very people that are awating conviction and imprisonment are the one’s at the helmof power using legitmacy to terrorize the population. The totalitarian rule of Zenawi, Bereket Simon and the TPLF clique has lost all sense of decency, to govern the country peacefully. As a result, Ethiopians have no other choice but to set their differences a side and join hands, and put together their energy ,talent and resources to replace the malignant regime by a more democratic and reformist government.

    My message to the Ethiopian diplomatic community who are stationed in different parts of the world and who may be practicing Christians or Muslims is this: Ethiopia is in grave condition. I am not here to persuade you what to do. but I bring this grave case befor you so that you may make a concious effort to make a responsble decision. I hope that you will take time to weigh the matter well and distant your loyalty to the TPLF controlled regime. As you have followed events unfolding in the country in the last few months the regime continued to trample the rights of Ethiopians by meddling in the affairs of the Christen Church and the Muslim faith. Beside, Ethiopia is increasingly becoming a police state where by citizens are being denied the right to move from place to place within their own country. This is not a time for anyone to halt but to make a conscious decision to be on the right side of history, you may do so simply by asking a political asylum in the west.

    In addition, I like to bring attention to the Governor of Amhara kilil ato Ayalew Gobeze.Sir thus far the citizens of the Amhara have shown respect to your governorship. Especially they are mindful of your refusal to agree to put your signature in the land sold to the Sudan by Mr.melese.However, you are now about to cross the red line, because Mr.melese is dragging you once again to take side to his land transfer project. As you know on April 12, 2012 the governor of Gedarif was scheduled to have meeting with you, howver his trip was canceled because of an ambush on his convoy. Sir you as well as I know that the Government of Melese Zenawi is becoming irresponsible and fascistic by the day and there is no hope for reform within it.In thisjucture of historical moment you and many officials that are serving the regime are being asked to distance yourself from mr.Zenawi and to stand on the side of the people.

    • peace on

      Very well analysis. It is true Tigrayans weill be scared to death and proablably appealing secretly to the West not to give drop them in the mouth of the lions. However, this is another clue how TPLF may have caused the Tigrayns to completely disconnect them from the rest of Ethiopia. Who is to say also an Eritrean wtih undercover Tigrayan might not take over? So this comes with the main stream Ethiopians to really genuinely bring reconciliation and assure Tigrayans that they will be protected. Of course there will always be some who will attempt revenge cause their land from Gonder and Wollo is taken. But it is the Ethiopians as a whole who can bring peace between those like SHIMAGLE. In fact, come up NOW by forming committees how to solve the land issue because I believe Tigrayans will be worried first and for most about the land they grabbed from those regions that will cause to destablize Ethiopia. So the committee must bring proposal how to satisfy from both sides with the following: Tigray needs fertile land to survive and to thrive so they do need parts of those lands. The ones that went to Tigray unecessarily must be returned. Otherwise, I myself support Tigray should not be just dry land where its people have hard time to survive because of lack of fertile land. So in my humble opinion in fact, All regions should have ALMOST (not perfect of course) balanced land distribution, those land impossible, find a way how to use the region resources to economically benefit the people and so on.

    • peace on


      Heroes are popping up. Good to focus on TPLF and Meles and avoid using and branding ethnic groups as in Tigray, Oromo or Christain and Muslim, etc. Rather focus on the perpetration, the criminal and its collaborators. We don’t care who they are or where they come from just say we are going after them because they are doing harm. Period.

  10. Qee Qaa on

    “Meles Zenawi a manipulative, ruthless tyrant” kikikikiki…

    That characterization might be an honour not an insult in the current African condition because it just helps build images of the mighty, the invinsible and unbeatable demi God even for small time dictators who may even fall with a single push of the small left hand single finger being applied at the right time and the right place.

    “If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.” ~Olin Miller :)

    • Ahadu on

      Queee Qua

      you said that the chimp (zenawi) is the one who will laugh at last kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
      Zenawi is already dead for Ethiopian people, and only exists with the lfe support machine of the west that does not reach your ear is really funny. Mellese is a shifta who camps in the minilik palace and kill Ethiopia and its people not a leader as such.

  11. Anonymous on

    Mr. Graham Peebles,
    Wow! No words is good enough to express my utmost gratitude to all journalists like you. Only journalists like you, with humanity, good conscience and good judgements that care for others that can be the voice for the voiceless and oppressed Ethiopians and other people around the world who are in the same situations like Ethiopians. You and the likes of you, can expose and bring the end of tyrant Meles. The Ethiopians who are being beaten and tortured in prison, those who are robbed and evicted from their homes by their own government and don’t know where to turn to…need journalists like you not to forget them. I beg and urge you in behalf of my fellow Ethiopians who have lost their children to keep on exposing in every possible way you can, the inhumane dictator Meles and the TPLF mafia group that are responsible for the looting, torture and deaths of countless number of Ethiopians. The selfish greedy people who literally snatc food from starving children and steal from the poor people around the world need to be exposed by good journalists like yourself with good journalistic morality. May God bless you and your family and keep you safe! Thanks a million in behalf of the suffering and desperate oppressed Ethiopians and especially, in behalf of the Ethiopian parents who lost their children at the hands of dictator Meles’s personal army.

  12. seamta on

    YOU can call him all kinds of names but the fact remains the same wether a white guy in his ivory tower likes it or not MELES will be the one who will have the last laugh no matter what,give me one simple example where you mr, peebles have contributed for the demise of poverty besides picking your poison pen,ETHIOPIA will move at her on pace and you and your kind can write about it when you wake up from your dream.

    • Anonymous on

      Your vile comment and insult that is directed at the outstanding Journalist who did his journalistic duty and reported the dire situation in Ethiopia is undeserved and very unfortunate. Mr. Peebles already had done his investigation and aware what kind of people you woyanes are, and response he would get from senseless people like you. You seamta, are indeed one of those coldblooded looter Woyanes who supports the most heartless brutal tyrant Meles that is responsible for robbing the country and the lives of hundreds of thousands if not millions innocent Ethiopians and Somalis.
      We have seen who had the last laugh in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. Ethiopia will also have the last laugh at Meles and his tugs when that time comes. The blood and tears of Ethiopian children who have lost their parents and the parents who have lost their children, won’t go in vain! God is watching what is going on in Ethiopia and when that day comes, I feel sorry for you and your criminal buddies who are incentive, cruel, immoral, inhumane, heartless looters and killers who are following on the foot steps of Satan.

    • Abera on

      You are absolutely right Seamta, I agree with you Mr.Peebles’ pen is filled with poison for dictators but filled with honey for freedom lovers and human rights advocates. People like you and blood thirsty Meles hate pens like this one. What are you going to do about it? Finally it is the truth, democracy and the rule of law that will win. You and the people you are trying to defend will go down the drain all the way to Tigray. And you can practice your rule of the jungle there on your family and friends. The rest of Ethiopia has started to show resistance and it won’t stop , it will get worse.

  13. Tammirat Taye on


    Megistu was saying the same thing even much more loudely than you. “I have Africa’s largest, experienced and well equiped army that is forever Ethiopia!”

    “Unwanted Reminder

    It went many years,
    But at last came a knock,
    And I thought of the door
    With no lock to lock.

    I blew out the light,
    I tip-toed the floor,
    And raised both hands
    In prayer to the door.

    But the knock came again.
    My window was wide;
    I climbed on the sill
    And descended outside.

    Back over the sill
    I bade a ‘Come in’
    To whatever the knock
    At the door may have been.
    So at a knock
    I emptied my cage
    To hide in the world
    And alter with age.” :)

  14. Nathael on

    I did ask Mr. Peeple to give me evidence about the tortures he is talking about. I was taken by surprise when emailed saying he has no proof except he thinks everyone is talking about it. I emailed him again if he can give any references so that I can join on behalf the victims. Unfortunately, Mr. Peeple looked like monkey and did not have anything to say. He eventually emailed me suggesting I better ask Amnestry international. He said that Amnesty international may have some proofs for his article. I asked Mr. Peeple since he wrote the article it him who is responsible to defend the article? He could not say a single word.

    My fellow Ethiopians, it is true we have problem at home. But strongly believe we have to solve it our own problem. Foreign ciitins like Peeple must mind thier business to be honest.

    • Anonymous on

      I suggest you should addressed your comment to your fellow Woyanes. Who are you trying to fool and manipulate? Sensible Ethiopians are aware that your fellow men are not the oppressed Ethiopians who are being evicted, abused, tortured and killed by master manipulator brutal tyrant dictator Meles.
      Only you and your kind Woyanes doubt Mr. Peebles, the rest of 87 million Ethiopians who live under the most brutal dictator Meles, have experienced the brutal treatment of TPLF and well aware, everything what Mr. Peebles have written about Dictator Meles are the facts. In fact, there are more gruesome crimes being committed in the dark hidden from Ethiopians and the rest of the world. For instance, in the small town where I came from, the local people found five bodies thrown behind a church and the local people didn’t know the identity of the victims. Woyanes kill and throw the bodies in the woods for wild animals to feed on them. I imagine the only living things that love woyanes in Ethiopia are the wild animals, who are being fed well. Tens of thousands Ethiopians are missing everywhere in Ethiopia and no one knows the whereabouts of these missing Ethiopians, simply killed and thrown in the woods like a bunch of dead rats.

    • Deceptions of TPLF on

      I doubt very much you got a response from Mr. Peeples! By the way, have you also interviewed the highly respected Organizations–The Human Rights Watch and The Amnesty International? Once again, the never ending lies and deceptions coming from members of TPLF!

  15. Samuel on

    [Nathael],Mr. your wrote,

    “My fellow Ethiopians,it

    is true we have problem at home. But strongly believe we have to solve it our own problem. Foreign ciitins like Peeple must mind thier business to be honest”

    What is your point?Are you suggesting TPLF is not torturing Ethiopians?I will not waist my valuable time wtith this issue.

    After all notonly torture is rampant in that once blessed but now a cursed country,there is extra judiciary killings against Ethiopians.The Amharas are the first victims and continue to be murderd by TPLF agents.The Anuakes of Gambela,the Somalias,The Oromos,the Afars allhave suffered under the hands of TPLF age nts.

    If you are alarmed about this report where hve you been when the innocent blood is shed?Now you might have senced time is dewindling aginst the satnic TPLFits,hence your concern.

    Itis a sad commentary on your part to question the ethinic clansing of innocent Ethiopians at this moment?It is a fact cronicled by the rights group Amensity international,genocide watch etc.Therefore Mr.Grham is right if he referred you to Amensity international,for he has alredy read you as government agent.hy should he try to convince you when your raisd a thought less question.Thoughtless because everyone knows it except the no sayers TPLFits.

  16. Sun God on


    ” My fellow Ethiopians, it is true we have problem at home. But strongly believe we have to solve it our own problem. Foreign ciitins like Peeple must mind thier business to be honest.” you stated. And I laugh so loud, that is to say, kikikikikiki…

    Why? Because you did not say that when foreigners invite Meles to the G8 to shake hnads with leading foreign leaders, when foreigners provide Meles with genereous amounts cash, miltary materials, strategic supports, diplomatic supports, political supports,moral supports, psychological supports, etc.

    You als did not say the same thing when greedy and brutal foreigners were/are being invited by Meles to come to Ethiopia and grab fertile virgin farm lands(green Gold)straight from under the feet of the land owning Ethiopians effectively turning them in to destitute slave labourers in their own communities and country, just to mention fraction of the mismatches.

    Under the circumstance and evidences on the ground I don’t know as to what you prefer to call yourself but definetly I call you as a Grand Liar with no boundaries!

  17. Rock on

    Fezaza do you have agamee friend ? This logic coms from agamodoo , i think !

  18. koster on

    It does not help to lament or list the crimes of fascist Meles. All peace loving Ethiopians should unite and get rid of the Tigrean fascists. Like Saddam Hussien and the Republican Guard they will be a menace for a while with their ethnic army/killing squads but at last the truth triumphs. It is not possible to loot and terrorize the Ethiopian people indefinately. Hitler and the SS are gone and fascist Meles and the Agazis will go sooner or later.

  19. Nathnael on

    I repeat; Mr. Peeple must stay away from Ethiopia. He is a USA citizen. 60 millions are poor with no primary care; America is rotting with immorality and social decay and social violence. He must mind his business. You can call me anything you want it is your habit to do that. I did not say Woyane is good; you just do not know what to day. I only said Peeple must shut his mouth. You believe in UN, amnesty international, etc. It is your right. I damn care about this. I believe I can solve my problem myself. That is it. do not cry to me as if I am Meles Zenawi. Talk to Meles. Meles does not even know I exist on the planet. Stop accusing people out of the blue without knowing anything.

    • Waka on


      Who the hell are you to tell Mr peeple to stay away from Ethiopian affairs if you mean it on behalf of Zenawi ok, but you tiny personakity can never ever say a word on Ethiopias behalf to say the least and it is only a fraction what a renowed journalist Mr Peeples wrote the crime of this individual (Goat)has long reached its high that would be open for Ethiopian peoples after we eradiert the shifta and koshasha gang from this proud nation.

      • Nathnael on

        Meles will stay another 20 years; I am sure this is bad news for you Waka? hahahahaha, but this is a reality. Meles is very powerful now to be removed by moroons like you shot on screen their long and poisonous tongue. Meles has the west on his side, Indian, China which are the emerging power. You know how long it took to remove Mengitu even when he even did not have any outside support? How are you going to remove a man supported by the entire world like America, UK, the ehole Europe, China, India, USSR, Australia, Canada,… etc? I am sorry to say this, but you will not get to Arat kilo in your life time. Pehaps your childen. Your bashing everyone online does not tell anything that you can win anyone in this low life approach. I am sorry for you that you will die bitter of woyane.

        • Waka on


          Good for your tiny ego and not to see and hear what is going round which can creat you only sleepless nights and day time nightmare,i meet
          one of your types who have been in Addis during 2005 election and comes back after seeing the peoples tsunami in meskel square and being mad because of the out come that he never ever expected ,the same thing will happen to you soon and dont think that the woyannes in diaspora are not known that dark days in massive way waiting ahead for you and likes. Not Zenawi who does not have not even 2%peoples trust woulg have been history had ESAT only airs one week program woyanne would have been history and vanishes like a thin air.

        • Nathnael on

          I am not woyane; this is why I say people like you have an iota of wisdom to remove Meles because people like you shot themselves before anyone shoots them. I did not say I support Meles, but you are conjuring I am a supporter. I do not care if Meles is overthrown tonight,but the reality people like you do not know how to be revolutionary and can not mobilize people. People who bring change has discipline, vision, ideology,… they do not spend thier time insulting people like you. You do not know, you are not paid also, but you are Meles’s soldiers, everything you are saying only help Meles to stay longer. Bad news, Meles will stay long because people like you have no the ability to mobilize people.

  20. T.Gebregzi@gmail on

    I was very happy to read what mr.Peeble wroteover the dictator Meles Zenawi but I was also equally sad to read insults and rudeness among the commentaters,how can you have so low esteem of your own selves,you are fooling yourslves by thinking you are Ethiopians,may be the davel too be proud of what he once was.

  21. T.Gebregzi on

    A reply to Kent,please know that Germans and nazis were different,so also are wejane and the rest of Tigray,many people are not wrong iwhen they say that These crazy dogs will do any thing to stay in power,cowards are creul.

  22. T.Gebregzi on

    Tadesse replies to peaceful message of the commentater under the pen name peace,yes so we have to fight,we have to go after the criminals who have been also terrorizing the people of Tigray before shamefully occupied the palace Minilik or the Ethiopian people Mengistu had not the right too but like Meles and Esayas after him are rude dictators like Hitler,Mussoliniand Stalin,I can not emagin some one who has been to college think like an animal,poor tigreans terrorized by ternaphy,some thing like abyot tebeka,God destroy these haten and bring us back,amen.

  23. Waka on

    Look tiny personality nathnael what i am very sure about is that you guys woyanne boys lives in your own fantasy world ,the time that Ethiopians starts struggling to stop woyanne is not that long to be precise it is after it rigged the peoples vote in 2005,had it beem organized before the peoples tsunami at the same year would have burried woyanne once for all not to be seen in the African continent
    let alone Ethiopia well a day survival of woyanne is much for you cause of your sleepless nights but Ethiopians are by far smarter that now works to minimize the sacrifice as the woyanne gang has nothing to loose from now onwards and its barbaric and animalistic behavier should be handled slowly .but what i assure you is its days are very numbered,having said that look how he looks like when he gives interview not his answer is important rather his person he is either drug addicted or very sick if he dies i will be very sad cause i want to see him handicuffed in front of Ethiopian peoples and give the chance to every one to say his idea of the last 20+ years of this individual

  24. T.Gebregzi on

    Some body wrote conserning that admirably written article by mr.Peebles,that foreigners mind their own bussiness,why have we no respect and emagination,if we can not be happy of such things,I think we aresub human without knowledge,I am sorry,they say liston to learn,please Ethiopians,let us love each other and fight those blind criminals who are sending innosent Ethiopians to prison,this personshared his knowledge to help us who are not also so educated like him to write in the way he did,let us thank and be proud of

  25. T.Gebregzi on

    People,what kind of rude and ignorant is this person under the pen name Nathnael?Does not he have any human feeling,many are suffering womenjournalists shamfully sent for a long time to prison,these criminal cheaters,by doing so they think the Ethiopian people will be terrorized,they are the most despised people on earth,you have heard it from G.Mdhin Araya,all of them now in power have shade innocent blood from the very begining,the low and the dertiest wone by cheating the heroic,the history of Hitler Mossolini,Stalin,Sadam Hussien and Mengistu was the same,what can you say more,what is happening to our country is written by the man many admiringlly say poletical writers,Oscar one of his theater like book he wrote black dog away away,this can be a troublesome woman,luck of money or brutale leaders like Meles and his supporters,let us say to them in unison black dog away away,this man has seen how things can go wrong because of the people he hated most,inhuman killers.

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