Arrest Dictator Meles Zenawi at Camp David G8 Summit!

Editor’s Note — The Obama administration has cynically betrayed the people of Ethiopia by inviting Meles Zenawi to Camp David.  Zenawi has arrested, tortured and brutalized thousands, including journalists and political opponents; he has stolen many elections; he has gunned down 193 innocents protesting electoral fraud; he has massacred civilians in Gambella, Ogaden, Afar and Oromia.  He is a war criminal that should be hauled before the International Criminal Court in the Hague. 

The Obama administration is lending respectability to a criminal because Zenawi is a staunch ally in the war against terrorism.  No matter Zenawi has terrorized 85 million Ethiopians for the last 20 years.  Zenawi has zero legitimacy among his own people.  The legitimacy of this international beggar comes from hypocritical donors who show little sympathy for the suffering of the Ethiopian people.

We call on all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to come out in droves on May 19 to say no to hypocrisy and to lending respectability to a ruthless, manipulative tyrant.

Mass Protest planned against Meles Zenawi in Camp David
All Ethiopians joining hands to demand Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia’s dictator, to be disinvited from the G8 Summit for crimes he committed against humanity.
Various Political Parties, Civic Societies, Religious groups, and many activists worked together to call these protests and campaigns jointly. You are invited to be part of these historic campaigns.

  • Monday May 14th, 9AM – Protest at White House
  • Monday May 14th, 12PM – Protest at Indian Embassy (Stop Land Grab) (2107 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC)
  • Saturday May 19th – Camp David, MD

Transportation will be provided from Washington Metro Area. To register Call or text (571) 278-5346 or (571) 239-7001

Traditional campaign
Writing Letter, Email, phone, and fax campaign to White House, State Department,
Congress, and Senate (your elected officials)

For more information call (571) 278-5346 or email

35 comments on “Arrest Dictator Meles Zenawi at Camp David G8 Summit!

  1. Anonymous on

    ኦባማ እንዲሰማ ነው ወይስ የተለምደውን የሒሃፓንና ግንቦት7 የፖለቲካ መታወቂያ መሰብስብያ፤ መጠቀምያ ለመሆን?።

    • abie on

      U might be one this brutal TPLf or EPRDF gangs. This one of the Human being Rights!
      21 years enough is enough!!
      We do not need Ferdalizem & also one Family or Person rule!!
      Meles has enough brutalized & selling the land, Ethiopian peasants are begging in Addis streets, this is a shame!!

      EPRDF must go!!

      Meles has to go!!!

      Peace & Preosperity for the Ethiopian People!!!

    • abie on

      in one way Meles is one powerful gay, he fought through all the TPLF, he kills to many TPLF basic also who found TPLF & now he puts himself in power & using it. He forget his vision to get Tigray free under Ethiopian erpression & instead he is a long dicitator.

      What a big change????

      He might stay in for the next 10 years & become the longest powerful person in Ethiopia, what a good freedom fighter???

      We will see??

  2. td on

    የግንቦት7ና ኢህአፓ አዲስ የፖለቲካ ፍቅር ተያይዘዋል አዲስ ፈቅር ሲያምናቅር።

  3. Anonymous on

    እንደ እያሱ የአንዱ ኢህአፓ ክንፍ መሪ አባባል ከነዚህ ማለት ከኦእሮሞ ፍሮት መሪዎችጋር አንድ መሆን አይቻልም ሲል ደምድሞታል ከኦሮሞ ብሔርጋር ግን አላለም።በደርግ ሰአት በልተው ሲነቃባቸው እልምን መርጠዋል በኢሓደግም በልተው ሲነቃባቸው የተለመደውን እልምን ደግመዋል አሁን ምን ቀራቸው ነው የሚለን ዶር.ብርሃኑ?መለስ አርገው ጋሜ አሉ አንጋፋው የጥንቱ የአዲስ አበባ ዪንቨርስቲ ምሁር አዎ ምለስ አርገው ጋሜ!!

  4. Eana From Toronto on

    To the organizers of event.

    You should consider adding huge banners with pictures of all of Ethiopian prisoners of consciousness. Make sure to add, in big letter, who and where they are.

    Good luck!!

    Ezana From Toronto

    • Aariam on

      You are a bad boy Agame from Aduwa Mekles banda father land and you as you know are not welcome in any Ethiopians meeting.Ethiopia are for Ethiopians.I always think where were you go when time is come?Eritrea?Nex EThiopia?Now way out.You are uuseless loser.

      • Eana From Toronto on


        You must be an Eritrean. Those are the only type of people who call Tigreans Agame, of course you could also be one those chauvinistic Amharas who just pick a Tigrean/Eritrean name such as yours. How about a little geography lesson? Both Agame and Adwa are name of places, not names of ethnic group, tribe, race or nationality, after all those you call Agame are very close to you than me. You both speak the same language, your dance routines are almost the same; your songs are also very similar, and more. Don’t hate yourself. However, I respect the fact that your political views may differ from those who share number of things with you, but happened to be in Ethiopia and you are across the boarder in Eritrea.

        Good day

        Ezana From Toronto

        • Jegnaw on

          I taught you were a Hodam Amahara.i now know you are hodam but not Amahara. that was just a front on us are a very sick woyanne.

  5. Fezaza on

    Brothers and Sisters we have to make sure that the banners are written in English so that every body knows what we want. And add some in few of our languages too so that the people in Ethiopia could read it. What i don’t understand is why are those three countries invited to the meeting and what is expected of them?

    Brother Elias Kifle make sure Meles does not see you if you are going there, you never know, he does not like you.

    What concerns me is that Meles is always copying things from other countries and now President Obama is supporting same sex marriage and now this Ethiopian guy may be thinking doing the same in Ethiopia. He thinks opposite sex marriage sounds like opposition so he is going to go for the same sex marriage.

    And protesters bring enough water and food with you.

    Thank you for reading my comment.

    • Anonymous on


      Good point about the banners and placards to be in English and Spanish too would be good- Cause support and solidarity from L. America is vital in this struggle of globalisation and they have the same problems with land grab. The message is for the rest of the world.Let the world know, this dictaor have no place in G8.

      As for your question why the three countries included. The meeting is to address “global food insecurity” as you know, we are the begging bowl of the world so the West want to discuss the coming and inevitable famine. The Irony is the famine in Ethiopia always have been man made and worse now. You cannot destroy the environment by destsroying forest and arable land and shout about famine. You cannot chase people out of their villages so that Saudi star can farm oil seeds whilst we go hungry. so have messages that relates with the meeting.

      I Suggest you have something like ” Meles stop destroying the Environment and scream famine” ” Stop land grab in Ethiopia”. ” “people before profit” ” Human development parrel to economic development” ” Meles regime is corrupt” ” Zenawi does not deserve to be in G8. ” Stop oppressing Ethiopian People” ” Free all Journalists and political prisioners”. ” stop divide and rule policy”. Pls pass this to the demo organisers. you guys do not have to shout but have a lot of placards and messages. That speaks volume. Good luck.

    • Ezana from Toronto on


      You are funny!! you are killing me:-)

      Good day

      Ezana From Toronto

  6. Tizibt on

    The US and the West must stop rewarding Meles, the tyrant and mass murderer of the young and the elderly Ethiopians. Ethiopians all over will not forget his inhumanity and injustice, as well as the acquiescence of those who are cognizant of, and support, his ruthless actions. The US Administration should disinvite Meles to the G8 Meeting as a token of sympathy to the Ethiopian people for what Meles has inflicted on them, i.e. murder, hunger, uprooting indigenous people from their ancestral lands, fomenting his obsession of ethnocentrism among the Ethiopian people, corruption and looting of the country’s wealth, to mention a few. Is this asking too much of the US Adminstration and the West?

  7. Tizibt on

    Why are my comments not being accepted here, when so many are writing using the nickname anonymous? This is not the first time that I have written and ER has deleted my comments!

  8. Mulugheta T. on

    Hello Elias Kifle the GREAT (keep it up!),

    Elias, please let us concentrate on the ongoing situation in Ethiopia and report more about the demoinstartion of our gallant students back home.

    Yes, this is a slap on the face of innocent Ethiopians. The US has never stood for the benefit of the oppressed people throughout history. This will not change. The world needs another super-power like Russia, so that we will have at least a choice. But in a uniploar-world like today, we have only one option to fight those greedy US-administrations. And that is, to stand united as Ethiopians and fight tyranny from within. If we are one, we will kill the poisonous snakes who always speak with two tongues.
    In fact, the invitation is a sign of Woyane’s weakness. The US want Meles to appear as a strong man, what is not the case.
    It is sad what the USA is doing but that is the real face of them. The end of the uni-polarism is near. President Putin is coming to stage.

    A Peaceful Ethiopia will prevail.

  9. Enticho on

    If we want the protest to be effective we need to present evidence of atrocity being committed by Melees ethno fascist regime in Gambela,Gondar,Arusi.Melese’s ethnic apartheid regime must be adequately exposed not only for public officials, who sponsored him ,but to the U.S general public. The U.S tax payers have the right to be informed their money is being spent, in the name of national security, for wrong reasons. We need such evidence or (video clips) and images of the six demolished churches surrounding Waldba.Similarly, we need evidence about the ecological destruction Melese’S Ethnic army has just done to Lima limo Forest, and the wild life in it. Finally, we need to make sure all messages be presented in English so that the general public can be informed. Amharic written slogans to foreign audience is not effective, please let us make sure we present our grievances in English so that our cause reaches wide audience.

  10. ETR on

    “Mass Protest planned against Meles Zenawi in Camp David”

    who is the guy who calls Ethiopians to protest in Camp David ? What was the result of former protests ?

    Instead the stupid guy who made this call needs to find other methods to teach the Americans a lesson. This could include targeting their assets and citizens in Ethiopia, such as kidnapping and and ultimatum. Learn from others and have some self-respect please.

    • Sister on


      You should not advocate the attack of innocent citizens anywhere. That is what terrorism means. Writing such stupid material can get you in big trouble cause you are inciting violence. It is not ordinary Americans we have issues with, in fact it is not even the American government. We have one issue and one issue only. The TPLF rampant abuse of power and we need change. America never gave anyone change, we have to bring it ourselves. if it did, it is because there must be something good in it for US benefit. Whether protest works or not, at least we show that we are not happy with the situation. It is the only form of oppossiton in a civilised society.

  11. Chuheten Kemugne on

    Do you have Belt or women netela around your waist.That’s all I will like to say. Too much talking will not make you practical. time is for A………….ction.

  12. eBay lagere on

    We need to stop playing as victims and get to action. All Ethiopian Americans should vote Obama out of office in Nov. All of you who live in DC area should register to vote in Virginia and not in DC to have your votes counts a lot. All of us who live in Columbus Ohio should vote for Romney to get MR. obama out of office.We all were moved by his optimistic speeches and ideas but he has become a disaster when it’s comes to his policies toward Africa. He has been indifferent to the plight of African and stood beside the likes of Meles Zenawi.
    This election is our time to really show our vote,Ethioamericans vote, counts if we do it smartly. All major free Ethioamericans media should provide the Romney campaign information about and ask them if they are willing to support our cause if elected president . If they does the news out lets should endorse MR Romney for president and mobilize Ethioamericans and other africanamericans to vote for Romney and get MR Obama out of office this coming November.
    That would be a good start for bringing the neo apartheid Tigrean dictators down
    God willing

    • Sister on

      There is something that most people do not get in this forums. America through out its histroy does what is best for America. At the moment, Zenawi may be public enemy number 1 for us but as you know he is the so called “progressive leaders in Africa” why do you think they gave him that name.

      It is not because he does a damn thing for the people of Ethiopia but he does a lot in Ethiopia that spreads the american value. Neo-libralism, which is what you see of the dispacing of people so that foreign mulitinationals come and invest. He is the Agent Provacatur for the “war on terror ” project in East Africa. He is many things that is useful for the American and their global Hedgemony. So, no hope there.

      Having said all that, If and when we push for our right to be respected there is nothing America can do.

      As for your votes, By all means vote who ever you want to vote for but voting for Romney is not going to change anything in Ethiopian politics.

  13. Ezana From Tronto on


    I think the fact that President Obama invited Ethiopia’s PM can be a blessing in disguise. Don’t you think that puts some form of pressure on PM Meles when it comes to his next undemocratic action against Ethiopia’s opposition parties, groups and individuals? That is of course if he wants to remain to be friend to Mr Obama; or at least enjoy the attention he is getting from this World Leader.

    Good day

    Ezana From Toronto

    • Jegnaw on

      you can see nothing accept your stomach and your pocket book.there is nothing you can tel us will change how we view the fascist woyanne.even though you have try to make TPLF acceptable institution to really its not going to work no mater how mach makeup you put on fascist woyane.what you trying to do is to make Melesse and co a saint,instead of the devil that they are.
      Ezana -no body cares in what you are not credible person.
      go sing your song for TPLF and your foreign masters.

      Ezana-if you keep on doing what your doing you will get what your getting.nothing hodam..

      • Ezana From Toronto on


        Ende, computerun akfeh new ende yemitetegnaw? Kahun ahun Ezana yetsfal beleh? Woy gude!!

        Listen, my Semetic Negro brother: if you want me to respond to your comment from now on, this is what I expect you to fulfill. If you don’t meet my requirments, you will never get any response from me, as such, i won’t allow you to feel as if you are my equals.

        1. You go to school
        2. Do your ESL
        3. Get yoru ESL certificate
        4. Post it here on Ethhiopianreview.

        NOTE. Just any passing mark is not accepted, you need to score at least 70%. Then, only then I might consider responding to your comment on my threads.

        Good day

        Ezana From Toronto A.K.A. Hodam Amhara

        • Jegnaw on

          little mind.
          you need to take personal inventory dud.
          I more educated than all you and your family combined.denkoro
          don’t lat my English full you boot liker..

      • dawit on


        We can see that you cannot spell simple words like ,except, matter,much,tell etc. It means you cannot read well which means you cannot understand what Ezana wrote as item 13 above.
        Maybe, you didn’t understand what a blessing in disguise means.
        I am sure Ferenj Bet,you didn’t hear this. You thought he wrote in support of Meles.
        You responded by saying,” don’t let my english fool you”.
        What does it tell when you make mistakes three times in one sentence.
        It is not a shame to learn to speak english, Ferenj Bet.
        I am not saying that one should be good in english to be knowledgful; but as to you, you are not both.
        You smell like Woyane pretending as an opposition supporter or a confused supporter.

        • Jegnaw on

          Before you say any thing go look what Ezan is writhing about.go and see all his writhing by using ER,search engine OK.and com and talk to me.

          and one more thing call me all you want.but don’t you ever,ever call me WOYANNE..

  14. selam on

    “To create the country that we want, somebody has to sacrifice.” Serkalem Fasil, wife of Eskinder Nega, Time May 21, 2012

  15. hiruy on

    use a big power Megaphone mounted on pickup truck like ethiopians in germany did it infront of woyane embassy !
    the sound is very alarming and woyane cadres were unable to work for more than 4 hours.

  16. tertur on

    We,Ethiopians will not let Zinawi and his crimefamily,subordinates, associates,partners in crime,and the men and women surrounding him fly to exile,or let them escape to every little hiding holes they prepared in advance.

    How many of us have heared Zinawi saying,”Anything that can go wrong,will go wrong.”

    In other words,when he notices things going to the opposite direction with a disator outcome,or things become unmanageable,he will simply fly to china or to cuba.If he wishes come true,and thinks things will end there,oh! boy,boy! we shall plaugh the sky and grab him by the neck and bring him to crime scine for the ultimate trial.It is absolutely a wishful thinking Zinawi simply fly out of our feast that he is squeezed in.We know Ben Ali is in Zinawi’s mind,but that doesn’t mean Zinawi will be allowed to join Ben Ali in Soudi.We are as well in congnizant of other Zinawi’s options;we do know very well,as option B or C but it doesn’t matter how options he has either in mind or on the talbe,we are determined to not let Zinawi capture even a little chance to spare him from the justice.

  17. Araya on

    It have been over 30 years that the Murderer Meles Zenawi keep doing the same thing. When he was a reble, he killed all kind of Young Tigray, Ethiopian Children. You don’t think he shouldn’t be accountable
    about his crimes back to 30+years. Acting like Innocent and trying to cover up infront of other countries Leaders. Weather you like it or not, The world knows this Blood Sucker very well.

    What he is trying to do is, work for his future heaven or to get a place to stay until God call him to the hell.

    One thing very Important we we are watching is atleast most Ethiopians are UNITED. No one survive even Charles Taylor had got what he deserve.

    This rude Meles Zenawi, Killed,Tortured and put in the Prison our Brothers and Sisters where as used our poor people as Slaves for another Country rich people whose are using our Land to be Billionaire. She says he Says helped this Arogant Murderer to stay on the Power. Every single individual around him are working for him. They are Armed, They are Cadres, They are Undercoveres, for Meles Zenawi. Why ther are dooing this? just to protect this Criminal and his Little Cat Azeb Mesfin. Imagine your self and see the Picture of Our Ethiopian People Lives hadned by ENEMY who believe that he is not an Ethiopian. HE TRIED TO DIVIDED US OUR POWER FULL RESPONSE SUPPOSE TO BE BLOCK HEAD MELES ZENAWI YOUR TIME IS UP. WE HOPE TOO.

  18. Bulga on

    Belewww… how stunning to see Diaspora hate mongers crying while the brave Meles arrives at their own yard.. ufff……qibe tetaw!!

  19. Anonymous on

    What are u talking about u realy know about ethiopia now.have u enough information about the current situation of the country.i think ur idiot propaganda is based on ur distored political agenda.u know my country ethiopian is dramatically changing by the leadership of our prime minister meles zenawi.u can even ask ur step father obama.he can assure u.u know the whole country is rebuilding now by the leadership of more ur old regime,never never come has already buried.u some diaspora of the old regime are crying and crying but never successed because we keep it and ready to die against ur evil idea and practice.

  20. Desta on

    If u guys were leader, u would sell the whole ethiopia. U started it selling urselves as slaves. How come u dare 2 blame leaders who defend their country at all moments 2 those who want 2 dictate us? ‘anta wuhuj diyom haser zkulsisu…

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