Ethiopian Christians and Muslims in Dallas join hands (video)

Ethiopian Muslims and Christians who reside in Dallas, Texas, held a protest rally last week to condemn the Woyanne junta’s injustice and lawlessness in Ethiopia.

4 thoughts on “Ethiopian Christians and Muslims in Dallas join hands (video)

  1. Jegnaw on

    It is a great beginning Ethiopian Christian and Ethiopian Muslims fighting there common enemy woyanne together.
    Wow,it is indeed a new day for Ethiopia!!

  2. Benyam on

    Christians and Muslims are all suffering from the disease that is created by Woyane. Currently because of Woyanes leadership Ethiopia is exhibiting the fastest non wealth sharing culture among the rich and the poor in the world.It is all about the wealth sharing culture or not wealth sharing culture a certain powerful people within any country practice that makes the difference not how fast the economy is growing or not. Our traditional religions are the backbone of this wealth sharing culture without them we will be like India or Asia. For example the not wealth sharing culture of the well developed rich country of India can be compared verses the wealth sharing culture in some of the so called non-developed or backward African countries.there are more Poor People in India than in 26 African Countries.One striking feature is that most of the poor people live in South Asia – 51 percent of the 1.7 billion people that we have identified as poor are resident in that continent,.And it is not only the number, but also the intensity.Woyane chooses Indians and Asians over Ethiopians at any job for their not wealth sharing culture.

  3. Tazabi on

    Time is a very good lecturer in the history of man kind. Though weyane was succcessful to divide for short time between muslim and christian, amhara and oromo, oromo and solmalya, sidama and oromoa, and the like through an evil action ….now weyane’s dirty game is over, and all started to come to unity. God bless Ethiopia!

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