Woyanne to export 500,000 Ethiopian women a year to Saudi Arabia

Ethiopia under the boots of the Tigrai Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) is a two-faced country.  Foreign alms givers and the ruling party pat each other on the back for a job well done.  For the average Ethiopian,  the country is an oppressive virtual prison without opportunities — a sad, hopeless place that forces many frustrated citizens to migrate to an abusive Middle East.  Ethiopia’s rulers are addicted to the foreign exchange earnings that are created on the backs of these women.  There is much dissonance between imaginary growth figures bandied about and the depressing reality of the average Ethiopian on the ground.  It is hard to think of any other country in the world many of whose citizens are willing to risk life and limb to get away from an oppressive system that has denied them a living.


Ethiopia to export half a million maids annually to Saudi Arabia

By zehabesha.com

May 16, 2012 (Durame) — Ethiopia commenced sending 45,000 Ethiopian housemaids per month to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), an Ethiopian official said by phone today.

The controversial recruitment strategy will send 500,000 Ethiopian women annually to a country long known for abusing housemaids and foreign nationals in the strict Sharia-governed Kingdom.

Amid tougher restrictions for housemaids working in KSA by the Philippines, Indian, Sri Lankan, Indonesian and Kenyan governments, Ethiopian housemaids have been in high demand by families in Saudi Arabia.

With little to no support from the Government of Ethiopia, many Ethiopian women are often exploited by Saudi families, working grueling 16-hour days and having their passports and earnings withheld to prevent them from running away.

Poverty and high unemployment in Ethiopia continues to be the leading factor that drives young women towards the Middle East.

“There are no opportunities in Ethiopia for employment. I either become a prostitute in Addis or a housemaid in Saudi Arabia. I have chosen the latter to support my family,” said 23-year-old Asamenech Alemu by phone.

Earning up to SR4,000 (USD $1,060) a month for legal housemaids, nearly a year’s salary in Ethiopia, hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian women will continue to flock to the Kingdom in search of employments, despite the risks of abuse.


35 thoughts on “Woyanne to export 500,000 Ethiopian women a year to Saudi Arabia

  1. tinkisu on

    the only way to mitigate the situation is to empower Ethiopian to demand their right and looking for a way to improve the life style of every Ethiopian, which is almost impossible in current condition. for an Ethiopian jobless girls, 20,000 birr per month is way much and we can’t stop them from going even by telling them a fire is raining from above.what we got to do is to intensify the struggle against the dictatorial regime in Ethiopia so that we may have a government who works for us not against us.

    • Pulsar on

      The problem is that no Ethiopia is interested solving problems. What the oppositions doing? is there any opposition that is engaged in development work? helping the young on the ground? or everyone is busy raising money for ESAT? or to buy guns for armed struggle? If the money they are wasting to buy very expensive satellite broadcasting could have been used to help the youth, it will have won the hearts of people and prepare an easy way to the palace? but everyone is engaged in destruction one way or the other. In democratic countries oppositions parties are elected by the works they do in the public , not by their talk shows only. Walk the talk.

  2. Anonymous on

    God have mecy , this has to go in Guiness world book record .Ethiopia is also the second largest country next to China to send children for adaption. According to Wall Street Journal Ethiopia sent 11, ooo kids to US for adaption since 1999. WERADA SAYHONE WERADA SERA NEWE Ethiopian autthorites shame fuul act and a dusgrace for the race.Is it ethnic cleansing?

  3. sebetta on

    Woyane can’t create the jobs to support the people. The woyane give any job there is to their cohorts and cadres.
    The so called government institutions are completely filled with woyanes from the door man to the person heading the office.
    The country is dependent on food aid to support the poor and hungry who are from the wrong ethnic/tribal or political group.
    the woyane create poverty and hunger by evicting peasants from their land and brings in arabs, chinese , indians to take over the land to grow food for export.
    Most of those who sleep in the streets in major cities are peasants who have been evicted.

    Woyane is now kicking out the poor from their country to be sold as slaves to arabs. that is the way to go! what is next???

    • peace on

      “The Woyane create poverty..” is the main point. So when foreigners talk about the poor and poverty in Ethiopia, we must challenge them. Ethiopians are not poor but leadership creates poverty, period. The poor and poverty is poster child the key how dictators and their backers from outside bleed Ethiopians. These terms give them great support to drain Ethiopia and its people.

  4. Jegnaw on

    It is Shem at this time at this age our sisters are sold into slavery by there kines-man to Arab.it is even worse than the Atlantic slave tread to be able to send 50,000 Ethiopian slaves a month to just one country Saudi Arabia.not counting the other golf state,Lebanon and the African countries,like Sudan,Egypt,Djibouti and Libya.it mind boggling to think this will happen to Ethiopia by this parasite woyanne.
    The Italians could not do it.the Dervish could not do it,Egypt could not do it,The roman Empire could not do it.the Persian Empire could not do it but this our Owen Brother,our Owen blood did it to Ethiopia.

    and this tread of Ethiopian women into slaver accomplishes another woyannes objective, in cutting the birth rate of Amara,and Oromos in other word woyanne is committing scientific jenoside to Ethiopia.

    • Observer on

      I am usually one of sceptic people regarding online news wherever they come from. But I believe about the news of so many Ethiopian women being exported to Saudi Arabia. Recently I visited Ethiopia and saw hundreds of young ladies waiting to be transported to Saudi Arabia. Electric lights were not working that night and people were not allowed to go anywhere near the airport to see off their relatives. You could see five planes for Jeddah on the screen that night. I felt sad as the situation reminded me of the tragic event of transporting families from drought stricken Wollow to other parts of the country during the Mengistu regime. It is really sad and tragic exporting our sisters like a commodity…..

      • Alula on

        What can we do when politicians are splitting themselves like chick peas everyday and the insane woyane leader go on with the selling spree of everything. We asked you to demolish all the factions you are setting up on daily basis and to mobilize the entire citizen? but you refused and you are indulging in tribal, ethnic, … discourse? Is woyane going to stop selling the teenage girls now? now ways, woyane has no habit of stopping doing wrong things. That is Meles Woyane’s agenda? sell humman + anything= GTP. Shame on us. Can you leave the muslim and orthodox and the tribals, ethnics, and all the old people plus the old factions and form a new civil movement? why is Ethiopia the poorest country on earth? why is Ethiopia the hungries country on earth? why ? can you ask yourself? what happenedd? If there is development in Ethiopia why ship citizens like tomatoes to Arabs? shame, practically you are shipping Ethiopian pussy or Ethiopian ems or Ethiopian mitri? I swear this is wicked one. This vagina marketing? is it not? if not ? why they do not ship the young boys? dammit, am upset? is this true Elias? I cannot believe honestly? Woyane tell us there is development that is reminiscent of axumitie civilization? how come they have no shame to Vagina to Arab? Ayeye aye, yetergeme generation. Lost generation? Aye this is called development? shame on us we allowed Meles Zenawi to do this. Guys, unless the entire nation join hand in hand tell them stop, they will never stop. The bad thing is they think they are doing good to Ethiopia. Ignorance is the worst of all the things in human being. Shame to woyane.

        • peace on


          I think you have changed your name from Gezaee to Alula? You sound like him. You oppose only when the word Tigray comes into picture otherwise, you are pro Ethiopian. Anyways, well said, TPLF knows Ethiopians and have studied every ethnic and religious groups for 20 years and they know who is who and they found our achilles where it hurt us the most. Perhaps Ethiopians one day will mobilize when finally there is blatant genocide like Rwanda or when Ethiopia is about to break up again, otherwise, we don’t seem to unify. The issue which no one seems to talk about is, how to bring Amara and Oromos in unison. I am sure you disagree with this but this is must if you want Ethiopia to be saved. These groups must lead the rest of Ethiopians including Tigryans toward victory for Ethiopians once again. These groups must join hand because it has been too late that the main driver behind TPLF regime is outsiders. So the war is also not only with regime with another GIANT groups, outsiders that have the most power, so that is why these two groups must join hands and refuse any division from within as well as from foreign advisers and wage their war against TPLF. Apparently the foreigners will come and divide them as usual or buy the few within Amara and Oromos to break them apart, it will happen. Kinjit was split because of this. All Oppositon groupt are controlled by foreigners because it is neoliberalism and neocolonization era, that is why they must be shamed by all Ethiopians to come out under one banner and refuse TPLF like Egypt and Tunisia, then they will be embarassed stop coersion. But it will not stop. Egypt and Tunisia even though they threw thier dictators, they are not free from outsiders. Once we get our victory then every genuine Ethiopia must be strong enough not to fall for outsiders in fact the only way to negotiate with outsiders should be based on equal terms that they must come to Ethiopia to benefit genuinely at the same time they must get something at equal level, just buyer and seller. This should be the relationship between foreingers and Ethiopia. Anything apart from that, is neocolonialism and neoliberalism. As it stands now, Ethiopia is under colonialism but a new style colonialism. If we don’t bring respect to our land and people, no one will. That is the reason Ethiopia had peace for over 50 years under emperors because people respect you when you fight for your coutnry.

        • Alula on


          I have to be honest with you; I am not fond of the regime at any rate because they do work opposite the feeling of the entire nation. I can not help them because they are against that. I wish they were doing the right things and I wish I could be supportive. Unfortunately, it will be a deservice to my self and to my people in Ethiopia to support this regime. It amazes me sometimes why they decided to work the hard way than easy way.I have difficult time to undestand why they work against the feeling of the public?At the same tine, I have to condemn like G7 who are gun touting to immerse the people of Ethiopia into another destructive civil war that will take the country into the abyss. You can not bring peace by evil. Evil is evil no matter who does it. TPLF and shabia almost destroyed my entire life and made me live a refugee my entire life because of their blood struggle for freedom which could have done peacefully without destroying the country. Now we have people who believe eye for an eye is the only solution? Scaring, intimidating, degrading, criminalizing,isolating, … became thier strategy to bring freedom? You can not bring peace by destroying peace? you can not bring freedom by taking away freedom? you can bring justice by taking away justice? you can not bring fairness by taking away fairness. you can bring peace by degrading people? you can not bring justice by robbing the dignity of people. I just do not see any Ethiopian having the right mindset to solve problem. Look Elias, Ethiomedia,…tigraionline, aiga,… if you do not talk their words they will call you names and ban you and do everything to degrade you.
          The other thing: while we all know that Ethiopia has been immersed in deep poverty long before the coming of TPLF? people like Abebe Gelaw, and etc tell us TPLF is the source of all poverty in Ethiopia? This is wrong. TPLF is actually saving millions of people by begging and feeding them. It is true TPLF did choose to work with foreigners than with its citizens, but the degree of hatred is out of proportion that drives people mad and become counter productive. No one is going to surrender to scare and intimidation.
          My message is please stop criminalizing people who you do not like. Please stop degrading people whom you do not like. Please advise Tamagn Beyene, Abebe Gelaw,… they have cheering fans, but their drive is as bad as that of TPLF and shabia. Eritrean EPLF had also many fans, almost the entire Eritrean socieity supported them with no questioning and reasoning. But we know today what it landed the entire Eritrean society. Tamagn shows footage how people supported him and welcomed him? but that does not necessarily mean he is doing good. Abebe Gelaw says those who support EPRDF are only because they are Tigrean or beneficiaries? I say to those guys, please stop targetting people based on whom they support. You need to changing your politics. If Kinjit was good it could have taken addis ababa and today we could have had a better situation. But the we know it all attitude put them where they are today. Please stop taking away and giving away Ethiopian citizenship by counting yourself you are more Ethiopians than others. Please stop this attitude.

      • Mugaga on

        My Dear; Have you read anything like Ethiopian women being forcefully Exported to Saudi Arabia? Why to use the word Export? These are all willingly registered and making their way just like you did when you or your dad left Ethiopia. You or predecessors might have crossed Sahara, Moyale, Kassala, Dgibouti, Berbera on foot but these Women are safely flying from Addis Ababa to Saudi Arabia. Ethiopians have been migrating for many years now, as you are a good example of them. The only difference and the source of all these fuss is that, freedom of movement is ensured, hence all illegal routs have ceased to be good options. These women are now registered, their numbers and their whereabouts is tracked. If you can’s stop them from leaving the country this the best you could do and that is what Woyane doing. Tell me what would you do if it were you? Stop them from leaving the country? I bet you don’t say this. You may say that you would create a job to retain them which seems to be a smart and easy thing to say, tell me an example of a nation which created enough number of jobs for it’s citizens and stopped its citizens from Migrating. Any information on circumstances of the nation which gave you refuge? Do you know how many American citizens have migrated, still migrating, to china in the past two years? Europeans (Spain) immigrants to Latin America? and that Ireland is loosing it’s workforce for migration, the Philippins, etc…

        • Anonymous on

          I agree with you about emigration…. the American are immigrating to china and the Spanish are Immigrating to South America.

          and now let all TIGERIANS Immigrate to NORTH COREA I think that will be good thing to the rest of Ethiopians.don’t you think Mr.MUGAGA?

        • Alula on

          Aite Mugaga, ewnetm mugaga, kkk. Ah, well, they said ignorance and arrogance is the worst of all worst things. You come to tell me the Meles philosophy of freedom? Shipping uneducated, uninformed, innocent, none omni-knowing juvenile modern sex slave in the 21 century is better than forced emigration? According to me, it does really matter whether you send them by ship or by bus, or by a horse or by a Camel, or by Donkey or by Ethiopia airlines or by whatever means. I have left Ethiopia does not mean Every Ethiopian has to follow my foot step.

          Did you not say you are better than Mengistu? better than Haileslassie? better than Menelick? better than Theodore? I think you saved Yohannes because he is a Tigrean? but you have been bombarding us with the news that you are better than any of the leaders Etthiopia ever had? However, none of the past leader were engaged in baby boy,baby girl, and teenage sexy beautiful Ethiopian girls trafficking except Meles Zenawi? What is the good TPLF/EPRDF offering to the people on the ground apart from shipping for modern slavery? taking their land away and give it to multinational corporates? what is that the people are getting from TPLF/EPRDF? Honestly? are the people going to eat lies? or propaganda? The faithful Ethiopian people are being called the cause of backwardness, in these case, the Ethiopian orthodox church is being attacked accused of holding Ethiopia hostage of backwardness. Now TPLF is building Gay churches and gay tourism hotels as a sign of civilization? TPLF despises any thing that Ethiopia and wanted to import solution from outside by degrading and robbing the dignity of the people. If there is 11 % growth, the regime must have abled to figure out away to support and help the country young generation than shipping them like sheeps? I honestly do not see any good things from this regime except lies and perversion. Meles is pervert who believe in importing solution than using local knowledge and local resources to solve problem. Now you are telling us you are sending them for job? Ethiopian started migrating because of the cursed Derg, TPLF, Shabia only. There was no migration before. I lived my entire life as refugee in my country because of TPLF and Shabia. I did not dream to leave my country. It TPLF, Shaibia who brought this episode of migration because they used the most primitive method of political struggle that has caused too much destruction and that is why I even now oppose armed struggle. You tell me American , British, Irish ,… are migrating like Ethiopians? You are trying to justify evil act of your regime by bring these type of false defense mechanism. No government in the world is shipping like Meles its citizens. I do believe now this is part of the Meles Civization philosophy. I have heard from Cadres saying Prostitution in Addis Brings hard currency and helps growth and transformation? I personally believe now the people of Ethiopia has to bury politics of islam, orthodox, or any religion, or politics of tribe, ethnic, race or color, and also the young Ethiopians must tell the older generation to shut up and form a brand new civil movement that can engulf the entire nation and remove this wicked regime from the face of Ethiopia and set up brand new government that is composed of all the tribes and that can mobilize the entire nation and bring the entire Expatriate Ethiopians and revive Ethiopia. I cannot take this one anymore. I am fed up honestly.

          They land locked the poor country and subjected to pay around 2 billion dollar each year and this money could have been used to train the teenage girls to teach them how to grow flowers, cash crops, sewiing machine, other basic skills which could help them to generate money than shipping them to be screwed by Arabs like dogs. We all know the majority of them will become prostitutes and this is documented.

          My message is again: I repeat again, tear out all the old factions, onlf, g7, eppf, eplf, tplf, olf, …. and tell the old generation to shut up and sit like old men and hand the country to the young. This is too embarrassing honestly. Meles Zenawi has no any sense. He does not know anymore wrong and right. Everything he does is being told is perfect. Again, let forget all the past and even the present and work for tomorrow. Yesterday is gone. Today will be gone. But tomorrow is must used and lived well. Insulting, degrading, criminalizing, killing each other is not solving any problem. The problem is getting worse. After 10 years the problem will be much worse because the land grabbers will claim they own the land and with a government which is has much interest in collecting money in anyway possible. There is no hope. The hope is only for the new generation to mend unity based on humanity and bury thier ethnic hatred among each other. Otherwise, I am affraid, Ethiopia will become uninhabitable after some years. Mind you, the regime is selling everything the country owns and the coming genenation will not have the power to reclaim the land and the national asset from the multinational corporates. The only solution to avoid all these portent is to remove the wicked regime in addis ababa. We begged them and they will not listen. They think they know everything. The citizen whom they claim to represent are their objects, they do not consider them as human. You are not allowed even to think. If you think you are being given different names. When they do things, they are right and when others oppose? they are wrong. Ay, something is wrong in that country to be honest. Otherwise, no regime would export teenage girls to a foreign country like this. This is for sure wickedness. Shame on us we are not able to sit together and stand together. We allowed individuals to destroy our lives and the lives of our people. It is time to think deeply and do soul searching and bring ideas that can solve our national problem. Blaming, blaming, criminalizing, insulting, … will not bring anything new except extend the life of the despotics forever. The more we remained divided the longer they will stay and the longer they continue their destructive activities. They do not understand they are destorying the counntry. They think they are doing perfect. That is why I read from thier affiliated websites. They never hear or do correction. They have no ear to hear. No eyes to see. No heart to decipher and understand. They are filled with pride, ignorance, orrogance. If we unite we can bring an end to our disgrace. Nothing is impossible. Lalibela lived in Israel for 20 years as refugee and went back to Ethiopia and build Lalibela. He did not study in any American or British University. He was never a Prof. He was never a PHD? He was never a degree holder or a master degree holder? All he had is faith only. King Solomon wrote 3000 songs? he was not educated in any University? he wrote 1005 poems. He never studied in American University? He was never a Prof. He asked God to give him Wisdom, Knowledge and understanding. God said, you did not ask money but you asked for wisdom. He I give you wisdom. When Moses did Yacob did his goat breeding miracle? he never studied animal husbandry. When Moses did make perfumes he never studied chemistry.

          When the Axumites build ships, boats, and erected those huge monuments. They did not study in America or were not PHD holders. Which PHD holders can do that? They did not have floating cranes? They did not have tower cranes or rigging cranes or bulldozers? they did it by their own power.

          God says if you have little faith you can move the mountains? that is what they did. The axumites moved the mountains and Lalibela moved the mountains and Fasiledes did all those Mangificent architctures without having any PHD. I have come to believe now the education we are learning is not even helping us except making suffer more than ever. No PHD wants to to Ethiopia and do amazing work than talking from over sea day in and day out. I think we have to discover who we are by looking and using our history as an inspiration to work hard and to change the sitaution. Those who are on power and who believe Prostitution and modern slavery is a freedom. They need to be removed by the public peacefully without causing too much destruction.

        • Anonymous on

          Dear Mugeda, the question is not how to stop our sisters to migrate but why they make this choice. If you read what Asamenech said “There are no opportunities in Ethiopia for employment. I either become a prostitute in Addis or a housemaid in Saudi Arabia. I have chosen the latter to support my family,” said 23-year-old Asamenech Alemu. If your sister or mother had to make this kind of choice today you wouldn’t be saying this…

        • Africa on

          Dear Mugaga,you said “tell me an example of a nation which created enough number of jobs for it’s citizens and stopped its citizens from Migrating.” We all know that no government stop migration and unemployment, it is true but, unemployment is too low in developed countries. You cannot compare it with the unemployment rate in Ethiopia. You can say or give any number to minimize it. I believe more what I have seen with my eyes… for one post of cleaner, accountant, secretary etc in thousands making queues. You admit that they are “willingly registered and making their way…” YOU DON’T CHOOSE WHERE, THERE IS NO CHOICE. If you and your government don’t know how to create job to the youth, or to minimize the number of our sisters who are “willingly registered” to go to the middle east; then my suggestion is to admit your incompetence, step down and leave to others to govern. I wish you had to choose either to become a transsexual or to work in a cool mine.

      • Anonymous on

        Thats absolutely true.I just got back from Ethiopia and I witnessed hundreds of young girls with Islamic traditional dresses waiting at the airport to be flown to the Arab countries.What struck my mind most though,most of them don’t even know how to write down their names and I had to help them filling out the little exit visa requesition blue card.You also witness the same senario at the immigration deprtment too.There too thousands of young girls and most of them were from rural Ethiopia that don’t even speak Amharic are quing all day long to get a passport.

  5. Alula on

    Do not say Ethiopia exports women, say it right? okay? Meles exports women, children, girls, babies, boys, coffee, sesame, sell land for Growth and Transformaton? do you understand growth and Transformaton? You do not I bet? Growth and Transormaton means you sell baby boys, baby girls, land, water, teenage sexy Ethiopians girls for cash and you accumulate foreign currency to construct railway, Power plant? Here we go that is GTP in real time. You guys never understand growth? You are terrorist orthodox members who are the same with Wohabists? That is called newe Ethiopia with GTP. As long as there is GTP, you can sell anything that is Ethiopia? do you understand Elias Kiflie? I think I must give you tutorial on GTP? You know I am Meles Agent? so I want to give you some tutorial how selling girls is a lucrative cash crob for an aeithistist.

    you terroirst orthodox you must keep quiet? I hope the above will cruck your head and make some laughing guys? The only unhappy people on earth are Ethiopian and Eritrrean? why?

    • Jegnaw on

      You little termite.do you know what happens to termite?you fumigate them. other ways the will destroy the house.in this case the house is Ethiopia.

  6. Anonymous on

    Well, it will be included in the GNP statistic hence show the countries advancement to 2nd world status from 4th world. Do you guys think them Tigrians are smart as long as it is not affecting themselves. Naturally, it goes without saying, you will have a new Islam converts coming in to your country, thus, eventually the Christian becoming a minority. In the mean time, like any African leaders being corrupt and your leader and his cohorts will benefit from the cash cow of the Ethiopian airlines. Can any one imagine, how much money the Ethiopian airlines is going to generate by transporting these slaves to the arabs and your leader collecting and his cohorts collecting easy money? Beside, it is one way of population control and who knows, at the rate your government is sending these slave potential sex slaves of the arabs, will not contribute the population growth in Ethiopia. Who say your leader is stupid. You see, with a stroke of a pen, not only he managed to control the rate of growth of population, but also contributed to the cash flow to the coffer as well as, the hard currency to be gotten from those slaves, when they send back money to their family. Your leader and the Tigrian people should be awarded a Noble Price in Economics for their far sight in solving Ethiopian chronic economic problem. If one really see about this wretched country of yours, to being with, it is a shit hole of a country to half the unfortunate luck of having a leader of a minority> If I was an Ethiopian, I will be so ashamed of being an Ethiopian and will just avoid anyone, since this country of yours is practicing slavery. Shame on your leader

  7. Abe on

    woynes are making money out of this unfortunate Ethiopians women. Offcourse, woynaes are sending none tigryans women to Arabs, while the Tigryans women are taking over Ethiopians resources. Shame on us, Ethiopians, who are doing nothing except talking and talking.

  8. T.Gebregzi@gmail.com on

    My blessing goes to tinkisu and to the person Alula I do not know what to say except asking the editor not to publish comments by such a person,we all make mistakes but we are not rude,have you read in the sites,I think ethiomedia,a letter written by emperror Minilik hundred years before,since I read that letter,I began to respect him very much,people like Alula have no pride in history and the black man.

  9. T.Gebregzi@gnail.com on

    I am happy to read comments especially when they are reasonable,as it is written here by tinkisu,these people have no any right to think that we are slaves and they are the rulers,think of the time of emperror Haileslassie,he was not that bad but there was opposition,think also of the time,we did not know much,but these people who have been only killing and robing before they came and assume power in Addis with out any shame.All I say again and again is people like Meles deserve only people who cas shout boldly that the Ethiopian people can never and will never be ruled by these people,until now i have never thought to die for a cause but now I understand what to fight for your right mean,let me stop here,every patriotic Ethiopian understand what I mean,as I am ashamed of these cowardly people,I am so proud also by the heroic,I call them only Ethiopians,people like Alula above have no guts.

  10. Anonymous on

    The opposition party should spread pamphlets of warning of the deadly danger traveling to Arab countries that include of photos of women who have been burned and thrown in the mental hospitals. Obviously, the tyrant and his trained killer dogs have the 87 million Ethiopians money at their disposal, but the opposition have the power of the people on their side and they should use in every possible way they can. Knowing the brutality and cruelty of Dictator Meles and the TPLF criminal mafia, I have a feeling these non-Tigrean Ethiopian young girls probably given some kind of mandatory vaccine without their knowledge to make them infertile for the rest of their lives

    • Weyne on

      By the way the infertility is probably is going right now with the help of Bill Gates, Monsanto and USAID. Monstanto is already in Ethiopia as well as Gates encouraging Genetically modified seeds that will make people infertile and not to mention, destroying organic soil and not being able ever to grow original seed but mutant that maybe yet detrimental people’s health besides infertility. TPLF is working hand and glove with them.

      The goal is population control by also exporting the women to Saudi. The reason is so that TPLF will not have to worry about population resistance of future generation. Currently the men are being kicked out of the country to die on ships, etc. So roughly TPLF will have the power to completely control and rule without mass uprising and reistance and easy to have power with few population resistance. It will be really laughable if Ethiopians of all allow this to happen. We are what WE get. Perhaps we are the people that deserve such leadership I am beginning to think.

  11. Kebede on

    It should be called Human Trafficking not exporting people. Zenawi and TPLF have been institutionalizing human trafficking.

    They sell babies (Orphans) and lease/sell people to Saudi idiots.

    Of course chief traffickers like Almoudi and Zenawi do most of the work and get money for it.

    Do they sell “livers, kiddies, intestines, hearts etc.”

    I think they do.

  12. peace on

    Shouldn’t this be illegal by international law? Weyane is pretending it is sending its people for job, but this is nothing more than expellsion of the population about half a million every year is a huge population. So what is the goal here, to change the demography of Ethiopia or Saudi? This could be equivilent to ethnic cleansing according to the definition but the only difference is not genocide but through mass expulsion. I think we should file for ICC.

  13. peace on

    Dear Elias/ER,

    Please post the following video on your headlines on ER for everyone to see.
    It is very important and urgent. Ethiopians can’t sleep without acting after seeing this. I am sure you have seen it. But in fact this video should be like virus spreading around Ethio sites and others, at least it might knock our heads to wake up.


    I have noticed also, due to TPLF’s propoganda many Ethiopians even in the diaspora are NORMALIZING unjustified poverty, Ethiopian women’s plight and anything that we could not even think of happening 20 years ago before TPLF took power. In fact many in fact like above accuse of why it is not ok Ethiopian women’s plight in Arab countries, or why not have so much poverty and homelessness on the streets of Addis that wasn’t used to be there 20 years ago. This is really shocking to hear from ordinary Ethiopians that may or may not be benefiting from TPLF regime. So shocking to me about Ethiopians NORMALIZING the over all plight in Ethiopia. I think our head should be examined. This indicates how our greed, or brainwashed by TPLF justification or our capitalistic selfishness or even fear have engulfed us and that we need a day of reckoning.

  14. peace on

    Kudos to ER on the recent reporting of Alamoudi’s chief right hand man, forgot his name he used to live in Atlanta? I believe the reporting deeply affected Alamoudi and this right hand man because the silence from both Alamoudi and his staff growing. This indicates the effectiveness of ER. Unless exposing like this does not happen, Ethiopia’s plight will be worse and is growing. It was also exciting Abebe’s Gelaw’s exposing of Meles infront of other leaders. It is time we come out of our shells.

  15. Rule of Law on

    To Alula,
    Obviously you are an Eritrean masquerading as an Ethiopian. This is an Ethiopian issue and is better handled by Ethiopians. Mind your own little Eritrea whose citizens are being fed to sharks in the meditranean and indian oceans.

    Question to Elias Kifle, the wannabe journalist: is it wrong to make a decent living working as a house maid in the middle east? millions of women from Srilanka, Indonesia, the Philippines, India and Pakistan are doing it why is it wrong when it comes to Ethiopian workers. You are fortunate enough to live in the US where your cost of living is covered by the US government in the event you lose your job (if you have one) but these Ethiopians have no other way of making a living except for migrating to other countries to support their family. You made it a daily duty to politicize every thing that happens in Ethiopia in order to vilify the Meles regime but if I may press you hard, do you expect the government to solve the problem of 80 million people? The other day, you touched people’s nerve when you suggested Ethiopians not to travel on Ethiopian airlines. You are wedging a diabolical war on behalf of others and one day the current regime will come to pass and Ethiopia will become a democratic nation but I don’t think you will have a place in Ethiopia even then. Simply you hate any thing Ethiopian.

    • Alula on

      Rule law:

      I do hate people like you who call people Eritreans. I do believe Eritreans are Ethiopians. It is just evil people like who landed them where they are today. They are Ethiopians if it was not for the evil TPLF and shabia? You said Elias hates everything Ethiopian? the contrast? you evil TPLF hate everything Ethiopian and Elias hates everything that is TPLF affiliate. Rule law I know who you are. You are the only one who admire Meles.Rule law? what is decent life? if your wife sells her body to bring up your children, is it decent life? you stupid Rule of law, a man cannot live by bread alone? do you know that? TPLF’s interpretation of life is money? but human can not live by bread alone or by money alone. I know the wicked TPLF thinks like that. For your modern slavery is decent life? you are Erkus, evil creature. If you cannot create job for 500 000 women in a country of 91 million, then you ought to leave office to someone who could do that job? why hung around arat kilo if you cannot help anyone ? begging in the name of Ethiopians does not measure you to be leaders? You are not even shamed to open your dirty mouth her and try to justify modern slavery as a decent life. For you working as a house maid is decent life? You open useless university but you do not open any job and you ship degree holders to be screwed by Arabs: labour slave plus sex slave? is there any evil thing that you do not advocate? you take away land and give it to Indians for free and you call it development? you are evil people who came from among the people. You have lost all human senses in these modern day. Curse. If you agree you can create jobs or solve problems, the right thing to do was to leave office to those who can help than sitting in Arat kilo and liquidating everything the country has, its land,its people, its national asset? It is this evilness that is driving people into madness. It is this evilness that drove Abebe Gelaw to lose his temper in a world leaders meeting. Take note, what will happen when the peope get chance one day. You will be treated worse than Gaddaffi. Cursed.

    • peace on

      Rule of law,

      Or should I say rule of the jungle,

      That is precisely what is wrong, your way of thinking. This amount of people going to Saudi to be maids, most likely to be abused must be shocking for you but you see it as NORMAL. That is what is sick with people like you. If Weyane is trafficking this amount of women for what ever reason, this indicates their incompetency with leadership. Apprently you are not discussing that. TPLF is at war with Ethiopians that is why they are exporting this amount of staggering number of women. Second, to wish for Ethiopians to be maids is you are sick. Yes, it is expected that you get what ever job you can even including to be maid but wishing on Ethiopians to be servants of other countries and not wishing them to have a big dream then this indictes you are the enemy of Ethiopia. Why didn’t you also mention why the mass trafficking is happening knowing that what is happening to these Ethiopians in ME? Did you see the video posted above links? What does that tell you? This indicates for some reason for some hidden agenda TPLF wants these women trafficked and if you are from the insider, I am sure you know the reason already. So stop NORMALIZING such sick act or apparently you are SICK.

  16. Jegnaw on

    @Rule of law
    Since when are you become Ethiopian? from the inception of TPLF or after TPLF took power. and start looting Ethiopia and start selling Ethiopian land to Chines,Indian,Indonesian and Swades. and selling our sister To Arabs,the feature mother of our daughters and the feature mother of our sons. or when you start selling our land to Sudan? you WOYANNES/TPLF are delusional.and really we don’t even think for a second you are Ethiopian at all .rather you are and your likes are mercenaries.so pleas don’t compare Ethiopian like ELIAS to you or to your likes.
    and about selling Ethiopian Women to arabs is a good business why don’t you send your sister,your mother,your daughter and com tell as how it went may be then we will start shipping the women and daughters of TIGRAY 1est to all the AREBES.What do you think about that Mr.

  17. peace on


    You have hit the main point, this indicates the incompetency of TPLf therefore should leave power for the next who is offering to rule properly. This indicates they can’t govern.

  18. Anonymous on

    Let’s work together to make sure their legal right respected in the country they work. We need to start from somewhere, empty threat doesn’t get us an inch forward.

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