Meles Zenawi’s Unequivocal Advocacy for Stalinism

Tyranny substitutes one absolute boss for the pluralism of competing institutions. It substitutes terror for responsibility. It does indeed do away with the institutions, but only by submerging all of them in the one all-embracing bureaucracy of the apparatus… [read more]

4 thoughts on “Meles Zenawi’s Unequivocal Advocacy for Stalinism

  1. ABULE on

    The opposition will be bought through intimidation and money . That is how Meles Zenawi lasted this long . Meles will buy hodams and change the course of the struggle as we have seen it through people like Hailu Shawel , Lidetu Ayalew , Dr. kefale W. Giorgis of the diaspora and so on. Hailu Shawel’s corruption and treachery was ignored among his supporters who were up in arms for 2 years. It took them 2 years to find out that this man is a pathological traitor.

    It is sickening for many of his supporters to watch him shake the hands of a monstrous tyrant whose hands are socked with the blood of the likes of Shibre Desalegn, the people of Anuak, Ogaden, Somalia… just to mention some of Meles Zenawi’s victims.

    Much has been said about Engineer Enjera Hailu and his master Meles Zenawi by angry Ethiopians in the past . So there is nothing new to add. Instead, let’s revisit our experience in the struggle against woyane’s Meles and the two faced opposition leaders history .Let us learn from it and start remembering that Talk is cheap! Action speaks louder than words!

  2. Guest on

    Dudes could not understand one thing. They are streaming certain satin in the ethiosports page about the craddleness of Ethiopia. This dude never knew that Queen of Sheba had finished all the gold and coffeee of Ethiopia when she started New York Stock Exchange styled trade to and/or with the romans, Greece and Meopotamia. What is her legacy? She took wisdom from Solomon. Learned how to extract and galvanize. Export and write some will. Where is the check? Ethiopia is litearlly ripped-off. Estimates were found around 45,988 Tons., she sold. Where is the money?

  3. sharif_jijiga on

    TPLF is just an organised crime syndicate, and no country in the world is without criminal. look what they are doing in ethiopia.

  4. shariif on

    There will be no sign of peace in ETHIOPIA as long as the ruling military junta is in power.peace is irrelevent to their policy.

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