Ethiopian Youth Public Meeting, Washington DC – Sunday, June 3

Date: June 03, 2012
Time: 2pm – 6pm

Location: Sheraton National Hotel Arlington
900 South Orme Street, Arlington, VA 22204

Youth Empowerment, Peaceful Uprising and Democratic Transition

Ethiopian Youth Organizations
Empowering Ethiopian Youth

Ethiopian Youth National Movement
Ethiopian Peaceful Uprising

Nejashi Justice Council
Awolia: Ethiopian Muslim’s Peaceful & Democratic Movement

Center for Rights of Ethiopian Women
Empowering Ethiopian Women and the Abuse of Ethiopian Maids in the Middle East

Professor George Ayittey
Democratic Transition and the Role of the Ethiopian Youth

Dr. Berhanu Mengistu and Ato Solomon Tilahun
Conflict Resolution: Preparing Ethiopian Youth for the Future

Dr. Fisseha Eshetu
Ethiopian National Transitional Council and the Role of the Ethiopian Youth

Representatives from Alliance for Liberty, Equality and Justice in Ethiopia (ALEJE)
Congress of Ethiopian People’s United Struggle
The Struggle for freedom and democracy in Ethiopia and the Role of the Ethiopian Youth

In recognition of his outstanding contribution and inspirational commitment to the struggle for freedom and democracy, especially his encouragement, motivation and dedication to the aspirations of the Ethiopian Youth.
The Ethiopian Youth National Movement will present Certificate of Recognition to Journalist Abebe Gellaw

All Ethiopians who reside in Washington DC and surrounding areas are cordially invited to this important and timely public meeting.

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Ethiopian Youth National Movement
We are the People! We are the Future!

6 thoughts on “Ethiopian Youth Public Meeting, Washington DC – Sunday, June 3

  1. Abera on

    I can not believe that there are so many Ethiopians dedicated for the freedom and democratic development of our poor country. I am so proud of my country men and women.

    Thank you very much for not allowing our country to be thrown away as if she has no heroic children. Whether we are successful today or tomorrow it does not matter, but I know for sure we will be successful very soon.

    I salute you all. Please don’t forget all our brothers and sisters who are in prison in Ethiopia for speaking out. That was the only crime they committed. They are separated from their children, wives and husbands because they asked that Ethiopia and Ethiopians need democracy and equality of all. They asked equal opportunity for all, land and job security. We are never free unless every Ethiopian is free, because they are all our brothers and sisters.

  2. Eddo on

    This meeting will be a nice begnning of the Ethiopian youth’s movement.
    Our goal is real. Establish the welthiest and democratic ethiopia . Keep goling guys.
    Thank you

  3. Mulugheta T. on

    Hi Elias Kifle the GREAT (Keep it up),
    dear diaspora-Ethiopians,
    it is time now to help our young brothers in Ethiopia. Woyane is trying to make Ethiopian youth addicted to chat.

    Let us wake up and remove the Woyane-snakes; boycott everything what is Woyane and take part in demonstrations. Woyane is almost dead and let us give him the deserved last punch.

    Ethiopia will prevail.

  4. jjj44 on

    A strugle with discrete move is not effective, so please try to form coalition that make sense

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