Safeguards Against Threats of a New Dictatorship

There is ample historical evidence from France (the Jacobins and Napoleon), Russia (the Bolsheviks), Iran (the Ayatollah), Burma (SLORC), and elsewhere that the collapse of an oppressive regime will be seen by some persons and groups as merely the opportunity for them to step in as the new masters. Their motives may vary, but the results are often approximately the same. The new dictatorship may even be more cruel and total in its control than the old one… [read more]

11 comments on “Safeguards Against Threats of a New Dictatorship

  1. Mamo on

    Legitimate but untimely concern. Zenawi’s dictatorship has, as yet, nothing to fear. Let us concentrate on giving the tyrant enough headache; then we will worry about the dictator-to-be. I doubt if anybody would like to be another tyrant if they see Zenawi hanging from the gallow (although that is not something i would like to imagine or recommend, reason why i would never be a politician).

    Regardless, a fitting punishment to the midget will discourage other would-be dictators.

    • ER on

      The purpose of identifying Critical Issues is to “Be prepared to block that unfavorable scenario from occuring”

      • Mamo on

        Unfortunately, what we have seen in the past was a sever lack of prioritization whereby people could not stick together for a period of time to see the downfall of the much hateful tyrant.

        Professor Mesfin is a good example. He has gone to the extreme of fighting for a principle that he has to some extent lost the touch with reality. You have to have a balance and a real sense of priority for the destruction of the tyrant.

        Most Ethiopians do not know what kind of enemy they are facing. The tyrant has a lot of string that he can pull. He is no simpleton like the tyrant he replaced. This one had 17 years to perfect his totalitarian craft and 20+ years to learn from practice. This fight requires a prioritization.

  2. Zulu on

    That is exactly what worries me. The demise of the feudal regime brought brainless military butchers. The demise of the military junta brought animals poised as human being whose only skill is looting, killing, and laying. I am afraid, unless there is a serious discussion, the demise of the shift as will, no doubt, bring another hungry, blood thirty dictators. There are a lot of dogs out there who are longings the return of the feudal regime under the banner of “emeiye Ethiopia”.Unless there is a system that accommodates every single ethnic group in the country, including the remnants of the TPLF gangs, there won’t be peace and the vicious circle will continue.

    • peace on

      Well said. However let us face it, comparing today’s system with full of knowledge and technology that current regime should know better, with feudal system. I believe it was much better, at least people lived in harmony without hatred even though of course reform should have been done to bring equal society quicklier than waiting 50 years.

  3. Admasu on

    Interesting! First agitate for uprisings and then recoil and get tactically afraid of the uprings, saying, “girrgirr leleba yimechal” Sounds very elitist and mistrusting the people. Hosini Mubarck also said so and ruled the country for over 42 long years using marshal law which have been removed only a week ago. For sure there were Girrgirr and still girrgirr at Tahrir square but just that sort of vigilant and orderly uprisings safeguarded and brought fair and free election up to now.

    As it is a democratic election even former Mubarack prime minister Ahmed Shafiq contested and scored enough votes and passed to the second stage of the final election. But he is till singing the same old Mubarack song of the last 42 years about the ever looming dangers of new dictatorship, meaning that he may need to win and put in place a new marshal law and state of emergency so that he may rule ALONE for the next 42 long years.

    Well, if there is a looming danger of a new dictatorship just let us agree to bless the tplf to keep ruling the country forever.

    Why should power hungry elites behave just like cunning foxes dressed in sheep skins and keep manipulating and fooling the ordinary people?

    • ER on

      It is not fear, but “Do your home work and Be PREPARED NOW to block that unfavorable scenario from occuring”

  4. Goober on

    Kaltebetebete ayiteram. Revolution or no struggle. There is no percentage or half truth. If you are afraid of getting wet don’t walk in the rain. Genuine change by genuine people brings genuine revolution. Read history. Don’t backpedal.

    • ER on

      It doesn’t mean you have to “back pedal”. What It means is
      A. Initiate and Perform Critical Issue Analysis ahead of time,
      B. Develop and Put in place Preventive Strategy to block that unfavorable situation from taking place.

      In other words “Be prepared to block that unfavorable scenario from occuring”

  5. Daniel on

    To Elias,

    Please inform all true Ethiopians, not to open Ethiopian Reporter website ( otherwise they have the updated version of Norton Internet Security installed on their computer. The Ethiopian Reporter web site has contain a virus which gives access to your computer for Woyane.
    Your brother, Daniel from Sweden

    • peace on

      Wey guud,

      These thugs are really advanced and well calculate. Of course this indicates with such technology where the money stolen from the people goes to. I am sure pretty soon, at the rate they are going, with the supporers of foreingers, they will soon control the resistant diaspora. They will do anyting to keep in power. However regarding the next dictatorship, what we have to becareful is that, TPLF has done so much damage that it is a no win situation and will continue to do that until we realize that the future outcome will be bleak and it is better to have tPLF in power until the right time comes. Let us face it, they know it one day they will not stay in power for power, even if they rule for 50 years, the time will come to end. By then we Ethiopian will either evolve for better or for worse. Currently we are evolving for the worse and I will tell you why. No matter the struggle we are doing, TPLf has the upper hand advantage because they are continuously gaining power thus the ability to divide us further even to the point of destroying Ethiopia. We are not evolving for better because we are playing with their hands by dividing our selves one way or the other. Therefore, if there is ever change against TPLF at the state we are in right now, it will be catastrophe with civil war and war coming from Eritrea, Sudan and Somalia, not to mention there will be full invation from outsiders. So TPLF for their own sueprficial survival for now they are doing good because they have cornered us so that we can’t go anywhere. That being said, while with the division and disagreements going on amongst ourselves, we could say “Yabetew Yifenda” let us bring change who ever wants to be involved in then, nothing is guarnteed and it could be for the worse or for better. That is exactly why TPLF will never reveal its intentions by keeping the Ethiopian people in prison what really TPLF wants besides of course wealth and power. What is its ultimate goal? They will never reveal that because they want to leave Ethiopians on limbo so that we dont ACT knowing their malicious plan. Will they allow finally to form Greater Tigray? Will they continue to rule for 50 years as they planned? They will never reveal to you because it is working that by not revealing, they are getting much help from the rest of Ethiopia to stay in power. If they reveal their ultimate plan, of course everyone will be against them and will never reveal.

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