How long will West tolerate Ethiopia’s dictator? Graham Peebles

Internet intrusion and increased repression in Ethiopia

By Graham Peebles |

19 June 2012

Graham Peebles views the Meles Zenawi regime’s chronic suppression of the internet and media freedoms in Ethiopia and asks how long will Addis Ababa’s allies in the US, Britain and the European Union tolerate the regime’s flagrant violations of rights enshrined in domestic and international law.

Freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of assembly are basic human rights and are enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is not for a government – whose function is to serve the people – to decide who or indeed if these freedoms should be allowed. Although etched into the Ethiopian constitution, freedom in its various democratic manifestations remains a fantasy for the people, who are increasingly controlled, inhibited and impoverished. The Ethiopian government under the leadership of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is imposing ever more stringent and repressive measures of subjugation. If it could it would control and restrict the very air the people breath.

Internet control and privacy

In its latest assault on the human rights of the people, the governing Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) decreed certain activities on the internet to be illegal. Access to the internet inside Ethiopia is very poor. According to Open Net Initiative (ONI) Ethiopia “has the second lowest internet penetration rate in sub-Saharan Africa (only Sierra Leone’s is lower)… Only 360,000 people had internet access in June 2009, a penetration rate of 0.4 per cent.”

The Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation (ETC), a government owned and run body, and the Ethiopian Telecommunication Agency (ETA) have exclusive control over internet access in the country. According to the media watchdog Reporters Without Borders (RWB) on 7 June, “Ethiopia’s only ISP [Internet Service Provider], state-owned Ethio-Telecom, has just installed a system for blocking access to the Tor network, which lets users browse anonymously and access blocked websites”. In order to achieve such selective blocking, according to RWB, “Ethio-Telecom must be using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), an advanced network filtering method” that is used by repressive states, such as China and Iran. This sophisticated system, RWB says, “allows governments to easily target politically sensitive websites and quickly censor any expression of opposition views”.

Internet filtering in Ethiopia has been in place for some years, according to Freedom House. Its report, “Freedom on the Net 2011”, states: “Tests conducted by Freedom House found that in mid-2010 the websites of Freedom House, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International were inaccessible. In March 2010, Voice of America reported that its website was blocked in Ethiopia.” The BBC reported that in June 2010 emails sent from Ethiopia to the Committee to Protect Journalists were also blocked.

This latest invasion of privacy and restriction of freedoms comes on the back of a new law passed on 24 May which, among other things, bans the use of Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) hardware and software, such as Skype, which enables people to use the internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls, and imposes a penalty of up to 15 years imprisonment for the heinous crime of making a telephone call to a family member or friend.

Internet access, and national and international calls, which have to be made through the state telecommunications provider, the ETC, are extremely expensive. A 2010 study by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) found that Ethiopia’s broadband internet connections were among the most expensive in the world when compared with monthly income, and come second only to those in the Central African Republic.

The new legislation also allows the government to inspect any imports of voice communication equipment and accessories, and to ban such imported shipments without prior notification. One suspects this may well simply be the first step in establishing total government control over access and use of the internet, leading to monitoring of emails, social network sites, chat platforms and so on, all of which could now be targeted and monitored. Indeed, RWB  has already voiced its fears that the DPI “will be misused for surveillance purposes by a government that already subjects the political opposition and privately-owned media to a great deal of harassment”.

Up until now government acts of repression have been mainly targeted at independent journalists, political activists and opposition supporters living and working outside the country. Journalists working abroad and publishing online find themselves attacked in print by comments from government stooges, as Freedom House states in its report. It said: “In addition to censorship, the authorities use regime apologists, paid commentators and pro-government websites to proactively manipulate the online news and information landscape.” This new move, however, throws a noose around all internet users. As ONI states, “Ethiopia is increasingly jailing journalists, and the government has shown a growing propensity toward repressive behaviour both off- and online. It seems likely that censorship will become more extensive as internet access expands across the country.” Such is democracy under Meles Zenawi.

Unlawful laws of control

The reasons offered for the new legislation by the regime are the well-trodden justifications of the unjust, made by the unlawful. RWB quotes the authorities, as saying that “the ban was needed on national security grounds and because VoIP posed a threat to the state’s monopoly of telephone communications”. Duplicitous at best, such actions of extreme repression are born out of paranoia. And let us point out there should be no such state telecommunications monopoly anyway.

These measures fit into a broader pattern of restrictions of freedom, all of which violate human rights laws. The Anti Terrorist Proclamation that came into effect in 2009, to a chorus of international criticism and fury, set the tone of repression and is being followed with ever-greater ferocity. The Ethiopian constitution, a legally binding document, of course proclaims universally recognized freedoms – all of which the government contravenes. As ONI states, “The Ethiopian government maintains strict control over access to the internet and online media, despite constitutional guarantees of freedom of the press and free access to information.”

What the constitution says

Relevant constitutional statements of intent specifically relating to the media; include Article 29on the “Right of Freedom of Thought, Opinion and Expression”. This states:

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression without any interference. This right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any media of his choice.

It also says: “Freedom of the press and other mass media, and freedom of artistic creativity, is guaranteed.”

Regarding the right to privacy, Article 26 makes plain that “Everyone has the right to the inviolability of his notes and correspondence, including postal letters, and communications made by means of telephone, telecommunications and electronic devices. It adds that “Public officials shall respect and protect these rights.”

Censorship by the printing presses

In tandem with the current illegal attacks on internet freedom, the state-owned printing presses are tightening the screws of suppression and are, according to RWB, “demanding the right to censor the newspapers they print”.

Not only is there a state monopoly on telecommunications, but the press are also state owned. There is only one Amharic-language daily national paper, with around 32,000 readers, in a country of 85 million people.

Both television and radio are firmly under the control of the Meles regime.

Berhanena Selam is the main state printer, and has a virtual monopoly on newspaper and magazine printing. Along with other state-owned printers, it is trying to impose political censorship on media content before publication. According to RWB, “In a proposed ‘standard contract for printing’ recently circulated by state printers, they [the printers] assume the right to vet and reject articles prior to printing.” Article 10 of the proposed contract, entitled “Declining to print content violating the law”, states “the printer has the right to refuse to print any text if he has ‘adequate reason’ to think it breaks the law”. This in itself breaks the law as it contravenes Article 29 of the constitution, which prohibits any form of press censorship.

Not only do the actions of the Meles regime – a centralist government in the extreme – contravene the Ethiopian constitution, but the the grave breaches of human rights contravene numerous legally binding international treaties signed by the government. Internet access is a human right and is covered by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. This has been clearly emphasized by the United Nations special rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, Frank La Rue, who has reminded “all states of their positive obligation to promote or to facilitate the enjoyment of the right to freedom of expression and the means necessary to exercise this right, including the internet”. He also stresses that “there should be as little restriction as possible to the flow of information via the internet”.

Complete control of the media pertains inside Ethiopia, and these controls are becoming ever more intense with greater disinformation and manipulation of the press and the primary source of news, television.

The Meles regime exercises a brutal and deeply repressive dictatorship. How long will the West, whose dollars, pounds and euros support the needy throughout Ethiopia, continue to turn a blind eye to the myriad human rights violations and a deaf ear to the cries of the people for justice and freedom? Sit not in silence America and Britain as your strategic, undemocratic “ally” in the Horn of Africa suppresses and controls the people of Ethiopia while claiming to act in their interest. Demand that international law is observed, federal law honoured and human rights upheld.

32 thoughts on “How long will West tolerate Ethiopia’s dictator? Graham Peebles

  1. YeQinijit Limat on

    I just visited Ethiopia recently and I was amazed with the devastating “nuro” which is _______ (what is the word worse than “expensive”?). But people have become enlightened. When i asked them what is new, they tell me they are enjoying “Yeqinijit Limat” referring to the roads constructed after Kinjit and the people gave the wake up call to the dedebit junkies who think that being a prime minister is a “profession for life”. people said Meles and Azeb and TPLF were stealing the money until Kinijit and now they said let’s decrease our stealing and put people’s money by constructing roads. people bless and praise kinijit for the roads that it was able to construct.

    the question is “who cares how long the west tolerate the dictator? Who toppled Mubarak? the West? no the people. Who toppled Ben Ali, Gadafi…? Basically the people. the west are now lost since they are pushed by Chaina and their eonomic impotence. But the people will rise and revolutions erupt in ways that are unexpected and when the carpet is pulled from the floor suddenly, everybody would have to adjust to it. So the people matter and the west will follow. When Meles kills some 15 people in the demonstration, you’ll see where they would take him next time. He would be dead meat!! People are desperate and losing hope with life and poverty have made them think “What is there to lose?”

    • Jegnaw on

      Who cares about the west. we need to do it our self,we have to free our self.the west it dos not care about us it only cares about the west.only there interest for the west.

  2. Nebro on

    Guys please look at the picture of pm meles taken at the g20 summit in mexico. I.e a month after the Abebe gelaw incident in dc. The pm is seriously ill guys! He looks lik fe he got aeithser cancer or Ai ds. Friends or foe of meles go to and see for your self. The man is ill.

    • Anonymous on

      The ruthless tyrant does indeed look sickly. May God soon end the life of fascist Meles from this earth for the sake of humanity!

  3. Until all political factions transform themselves from ethnic political thinking toward democracy.

  4. bati on

    The TPLF are a pack of lies built upon lie,deception, muder and violence. The longer they stay in power the more blatant their lie and deception has become.

    -They deny there are any political prisoners, ONLY TERRORISTS. All the journalist, members of the opposition in jail are labelled as terrorists

    -They tell lies that there is free press in Ethiopia, yet the facts on the ground show that there is only one TV station, which serves TPLF, THERE IS NO INDEPENDENT NEWS PAPER, social media such as the internet is only 0.1-0.4% penetration and is frequently interrupted and blocked,

    – meles and his cohorts have put Ethiopia on sale; people are being evicted in large numbers and thrown out in the cold to make way for indians, arab, pakistani, chinese –clients. Yet meles tells us that everything is being done with full consultation with the local people and after an extensive study. todate , meles has not presented any evidence to back up his claim

    – the TPLF frequently incite inter-ethnic and relegious violence and use this as a means to divide and rule the people and to keep the opposition in check


  5. Mamo on

    It is a mystery to me. The tyrant clearly can not keep the people down. It is not for the lack of effort on his part. It is just he has the wrong assumption about the people and the country. The end result is a very predictable collapse. IMF and WB will continue to intervene but it is all for naught. He has miscalculated and there is nothing that will stop his fall.

  6. Gezaee H. on

    What is the fuss if Meles is ill or sick? is he not human? what stupid thinking is this. People, you do not have to with bad things to bring good? So what even if Meles dies today? This is rubbish comment like the rubbish Ethiomedia which engaged in degrading people. If you are democractic in form, you ought to respect human being. The only right you have is to judge people in the court. You can not be democract and judge people on the street and on cyber space?

    • Meles Leba on

      My freind tell that to Condoliza Rice who was extremly happy hearing the rumor that Castro is near to death. Meles might be sick and if many wish him death no surprise. Is the raise now between Mubarak, Meles and Isaias ? All of them have one thing in common. They hate Ethiopia and Ethiopians. I am not crying if any one of them goes, will You ?

      • Jegnaw on

        Weather meles gos or he lives he is one person.whene he gos they will put another melese there for all TPLF must go they are all parasite to Ethiopia. don’t you think Mr Gezaee?

        • Jegnaw on

          Ante Leba Achberbari? haha, Look Wondmie Jenaw, Meles is like me and you, he just happened to be successful to eliminate his own comrades and to able to do only his person whims. He is human; he can be sick, ill, even die. Requires no talking about his illness or healthy. People have lost focus to be honest.

          Jegnaw there is the law of physics. In real time, when you do experiment in physics, what happens? if you want to opposite things to coexist? you have to adjust them so that they can exist together. This is done in everyday. If you see what I am writing right now to you? This message is being sent on the signal on that principle. What I am writing is being loaded onto another signal to be carried to Ethiopian Review. This signal is condition to fit the carriers signal so that this message will not get lost on the way of transmission.

          The same applies in politics or social, cultural. You cannot fare by attempting to destroy me. Even if you try to kill me, there will be others who will die for me and who will feel sorry for me. There will be those who will be sad and will do anything to defend me. This is natural law. You cannot solve problem by trying to kill others be it by hand or by God.

          So we need a solution for our country. That solution can only become if we respect eaach other based on human value.Otherwise, no one is going to bend to scare tactics today or tomorrow. Even Meles dies today, there are who can replace him.Do you think Meles is the only person who is running Ethioipia? It can be true. There are many Meleses, not only from Tigray? but from Oromo, Gurage, Amhara. If that was not the case, Meles could have gone long long ago. Meles and Sibhat were to be assassinated during the TPLF split. It is the Amhara Meleses who who saved him. As such, Meles illness or sickness does not mean anything except to the clueless and hateful Ethiomedia and Abebe Gelaw and Co.

          My point is that we need a peaceful challenge without wishing each other evil. Hatred is counterproductive.

          The law of physics: things can only coexist if they interact or even fight constructively? The means I fight to fight with you without an intention of destroying you. When we fight constructively, the output is good for both of us. But if we fight destructively? either both of us die or one of us die and other other get injured or miss something.

          I am not fond of the trend of Ethiopians politics. It is a primitive approach and it will not serve the Ethiopian people. You cannot bring freedom by manipulating freedom and scaring , hating , intimidating people? There is no such politics anywhere I have been living. I lived in many countries, I never the type of hate of Ethiopia anywhere. Even in Africa, you can go Kenya, Tanzania, Swazilan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botwana, Nambiba,… there is no Ethiopian type politics anwywhere.

          This is why I say we Ethiopians are backward and primitive people in the 21 century. This is why we are now given a name. Do you know Ethiopia is now called the left-behinder’s land? Why ? Why are citizens of other nations calling us left behinder’s? it is because they saw how useless we are.

          You know if Dr. Berhanu Nega could have taken of over Addis in 2005? Today we could have had a different Ethiopia? but the Dr. left Addis Ababa and decided to go to Asmara? And to make war all the way from Eritrea via Tigrai, Gonder , Wollo, Showa, to Addis? what a loser Dr.?

          Anyways, bad wish will not bring peace. Peace can only come based on being just, fair, and freedom. You cannot give freedom by taking away freedom from those whom you do not like? and giving freedom to those whom you do not like? that is alrealdy there? So the sickness of Meles will not end the probem in Ethiopia. It is apparent there are oppositions who can be called better than TPLF at this moment. How many factions do we have? 100s of them? why do we need all these? if they all aim to free Ethiopians? why they have all this toothless factions?

          I am thinking of Joining Woyane now; It is perhaps better to join TPLF and to reform and correct the mistake of TPLF without disturbing the existing peace.

          I am honestly thinking to do that. They might kill me by food poisoning? but the truth is I will die one day even they do not kill

          I will join TPLF and do the following reforms:
          1. Reconcile Ethiopian and Eritrea, no border between them, no war
          2. That means there will not be a country called Eritrea
          3. Reform TPLF to become Whdet: Whdet is an ideology that will make Ethiopia free from tribalism or ethnicism, …
          4. Expel Arabs, Indians, … Chinese might be accommodated because they are free people with no bad history recorded about them abusing any human.

          5. Almoudli will be asked to live Ethiopia in 24 hours, haha
          6. Almouldi’s asset will frozeen in Ethiopia.
          7. Effort will be reformed to become a national development corporate , rename it Ethiopian Development corps
          8. No political parties, no Journalists except demostic civil news Journalists who Ethiopian. No American, no British, No Germany,… meddling about Ethiopia.
          9. Ethiopian development corps will have:

          1. Ethiopian large scale agrictulral scheme corps : will do the farming by taking away the land from the Indian, Arabs,…
          2. Ethiopian Metallury corps which will be engaged in process, fabrication engineering metals, and other hard technologies
          3. Ethiopian Nanophotonics corps: Ethiopians producing nanophotonic computers, high tech product.
          4. Ethiopian viticutlure corps: specialize in fruit farming, commercial
          5. Ethiopian apicutlure corps: specialize in bee farm in large

          scale commercial
          6. Ethiopian permaculture corps; Farming will be done purely Ethiopian way, no fertilizers, This corp will produce natural perma fertilizers and distrubute to farmers
          7, Ethiopian Navy corps: Ethiopia will restore the Ethiopian navy.
          8. Ethiopian Mining corps: Ethiopians specilizing in mining
          9. Ethiopian telecom corps: specializing in telecom
          10. Ethiopian power coprs; specilizing in power generation, transmission, distrubition from hydro, thermal, solar, wind, nuclear photonic energy, brand new Technology of photonic nuclear.

          11. Ethiopian Banking Corps: Banking

          Ethiopian will be mobilized to run their country themselves. No loan from IMF, WB, China, … Money will be raised from people voluntary because Ethiopian will motivated to give and work for their country.

          Ethiopians will be put the hightest position, not based on tribe or ethnic, but based on thier merit, competence and ability only. It will not matter what tribe they belong. Whdet will bury tribalism forever.

          I am thinking joining to TPLF so that I can reform the system without destroying people, and the existing system. I will change the federal system to non-ethnic federal system. New system where no one can claim of ownership of any territory because the land will belong to all Ethiopians only. No tribe or ethnic will be allowed to claim ownership of land in Ethiopia.

          Geez will be developed to be a national langauge. Amharic will be thrown away as national langauge. Reason: because some amhara elites think they are more Ethiopians than others because their language is a national language. Amhaharic was also imposed by force on Ethiopians. People laughed at for not speaking amharic or for speaking thier langauge. Amharic is not a neutral language and gives more opportunities to amharas because they are good at it than anyone.

          Employment will based on the number of langauges one can speak. To be employed as public servant at national level, one has to speak, Amharic, Oromignea, Tigrignea, Guragingea,… etc. If one has a degree in sociology? if he or she is computing to be employed a public servant at national level? the number language she or he can speak will give it mor merit than those who speak few langauge? To work at national level, I have to know as many as possible, in this way, we can neutralize the dominance of amhara on the rest of Ethiopian. Geez is rich and will serve as a neutral langauge which puts all citizens at equal advantage. This is to be fair to the entire citizens than to one ethnic.

          In this way we can an Ethiopia that home to every Ethiopian who live in it regardless ethnic. This is what I wish to do after joining Woyane.It is not necessary to destroy everything and start from scratch as TPLF did which was wrong.

        • Jegnaw on

          Ato Gezaee i don’t know if you are Mr.Gezaee but from your writing i think i am very sure you are Gezaee. and have the decency to use your Owen name to respond to me.cos i can not respond to my Owen comment.that creates confusion for the reader.

    • Anonymous on

      Gezaee H.
      Tell that to your mother! Stop telling Ethiopians to respect a subhuman who is worse than Hitler. The brutal dictator is not a human being. Respect should be given to those who earn it. Dictator Meles is an evil man that has abused his power by unimaginable ways, looted and sold the country and also has the blood of countless number of innocent Ethiopians. May Meles rot in Hell for eternity.

    • Anonymous on

      Thank you Abebe Gelaw for stinging the coldblooded killer to have sleepless nights and night mares. The most evil man that was ever born in the land of Ethiopia looks like a ghost. Thank you God/Allah! Could it be Aids? Hepatitis? Cancer? or his evil Heart has given up? Hehehehe! May the TPLF monster who has slaughtered millions of Ethiopians get sick and die soon! Amen!

      • Shetaye on

        I don’t know who you are the guy with a long story. It meant to be a reply to Jegnaw but at the top it says’Jegnaw replies”. Who ever you are you are mixing up a lot of things together.

        You tried to bring the law of physics about the co-existence of opposites but my favorite physics law is ” for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” the action of terror, torture, lies, accusations cooked up by the government, evictions, unjust lay offs, robbery, bribery, corruption etc etc bring about a reaction from the people oppressed and exploited. Sometimes it is peaceful and sometimes not so.

        The period of colonialism is a black period in the history of mankind along side with others. But it was impossible then to coexist with all colonizers.

        The period of the second world war was also the same as Nazism and fascism are the two evil systems of governments that no human being would like to co-exist with them in order to bring about change in the occupied countries. I think we all know the ferocity and determination of those dictators of Italy, Germany and Japan to occupy and kill those who do not surrender.

        If the law of physics you mentioned as the basis to your idea should work in Ethiopian current politics it should also have worked during those periods as well. May be your idea was not tried ? hmmm people did not think about it? I wonder why.

        I have not lived as an adult at the time of Derg’s rule, but from what I read your idea was the one that brought the “revolutionary advisers” of Meison and others to the end. Paid their mistakes with their lives.

        One thing you said in your comment attracted my attention more that the others here is what you said
        “bad wish will not bring peace. Peace can only come based on being just, fair, and freedom. You cannot give freedom by taking away freedom from those whom you do not like?”

        I have a question for you. So according to this statement what would you do if your freedom, fairness, and just are taken from you by force at a gun point, and when you asked them to give them back to you they shoot you?
        You see my friend one of the principles of peaceful coexistence “maintaining peace and security through dialogue and cooperation” does not work in all situations. If that is what you have in your mind. This Cold War Chinese and Soviet mentality does not work under occupation, colonialism and dictatorship. They did not apply it within their own countries they wanted to use it in the international politics. And they failed.

        Anyway, You can call me primitive as you called my county men and women but I am not calling you any names. what ever other people say about Ethiopia and my people i do not care less, I love my people and my country to death. We are all learning through process, people make mistakes some small some very serious. The mistakes made by the TPLF are very serious. It will take us many many years to undo what they did, that is why the things you listed under ” what you will do by joining the TPLF” are difficult to achieve.

        • Gezaee H. on

          Dear Shitaye,

          I was not an adult during derg either. I was a kid, kkk. I have no clue what Maison is ? I have no interest even to read about them because I hated bloody stories.

          I am always in cool mood to talk to you. Reason: You are the only person whom I read who give reasons.

          The law of physics works in aspect of life. Anythhing that does not follow the law, it will be destroyed one way or the other.Be it by action reaction or by something. The action reaction you mentioned is can be either destructive or constructive? Action reaction is not always destructive. In the case of Ethiopia, the action reaction is destructive. Reason: Every Ethiopians is ready to kill the other.

          You said I insulted your country men and women? who are your country men and women? The Woyane must be part of it? do you love them as your country men and women? whom do you love? You need to show it in practice. Action speaks louder than words. We all are perfect here. We condemn.

          There are things whihc I agree with you on the some of mistakes done by TPLF. But I completely disgree Woyane is the source of Ethiopian problem? that is a completely not true. Woyanes are victims. The woyanes whom you hate so much spent their prime lives for 17 years in the caves of Tigray? with no water, with no food? with no bed? with nothing. They did not go to school like you did. They were fighting for existence. I do not agree the method used by them which consumed so mmuch lives and destroyed so resources of the country. But Woyane did not create or designed Ethiopian problem. Ethiopia has been immersed in the deepest problem long before woyane took arms. Do u know during Hailelsassie, about 2 million people died in only in tigray = counted plus uncounted. Do you know about 2 million people died in Wollo = counted + plus uncounted. This was not woyanes work. It is the work of the previous leaders. Even the present problem we have is not created by woyane. Woyane cannot fix it all. Ethiopia has been messed up long before woyane. Woyane has to clean somebody else’s mess and it has to be even blamed for it?

          I do agree many problems could have been solved by now if TPLF could have worked with the citizen. Unfortunately, the Meles Zenawi Hjacked the Tigreans struggle at an early stage. Woyane still remains held hostage by him. You must know the majority of woyanes died for freedom,not for Meles Zenawi. But he even killed the very people who got him to Arat kilo? He apparently killed the organisation and stopped it its momentum all of a sudden? that is the only problem now. The only mistake is that TPLF has been hijacked by one single man for 21 years? that is what I agree with you. If TPLF could have worked with the momentum it took power plus the Ethiopians people. By now all all the problem could have been addressed.

          As I said earlier, but Meles Zenawi Betrayed not only Ethiopia? but his own comrades? he betrayed, assassinated his comrades. He divided the people who fought freedom and you see today he is shipping 13 years old girls to be screwed by Arabs and plus to work as slaves. He is busy selling the land and anything that he come across. What can u do ? Menelick sold Djibouti? for 90 years and he sold Eritrea for 5000 refiles and he left now for us what is being called Eritrea a cancer for us? can we reverse what Menelick did?

          We cannot reverse mistakes done by the past leaders but we can correct them. We could have stopped the shipping of Ethiopian girls to Arabs, and the selling of land to Arabs, Indians, … etc. But we failed to do so and Mr.Meles could not help himself from doing dirty business because he felt there is nothing that can stop him.

          As such, even now; accusing woyane for past, present and future will never solve single problem except making more problem. This is the reason we did not solve any single problem in the past 21 years. All we do is destructive. I know Meles is cruel, traitor and not worthy of respect from his citizen, but because Meles is mindless, cruel, traitor, and corrupt, despotic,… we cannot afford to be like him. He is human and it is more likely to influence him by respecting him than by attacking him. I says based on the law of physics. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.That action and reeaction can be constructive or destructive. In our case, if we attack Meles, Meles will attack, for that matter if you attack any human, she or he will attack you in return. But Ethiiopian like you who thinkk they can do anything against people whom you do not like, it is becomming hard to bring people together. Blaming woyane, woyane is not right. It is better to be strong and oppose strongly. You can not advance politics by boycotting Ethiopians airliens by saying because there are Tigreans who are working in the company? that is bullshit racist. You cannot advance poliitics by controlling and telling people not to buy from Tigreans shops? it is just funny. Anyway,Shitaye, are you ready? if you are, unite all Ethiopian including Tigreans or oromos, … and oppose for a reason. Move away from those old guards who never listen. They are holding Ethiopia hostage. Ethiopia is not held hostage by Meles only? it is held hostage by the opposition too. Did not DR. Berhanu refuse to take over addis ababa and decided to go to Asmara from addis? Was it either to take over addis in 2005 or to go to Asmara? The good doctor tried to teach us that war is good than to take over addis ababa and struggle peacefully? And to be honest, you cannot blame everything on Meles. Even sometimes I get surprise why Meles gave such opportunity in 2005? One good thing, Meles did run the ever fair election in Ethiopia? but Dr. Berhanu messed it up with his Kinjit and blame it all on Meles. Everything woyane does is wrong. Everything opposition do is right? it does not make sense.

          Anyway, TPLF seems to prevail for now until a new generation and enlightened citizens come out of the blue and help Ethiopia. Hate and war mongering will not solve problem. They will only waste their time and life talking about woyane day in and day out. Blaming woyane for everything instead of uniting, mobilizing people, they spent their lives forming factions everyday and they do nothing on the ground than war mongering. Meles goes on with plundering the country with whomever he loves.

          Shitaye, you have not tested the bitter fruits. I am Ethiopians and I have lived mong many citizens of the world. Trust me, I am not biased. But my nightmare to live is with Ethiopians. They are rustic and they love you with honesty. They are liers the majority. I lived in South Africa before, when Ethiopians girls were sleeping in an open streets after coming from fresh from addis, and when all people playing them, no Ethiopian can help them. you will not believe me, I have seen Somalians than Ethiopians for Ethiopians. My deepest respect is for Somalians who I have witnessed in my life who never hesistate to help Ethiopians. I have witnessed Somalians jumping to help Ethiopians whereever I go in real time. For this reason, I have a great respect for Somalians. I am very very sad Somalians are suffering by Ethiopian invasion. I have never seen any people who jump to help Ethiopians than Somalians. Yet instead of helping them, we are invading them by the order USA and making them our perpetual enemies. They are the very people whom you find helpin Ethiopains. Ethiopiawinet has become wushet only. I know an Ethiopian woman who get accepted by UN for resettlement by claiming her husband was an OLF killed by Woyane, but the OLF representative in Pretoria went to UNHCR and canceled her Resesttlement by disproving her claim. noe does that? Then UNHCR threw the lady with three children on the streets of Pretoria. She was sleeping on the streets for many months. Ethiopians were passing her as if they did not see her because for some she is an oromo or others she is not an OLF? Mama Ethiopia Mama Ethiopia, the red green yellow flag show off is just not truth. Just lie only.

          When she was sleeping on the streets for months, later UNHCR decided to take the chidren away from her. She called me knowing that I will defend her. UNHCR, Amnestry internation, South African Human right,South Africa government agreed to the three kids and to leave her on the streets of Pretoria. I said no; you will never take them away from her. I told them if you want your can help them all including thier mother. But thier plan to leave the mother on the streets and to put the kids in an orphanage. I told them they will never take the kids while I am alive from her. Knowing I will not allow them and they actually got scared off. They came back with 10 cars filled with police, and armed to their teeth to take the kid from thier mother. I did not see them until they put the kids in the car. I was working in a restraunt in front of UNHCR. God revealed to me something wrong. I look towards UNHCR from the restraunt where I was I working. I see her crying loudly. I could not even see where I was going. I run out of the restraunt and crossed heavy traffic and I could be killed by cars and went to the UNHCR gate. The kids were put in three differnt cars. I did not even care about the number of police and the guns they have. I chased away all the polices and went into the cars and took them out and put them with their mothers. I did this subconsciously and I did not even know what I was doing. Police thought I am the husband, the run away from me after seeing my anger. I now appreciate the South African Police who never even attempted to use their gun. They tried to take them again. But I started fighting with hand and with about more than 50 police forces. They could not even control me. Finall did hold me many and beat me until I failed to the ground. They left me almost dead. Ethiopian men saw me but they run away and they never even came back. The Abmassador came but he did not even come out of the car. They took the kids. I was left dead. Ethiopian whom I knew never came at all. It is teenage Ethiopians girl who came to me and gave me water and the restraunt where I wwas working who raisede me from the groud. The kids were taken from the moteher finally. The mother was left on the street of Pretoria. A beautiful Ethiopian spent days cryng on the streets for many months. No Ethiopians would help her or even give her bread to taste. Three months passed. Sharifa, sharifa has lost all her beauty. You can harldy recognize her. She was from harar and she is a harar beauty. But Her face turned to ashes. After seeing living in sorrow, I said I cannot allow this to happen. I have to do something. What did I do? I filed a case for her in the Magistrate court in the area of jurisdicion. But you UNHRCR Amnestry international ammensty bribed them and they denied her child. Having learnt the work of the corrupt UNHCR, Amnesty international. I went to the South African Lw society. I meet this beautiful young white lady. I told her the whole story. She promised to help me to get the kids to their mother. She asked me to file suspension case against the lawyers who were involved in the case. I did the filing within one day. The South African Lw society suspended those lawywers from the case of the children. Then I open a case against the Ministy of social services, UNHCR, Amnesty international, charging with abuse of family, children, and demand them to pay Ethiopian lady 2 million dollars for compensation? I put the application in the Pretoria South African High court. Then the hight court all of them to appear in court. Hey, history was made, the kids were immediately returned to their mother. UNHCR, Amnesty international gave the children back to their mother. After 3 months I united the family. The kids jumped on me and said thank you uncle. My tears rolling my face when I say this. Shitaye, I am real. I do what I say. I even give my for life. I have never seen Ethiopians helping Ethioipias leave alone to give them thier own life. There plenty of Ethiopias who are lying but who does nothing practical to help their people. Name love is not enough. You need to do what preach in your own communities. Shitaye, this is just one case, I have done alot of others thigs of out of love for my people.But people like you jump and say mamma Ethiopia, woyane woyane, … do nothing in real time. Forget about woyane, what are you have done in your community? mere love does not help people? Woyanes does many bad things, at the same time woyane begs food and saves lives from death because of famine. Why you guys see everything negatively? why you do not oppose the thing you oppose? why you do not support the things you should support? why do you oppose everything? does leader has to be only from amhara to be accepted as Ethiopians? I want you to know i am real in real life and I do what I say. So oppose the things you must oppose and give thumps up for the good things. You can say everything bad?

  7. Roman Tsehai on

    The fact of political and social life is that the West and the rest will directly and indirectly keep tolarating the Ethiopian dictator as long as the Ethiopian oppositions practically remain fragemented self congradulating chatter boxes unable to provide solid, net worked and viable alternative. Who will trust and gives his “KEYS” to people who do not even trust each other even in matters that primarily concerns them. They need to come up with an all encopassing novel genuine solutions even though what is a novel solution is only combining existing but fragmented old prescriptions in a new way.

  8. Turungo on,

    You are singing the same old song for the last 20 long years but still remain Wayane slave running Ethnic federalism which by itself is NOT bad if that federalism is not being used to serve tplf’s cunning dictatorship. You strongly smell divisive Wayane cadre any way, hoping that the opposition will always keep fighting on some single tiny issue of ethnic federalism which serves tplf’s divide and conquare politics aimed at the old guard Amhrara super patriot circles.

  9. ayderegim on

    Nashville soccer players are offered free travel, food and hotel for 7 days in DC. The players are close to 18 plus “the coaches” I leave the maths to you. Where did “the coach” got that kind of money? Don’t ask me what ethnic group he belongs to. I am not in that kind of game if you know what I mean-

  10. Tedergo on


    “Where did “the coach” got that kind of money? Don’t ask me what ethnic group he belongs to.I am not in that kind of game if you know what I mean-” you wrote. Hmmm…

    Okay. Let us say that you are not in that kind of game, whatever the name and nature of the game is. But I understand that you know what exactly is the nature of the game even though you are not in it. So even if you are not in game why don’t you tell us even about the thnicity of the money man spoiling 18+ soccer players for 7 long days.

    At least in Italy soccer players and their coaches are directly and indirectly owned and controlled by the Italian Mafia family. Even in Italy, the Mafia comes from the minority Sicilian ethnic group located somewhere at the end of the continent.

  11. gudu on

    The west will always tolerate any dictator around the world as long as he/she serves their interest first; however, the second their interest is affected they will not waste a second to trash him by making a fictitious allegations.

  12. Treaty on

    Graham Peebles is objective journalist and he is doing his responsible job. However, when it comes to the west many Ethiopians specially those on this forum are not stupid. The west in particular the U.S political system has been hijacked by the small private international financiers long ago it is next to impossible for the citizens to claim back their own freedom and their beloved constitution which is being shredded before our eyes. That is why it is important to get involved in the political process of the country of our residence to make difference from within. There is already huge protest in these nations by ordinary citizens against multinational corporations who seem to be above the law, just like Melese and his gangs are. Generally the ordinary citizens of the west would like to see any financial aid to the third world nations based on strict guidelines. Such as respect for human right, respect free association, free speech and participation of opposition parties in election. However, Washington’s foreign policy is crafted by interest groups, lobbyists and think tanks that run business for the upper rich.

    Is it a surprise then, on the one hand, when we see Washington siding with the Yemen’s Sale Abdullah’s regime and Melese at all coasts? And the same foreign policy is pursued for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain whose rulers appear to have special relationship with some of America’s powerful political dynasties. On the other hand Washington sided with Libyan rebels, Egyptian protesters and now Syrian rebels.

    Off course, the citizens are not supposed to ask why these inconsistencies. It is not because of national interest as they would have us believe but due to the interest of the some private entities involved in the affairs of these nations. If it is national interest what interest do the ordinary citizens drive by financing dictators in remote area of the world?

    The word of God said of those types,
    “The legs of the lame are not equal”:…Pr.26:7 nn

  13. Fare on

    I can’t believe that Ethiopian Review didn’t say anything about the deterioration of Meles’ health, assuming you guys saw Meles’ latest pictures. Since he received the shock treatment of therapist Abebe Gelaw last month in Washington, Meles’ health has been going down. He is hearing Abebe Gelaw’s voice every night and day and he is thinking about dying. Meles’ is now nonexistant. His latest pictures from G20 meeting tell the story. Please touch this topic.

  14. solomon Dagnachew on

    I have no word to extend my gratitude to Graham Peebles. May God be with you and your beloved family wherever you are.

    • Anonymous on

      To Gezaee,
      what can I say? I am sorry to hear what happened to you.
      However, you have a lot of bitterness against all, I repeat all Ethiopians.

      Very recently how you insulted Ethiopian women is absolutely unwarranted and offensive calling them the “cheapest” on Earth.

      To come back to this comment this is what you said to me personally

      “But Shitaye, this is just one case, I have done alot of others thigs of out of love for my people.But people like you jump and say mamma Ethiopia, woyane woyane, … do nothing in real time. Forget about woyane, what are you have done in your community? mere love does not help people? Woyanes does many bad things, at the same time woyane begs food and saves lives from death because of famine. Why you guys see everything negatively? why you do not oppose the thing you oppose? why you do not support the things you should support? why do you oppose everything? does leader has to be only from amhara?”

      People like me jump and say mamma Ethiopia, woyane woyane

      do nothing in real time.

      Woyane begs food and feed the people

      a leader has to be only from Amhara

      These points are complete nonsense and I am not what you think I am . You absolutely have no idea what I do for my country and people and I am not telling you here since it is none of your business.

      You are trapped by paranoia, and every body is your enemy. If there are people who say an Ethiopian leader has to be from Amhara only, I am not one of them and start looking for them and fight. Those days are gone. I am against any abuse of power and authority, oppression and exploitation.

      I am here to write critical views of the TPLF or Woyane. I am not here to write in support of them. That is the role of hired government journalists it is not my job. My job is to write as an independent Ethiopian woman my opinion, and my views critical of the government. If I were in Ethiopia it would have landed me in jail like others. So don’t tell me to write in support of the government.

      There are things the TPLF government is doing like any other government but it is doing what no government would do in any country and that is what I want to talk about. Period.

      • Shetaye on

        This was supposed to be directed to Gezaee, not a reply to Solomon. I have no idea what happened sorry about that.

      • Gezaee H. on


        You sounded before a rational person relatively. Now you exposed your hot head. I have no enemy to your surprise. I am telling you from my heart. No single enemy at all. I am not paranoid as you think also. That paranoid is your imagination only. You have fallen into that trap that everyone who does agree with you is paranoid? Hahah,good woman? Where is your virtue? You must learn to accept different opinion. My main problem for me, people like you have no ears to listen to other opinion. You only wanted to induce your own narrow beliefs.That is the general trend of our people in general.

        You also did not understand what I said last time. I never said Ethiopian people are my enemy, never and you can prove me wrong. I never said I hate Ethiopians because that would mean I hate myself. You did not understand all what I was saying at all. You are very shallow as I can see. You jump into conclusion only based on your negative perception? You must think other people can not read your mind.

        I did not say Ethiopian are cheap because they are Ethiopian? if you think like that? you did not understand anything from what I said. I said Ethiopians are now the cheapest women in the world. This is truth based on fact. You probably did not see what I saw in real life? Perhaps, you lived in Bole and you came through bole? you did not experience anything at all. But at least you must have learnt from what Mr. Elias Kifle post all around how many Ethiopians get abused across the globe? you did not learn anything from this website at least. Mr. Elias has been doing good job on this issue. But you did not either care or you did not understand or read them.

        Telling the problem on the ground is not hate of Ethiopian women? you got it very wrong. But you must not engaged in misquoating me and blackmailing me as if I am against Ethiopian people and Ethiopian women. You did not understand but I am trying to draw attention so that people can read what I say and they can address the problem. I am aware government officers come to this website and read our comments. I am trying to convey a message they have to listen to the problem the Ethiopian women are facing across the globe. But you understood it your own negative way? That is your problem and keep it with you and do not try to tell me what I am not. Define yourself what you wana be, but stop defining people who they are. I know who I am. I can handle you and make you even crazy in person and still I can stay cool. I can prove myself in real life you will be more paranoid than me. I am tested by fire and leave alone you, I do not believe there is any human being under the sun who can rob me who I am or define who I am. I could tell you words that could break your bones? but I am reserving myself. I know if we do not control what we say it can even destroy our lives.

        You may feel insulted now; But the truth is on the ground; Ethiopian women selling thier body in Nairobi, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwie, Swalilan, Johannesberg, Cario, in the entire middle east. If you do not know this? you must be living in another planet. You can go to the capital ciities in of the middle east countries, the majoriy of Ethiopians work as whores and some of them works as house maids. There is no any African women who prostitute like our women anywhere. You may not like this, but this is a fact on the ground. There are no Kenyan Prostitutes in the middle east. There are no Malawian, Ugadan, Brudian, Rwandese, Mozambican, South African , Nabian, Bostawan, … or any African prostitutes in the middle east except Ethiopians. You do not even find Somalian prostitutes anywhere. You will find few Somalians hookers in Nairobi only.

        You probably have never heard about Ethiopians who commit suicide and throw themsleves from high rise skyscrapers in the middle east. But there is always news coming of from the middle east that Ethiopian either kill themsleves or get killed by Arab Ethiopian maidlords. This is fact you cannot deny and even if you deny, it does not make sense. This is called arrogance of ignorance. You want to hide the truth and facts on the ground to protect your false pride? you have to protect your pride by addressing the problem. If you are try to cover the existing problem, you are not helping the people whom you love. You are destroying them because your empty and superficial pride will not solve the problem. Acknowledge the problem and solve it. I love challenge and I love truth and I love tackling problems.

        I do not pretend to make happy anyone by lying. I stand for the truth. I never bend to appease you and anyone. Even if you come with an atomic bomb, I will face you. I have no fear or pretense to appease anyone. I do not like pretenders also. Do you know what I mean/? I do not like Lezebtegneas? I suggest you cool your head and think about it instead of accusing me based on your hate ideology. If you are arguing Ethiopians cheap at this moment? then just defend by reason instead of accusing me falsely. Please bury your false pride and come out and do your best to help your fellow Ethiopians. You must not think everyone is living like you.

        About the Ethiopian regime? I do not see the difference between you and them. They do not care? you do not care. Do you know Ethiopians work without food in the middle east. I have made contact across the middle east. Ethiopians maids can not even meet among each other. They have no even one hour break to meet their fellow Ethiopians. They can see sun shine? do you believe this? you do not ? Thanks to internet. I know people inside who even scared of talking to me from the house they work in. Do you believe me if I tell you I have managed to help some Ethiopians to go find way and to go back home. I have helped to girls to go back from Bahrain to Addis Ababa. They are in addis now. They are studying and living with dignity. Did you help at least one person? you did not ? I am not saying this to boast about it. There is no anything I can hide. I try my best without waiting for anyone.

        In general, stop negating everything others say? I did not say support the Ethiopian government. I did not ask you to campaign for them. I said oppose the things which you must oppose. I said do not oppose everything. Opposing everything is not constructive but destructive. Reason: if you oppose everything your opponent will not learn from you. The purpose of opposing must targeted to make things better. I opposing is not only to change leaders. Opposing is also to prevent damages, and bad policies. I never asked your to be their journalist.

        You said you cannot do anything because they will put your in jail? If you are really committed sometimes you have to even go in jail to make a difference. Mandela spent 27 years in prison. If you are committed and have ideology, then jail must not scare you. When I say this I am not saying you have to be in prison necessarily. But you have to be face whatever comes if you have a mission.

        Are you ready to fight for freedom? Do you really love the Ethiopian women? Are you serious you are concerned about Ethiopian women? The Ethiopian government is shipping teenage girls to Suadi Arabia right now. Do you feel about it? the girls are supposed to be in schools? The girls not supposed to be shipped to be raped. But Hailemariam Desalegn has made agreement to ship them as modern sex and work slaves? Are you really proud Ethiopian? do you really mean it? Then let me know. My email: Talking only cannot help Ethiopian women. While they are suffering, your empty pride will not save them.

        Please, please, try to understand what people say before jumping to conclusion and blackmailing people.

        • think again on

          Dud your delusional wen no one take sh..t from you accuse them to be something else.

          Shitaye has told you what sh thinks.
          you insulting Ethiopian women left and wright what is your problem is may be you or your mother were prostitutes don’t know?
          but when you are insulting Ethiopian women we will not just take it from you or any one else in the planet.for every action there is opposite and equal reaction.
          it is just like blaming the slave for Bing slave rather than blaming the slave merchant who sold the slave into is the people you admire and are trying to protect are the people you should be fighting insulting not the pore Ethiopian women who have been driven to lowest form of survival.
          you tell people how truthful you are how you have no fear but you are driven by your inferiority.i am not a psychiatric doctor but i have work with people who has a mental problem for about 20 years and from your writhing i see a person who has a mental as brother get help man..

  15. Zergaw on

    [Gezaee H.]

    you siad,

    “The girls not supposed to be shipped to be raped. But Hailemariam Desalegn has made agreement to ship them as modern sex and work slaves”.

    Hailemariam desalegn is hand picked by Hamassenait Melese. And every one who is hand picked by the TPLF crime ring leader can keep his job so long he/she is willing to be used as stooges.The tens of thousends of Ethiopian youth is send to the Arab world because Melese is senses the Ethiopian youth will rise against his rule.I for one regard the policy to depopulate Ethiopia by shiping young girls to the Arab world a result of shabia-Weyane Nazi complex upon my people.No matter how you see it the person in the driving seat responsible for crafting and excuting this policy is the Hamassenit Legese and his cabal front.This is a fact. In the end, there will be a day of reckning;then, the book will be balanced.

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