New Fashion Trend: Habesha Men Wearing Habesha Kemis

Two years ago in America, it was the year of the “metrosexual”, it seems we have arrived at a new day, we have arrived at the age of the “Habeshasexual”::

by Yohannes Aramaji  dated: Thursday, June 21st, 2012

[picture provided by AESAOne Habesha men]

(Washington P0st DC Bureau) It is the hottest fashion trend of the summer.  All around America and Ethiopia, from DC to Addis, Habesha men can be seen strutting and flaunting their hips as they sway down city streets wearing Habesha Kemis.  The scene is omnipresent, Habesha man after man can be seen sipping buna at Starbucks as they gossip about sports and politics wearing Habesha Kemis to keep them cool from the heat of summer dog days.  As their wives and girlfriends are at home taking care of the kids and the household, Habesha men everywhere are setting the fashion world upside down as they wear some of the most exquisite Habesha dresses and skirts.

We are not sure where the trend started, most likely it was a trend that started sometime after World War II and has taken on a life of it’s own since the turn of the 21st century.  Take a moment today and drive over to Starbucks off Leesburg Pike in Alexandria Virginia or a random Ethiopian restaurant in Addis and there you will see Habsha men sipping Italian cappacino or smoking sheesha wearing the most lovely Habesha kemis.  You will see these men sitting on their duffs all day with their legs crossed gossiping all day and night about soccer or debating who is a Woyane or a Shabia as children in Ethiopia die on a minute by minute basis from a lack of hope and nourishment.

The favorite color of these Habesha men in Habesha kemis is the hot pink, they have forsaken the warrior clothing of the past and have now embraced the Habesha kemis as the outward representation of their true manhood.  Some Habesha men have taken it even further and have augmented their Habesha kemis with panties and thongs from Victoria Secret as they talk endlessly about overthrowing Meles Zenawi and advocating a war on the TPLF even though it is not them or their children that will be dying in this war they desire so.  This is the next iteration of Habesha fashion, Habesha men have embraced their oneness with their femininity as they have lost all semblance of Ethiopian jegnas and are now content on wearing bras instead of adorning shields to protect their country from outside invaders.

By far the biggest consumers of this new trend are Habesha promoters and so called doctors.  You can see the Habesha men promoters walking up and down DC passing out flyers as they wear their Habesha kemis and disseminating flyers that have pictures of Ethiopian queens looking like sluts and whores on their flyers as these Habesha men promoters switch their hips while wearing their Prada sunglasses to match their Habesha kemis.  You can also see Habesha men who call themselves “doctors” who have no PhD to speak of and are doctors by name only wearing Habesha kemis instead of surgeon’s gear as they bop and flop down 9th Street in DC or while they stay at Addis Sheraton in Addis.  These Habesha men doctors are a hit in Addis wearing their Habesha kemis, they arrive in Addis as conquering warriors in the mold of Italian soldiers, they do more damage than Mustard Italian mustard gas, they spend their precious money not to help out starving children back home, instead they help out the local economy by giving a few birrs to young prostitutes in the streets of Addis.

While they are wearing their Habesha kemis, these so-called “doctors” have become the biggest consumers of prostitutes in Ethiopia—they destroy the lives of young and precious Ethiopian girls as they steal their future all while these Habesha men are wearing the hottest hop pink Habesha kemis while they sip the finest wine as these set-a-set “mena” sit next to Al Amoudi.  Al Amoudi in fact has bought the most expensive Habesha kemis, the Chinese had to use 400 bales of cotton and 4,000 pounds of silk to make a custom made Habesha kemis for Al Amoudi and you can see him driving in the back of limousines with his legs crossed and sipping Moet with his $4,00,000 Habesha Kemis. In a couple of weeks, you will see DMV invaded by Habesha kemis wearing men as they decend by the thousands to celebrate at RFK stadium for the first ever AESAOne “Ethiopian” soccer tournament sponsored by none other than the $4,000,000 Habesha kemis wearer himself Al Amoudi.

Sweat shops in China cannot keep up with the pace of demand for Habesha kemis, over 100,000 Habesha Kemis are manufactured and shipped from Beijing on a day to day basis to Addis and DC—95% of which are being shipped to Habesha men.  This trend of Habesha men wearing Habesha kemis will not go away anytime soon, it seems that both the younger generation and the older generation of Habesha men are loudly and proudly yelling “I am set a set and I’m proud of it!” as they snap their fingers and do… (continued )

Sewoch, this is only 1/3 of the article, please read FULL article before forming your opinion!  Click HERE To read full article

PS now watch what will happen, the very same Habesha kemis men will attack the messenger while disregarding the message.  This is what Habesha kemis wearing men do, they are best at leflafanet and never follow logic.  Watch them reveal their Habesha Kemis with the comments below…

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54 thoughts on “New Fashion Trend: Habesha Men Wearing Habesha Kemis

  1. Gezaee H. on

    This satire does insult Ethiopian women. Ethiopian women are better than Ethiopian men these days. Reason: Ethipians men from Arat kilo, Naioribi, Cairo, CapeTown, Johannseerb to Dubai are busy selling Ethiopian women. But you will never find an Ethiopia woman selling Ethioipian men. The truth is opposite. You can play satire to insult Ethiopian men using Ethiopian women because Ethiopian women has better personality than Ethiopian men. Writer, you wrong to use our mothers dress as a parable of insult to Ethiopian men. You are insulting your own beautiful Ethiopian mother. Wearing Kemis is never a sign of weakness and strength. Women were made to wear kemis by men. Kemis is not made by God, but Kemis is made and assigned to women by men.

    You think you are better than Ethiopian men, but you are proving yourself you are the same guy with them. Your mindset and attitude is not better than the Arab Wahabists who look down on women as if women are below men.

    To prove yourself completely wrong, girls are outperforming than boys in Universities across the globe. DNA was discovere by Rosallina, female British scienntists but her work was stolen by Crick and Watson who could afford to accept a woman above them and have to steal her work and get a noble prize? Nuclear chain reaction was discovered by Marie Curie. Women in men world has changed the world even with very non-existing opportunity to them. I am sure if we can empower women and get rid of ignorant men like you? Women will make this planet a better place. Women hate war and pain. Women has heart than men that is kind and sensitive. The Kemis should be a symbol of peace than a symbol of weakness? Do you agree with me? Men the most corrupt leaders than women. Men are selfish and women only needs peace, comfort and a twig of a flower? but men like you can only be happy by shedding blood, not by flower?

    Kemis must rule the world.

    • Jegnaw on

      you act like you care about Ethiopian women.just a few days a go you were trashing Ethiopian Women telling theme the cheapest women in the world. now you are trashing Ethiopian stupid moron Every Ethiopian Women have Ethiopian Father.every Ethiopian man have Ethiopian relay you are trying to create a gender war amongst Ethiopian. i have a news for you it is not going to work with us Ethiopian.
      i think you should go and warship your master white man.since you heat your self.
      ween one have a love for his self,he has love for others but in you case you are one self heating mentally sick person.therefor you need mental need to see a doctor..

      And selling Ethiopian Women are TPLF/Woyane but you did not want to say that cos you are hypocrite and you are not going to full us.and that requires principle not personality.

      • Gezaee H. on

        Jegnaw, aka Lebaw? if you remember I told you many times that you do not qualify for my response? you remember that? I do not normally respond to your because you are clueless and zeregnea. Your hate for Woyane will eat you like an acid from inside out. Woyane is going to stay long probably you may die without seeing the demise of Woyane. I do not believe there is any force that can get rid of Woyane at this time. Woyane has given you many opportunities to take power peacefully? you refused and went to Asmara so that you can come to Arat kilo by fighting wars from the border of shabia land to Arat kilo? you made it harder for yourself to get to Arat kilo? you were given short cut? you refused to takeover addis ababa? I have heard this for the past 20 years that woyanes days were counted? but still woyane is thriving in aspect.

        You can call me Woyane. I will take it because it has proved itself I will be defaulted to Woyane even if I am not Woyane. I promise you few Chauvunists, supremacist amharas like you, few chauvunists and Supremacist Tigreans and Oromo or any other ethnic will not have place in the 21 century. You will die with your hate. You can boycot Ethiopian Airlines, you can put Tigrean shops, you can boycot any development, you will not get anywhere.

        About Ethiopian women being sold by Woyane? It is true Meles woyane sells teenage girls to Arabs for sex in the 21 century. I cannot hide this because this is a public secret and the eentire world knows Meles Zenawi is shipping 13 year old girls to Arabs to be raped and to work as slaves. But I have to tell you that other none woyane are doing the same across the world. You must understand Woyane is not the woyane Tigray you know? There are woyane oromo + woyane amhara + woyane + … So Woyane is much more than you think. You cannot remove woyane by hating people, or by boycotting Ethiopian airlines or by boycotting Tigrean kiosk shop in Washington DC. You can only win woyane if you have better strategy which you have none except insulting, scaring, intimidating people by telling them what to do and what not to do?

        You are out of politics Jegnaw; you have no any of it. This will be the last response for you. If your remember I have given you two before and this the third and last. Okay Ante molacha leba?

        • Jegnaw on

          Dud you are clueless.i am not heir for you to like me or not to like like me.i am hire only to expose your hypocrisy and any TPLF no need to make your self the skim of things you are insignificant to me therefor i don’t take you that important.rather it is not you i am fighting but the evil of TPLF and the philosophy that you bring in this forum other-than that you are nothing to me. i like my self.i am mentally ,spiritually and physically fit and above all i have a sound spirit,sound judgment and sound mind.

        • Anonymous on

          you both miss the point…all was said about the kemis but you guys took it personal..jesus is this our way of communicating to each other shame on you two…..the observer

        • united we stand on

          aaaaaaaaaaaah…yes! i got it! the word ‘impressive’ is what i’m looking for to say for telling us frankly your exact color without dancing around the bushes:woyane! This whows you are proud tikur sew that we can believe in! Now u got my vote, but not handling donated funds in case that’s what you are running after:)
          One more thing, it’s true woyane declared free genuine democratic election in 2005 knowing it would be a cake walk once again toward the greeny Menalik palace but the rest is history…mowing innocent lives, the jungle rules. Is this what you call ‘many opportunities to take power peacefully’ or it’s woyane’s interpretation of democracy? Bro jgnaw would like to know, my friend G. By the way, this is what your idol leaders did in the first place; by going thru asmara to arat kilo.

    • Anonymous on

      Any person who support a coldblooded evil and world known mass murderer that has records of human rights abuse with Amnesty International and Human Rights Organization is totally clueless. The ones who are selling Ethiopian girls and children in the millions, selling the most fertile virgin land in the East, west, North and south of Ethiopia to Arabs and Indians, robbing the country, locking up and torturing law abiding Ethiopians in filthy prisons, mass murdering innocent Ethiopians and the ones who are disrespecting our religions, dividing Ethiopians by ethnic groups and religion are non other than the heartless remorseless evil TPLF master Adolf Hitler Meles and his TPLF brainwashed killer dogs. And the ones who are supporting the bloody-hand tyrant and his TPLF criminla thugs are evil themselves. Everything what the Godless tyrant Meles and Woyanes have been doing to Ethiopia and Ethiopians for the last 21 years is PURE EVIL, period!

    • Sister on


      You sound cool, I like you. You see, i like men who relate to women.

      You know what I mean? like you Gezaee; men who think of good about the sisters; who have value for the female race other than seeing us weak, sexual objects who are at their mercy.

      Men who can think outside the box, who can hold an argument without resorting to the worst kind of denominator.

      Men who are men-not because they wear trousers but because they think of women as equal beings.

      Men who write with evidence and examples not just yanking anything out of the gossip book and post it in the various websites with the most pompous and agressive language but no substance.

      Thank you for your kindness.

      Keep it up coolio!

    • peace on

      You see you said it. This is exactly what TPLF and Ethiopia’s enemies want to depict Ethiopia and Ethiopians to be. Ethiopian men should not be tricked this is a message to weaken Ethiopian men so that they don’t fight that is why. I believe there might be Eritreans wearing kemis also to defame Ethiopia. So what you said is what TPLF and Ethiopia’s enemise want to defame Ethiopia.

  2. Birtukan on

    I have not seen any Habesha man wearing Habesha Kemis in my life time except in Harrar, Ethiopia. Kemis is not a cultural dress for men in most of Ethiopia. Atse Menilik made the Harrar men wear dress because the Harrar men refused to go to war to fight Italy. The men in Ethiopia now must fight Woyane or start wearing Habesha Kemis like we women do. Fight the Ethiopia’s enemy or wear Habesha kemis that is Atse menilik’s way.

    • Yeineso on

      The new generation of Amaras like Tedros Kasahun Praise Minilik as Tikur Sew but Minilik denied his blackness in his own word,

      “‘I am not a Negro at all; I am a Caucasian,’ the Emperor Menelik told the West Indian pan-Africanist Benito Sylvain who had come to Addis Ababa to solicit the Emperor’s leadership in a society for the ‘Amelioration of the Negro Race.’ Haile Sellassie confirmed that view in a declaration to Chief H. O. Davis, a well-known Nigerian nationalist, stating that the Ethiopians did not regard themselves as Africans, but as ‘a mixed Hamito-Semitic people.’”

      • liar, weshatam, Menelik never said anything like that…it was colonizers who planted that seed. Tegenetel! Asshole, you are destroying Ethiopia…I curse you until the day you die. Mote ante aheya!

        Teddy Fikre

  3. Mamo on

    Great article: when will we hear about the pant wearing Yohannes Aramaji going to Ethiopia and fighting Weyane street to street?

    WoW. Yohannes Aramaj is even using his “REAL NAME” to post on ER. LOL.

    Yeah! right!

    *Please ER, before I permanently abandon you, stop this nonsense. You are supposed to be voice for the opposition. Why are we reading Weyane propaganda on the first page? Especially the Amharic section…ala Ze-Habesha aka Ze-Weyane? Or are you being bought and sold as well?

  4. Gezee

    Ayeee you did not read the whole thing again I take it…i had made a promise to myself that i would not respond on my own articles…but you kind of left me no choice with your condemnatory words…if you had read the full article, you would have noticed the rest of the article pays homage to women ….like this part below for example…

    “Man this was supposed to be a satire piece, but the more I wrote it the more I realized that what I wrote is a lot closer to fact than it is fiction. I have no idea what happened to Habesha men, we have become sissified, we leave the hard work to women while our asses do nothing but sip buna and gossip about politics and sports the whole day at Starbucks. How did jegnas cut from the cloth of martyrs and Adwa heroes devolve into set-a-set and nothing more than leflafas? Seriously, who are we fellas, what happened to us? Do you realize that we are supposed to be the head of the household, when in reality most Habesha men are figure heads. We leave it to the women to do ALL of the hard work, they cook, clean, and work full time while most of our asses are drinking Yohannes Aramaji and talking bullshit!”

    but for your edification, and for those that jump at cat nip without taking time to read full article, i added this section eshi::

    “Ladies, I hope you don’t take this article as offensive. I am not in any way trying to compare men to women to call them weak. There are no stronger people in the world than women. I was raised by three women, my mother and my two sisters, so I honor and adore women as the true essence of God’s light. I am just venting that we as men cannot match your strength and your dedication to our country and our families. And I chose to use the Kemis as a symbol because I know that is the one thing that will offend men to actually wake up from their coma. For the men who got offended, PERFECT, I wanted to offend you from the outset!”

    And I agree…it is time for kemis to rule the world…i know the pant wearing dictator in Addis is doing nothing but destroying my country…eski go ahead and run for president and I will be your speech writer Geeze…that is if you stop thinking that I am some misogynist pig and realize that I am an advocate of women equity and paying respect to our women who give us life…

    Gin I need you to stop acting habesha and jumping to conclusion without reading the full article…eshi?? cool ;)

      • Anonymous on

        This teddy fikre guy has personality disorder. I really believe that he is “Bushti” or “Bushti-like”, which has a very dsiturbed mind. I can imagine his brain activity when he wrote this garbage- and it looks like kkkkkssssszzzztttttoooooooowwwwwuuuuu. RIP Teddy Fikre! As far as I’m concerned, he is brain-dead.

    • Gezaee H. on

      Ato Fikre,

      I read your artilce. Assumption can lead to wrong conclusion. I personally never comment without reading. It is not good to generalize. I did not know it is you who wrote even this. The author name is different. I suggest you use your proper name.

      You said Ethiopian men wearing Kemis and sitting for many hours at Starbucks? what does that mean? According to you? if they were wearing men dress they would not have sat for those long hours? You probably do not know, but the Ethiopian men dress is not far from Kemis? Ethiopian trouser is not the the Ferenjis trouser or coat? It is closer to Kemis, apart it is into pieces. Please do not this an offence and did not think you get offended.

      • Gezaee,

        Tell you what, would you like to have a debate about this on Brown Condor Radio?? I mean LIVE on the air? That is if you are not wearing an Habesha kemis and are not afraid to debate me on the radio? What say you? Eski email me at if you are down. This offer goes out to any other non-Habesha kemis wearing man who is commenting on this article. I look forward to your emails “wendemoch” ::

    • name on

      Thank you, for reminding us this was a satire. I was just thinking denkem journalist!

  5. Zewuditu on


    It was not Atse menelik who forced men from Harar to wear Abesha kemis(skirt) but the very hot climate that also forced somalis to wear their tradional highly ventilating baggy skirts.

    But actually the current trend of Abesha men wearing Abesha skirt is very good for Meles and Al Amoudi because it helps them to project their opponents as some sort of useless feminine soft heads and bottom beds inoder to have the moral high ground and leave the moral underground for the opposition. I hope they migrate to some nice dating sites like and display their new found joyful innovations to the world. Just kidding though! :)

    In fact wearing those soft cotton skirts may not matter so much because what really matters is whether you have a very hard staff or a soft staff under thos skirts.

  6. Yihun on


    What has Teddy Fikre got to do with Abesha men wearing kemis (skirt)? On the other hand this Teddy boy seems to be provoking and shaking up some steril stading water in a new way. Regardless of receiving two Kaballas, one on each of his ckeeks that made his face rather blue he keeps trekking as if nothing has happened.

    Actually he seems to be rather innovative for whatever reason he is trying that, although some what queer but not sqicky hanky panky though.

  7. Kikki on

    What is wrong with Tikur Abesha men wearing Abesha kemis produced by ye hager lij Tikur Abeshas, rather than wearing trousers produced by ye wucci necci producers? Even Irish nationalist men comfotably wear kemis most of the time.

  8. Amare101 on

    Elias, you are the voice of the opposition. Becareful of what you are posting on your site. We are taking you seriously. You are our gallant fighter. There are lots of things to post. I understand your frastration, still you need to keep the hope alive.

  9. WatchOut on

    Dear Ethiopians, this is article is written by non other than a pretender and a fake blogger of the lowest order. He is known to annoy and bug everyone on Facebook and lately (now) the readers of Ethiopian review to draw attention to his site or ‘blog’. The guy has no shame and no depth but is so desperate for attention. Please ignore or even deny him access to post his so-called articles anywhere.

  10. Ujulu on

    The truth is that Teddy is trying to get attention by hook or by crook. Since he could not get the attention which he is looking for by being nice and polite he is now deliberately getting rude and abusive just to attract your attention and steal your identity.

    He is practicing GORILLA MARKETING.And that is also partly because he is Tikur and descendant of the Gorilla currently living in ugandan mountain forest.Look at how he is cunningly circling around and enticing Gezaee H. to meet him for debate and soon after that for a mock fighting in the darkness without any lighting, all for stealing something and collecting resources whatever that happens to mean.

    “Come on and debate all you stupid Kkemis lebashot.” Teddy.

    “Zarraf, zarraf, akaaki zarraf, akaaki zarraf…, where can I find you and force you to take back and swallow completely what you have said (Kemis lebash)” Ujulu

  11. damk on

    Elias, if you do not have any thing productice to post, you may sit quit. This is a mere nonsense. I think you are confused.

  12. Surafel on

    For someone who is so fed up of Habesha Miqegnet and doesn’t want to have anything to do with Habeshas forever and ever, this dude is posting too much drivel and nonsense on ER. I believe the author of this article is so confused that he doesn’t even know left from right. Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t care if people criticize Ethiopians harshly, God knows we deserve it. But one thing we can’t accept is the responsibility for someone else’s failure and disillusionment with life.

    Brother Teddy has been throwing all sorts of mud and dirt at Ethiopians and trying to figure out what sticks. Using current lingo, he was just issue trolling which makes him a narcissistic self promoting megalomaniac. He is angry at all of us for not posting his alleged clever articles on our Face Book walls and not re-tweeting them to all our followers; despite the fact most of us didn’t even knew his existence until he started castigating us with his ‘Miqegnet’ article a couple of weeks ago that was linked on this site. And he followed that masterpiece with ‘I’m Tikur’ which was a nasty piece self aggrandizement at the expense of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. I am really sorry for Teddy Fikre that the world does not value him as much as he values himself. But that is the history of mankind since time immemorial and he just needs to get on with it.

    The current posting: ‘Habesha Men Wearing Habesha Kemis’ is a very infantile and misogynistic article that is off the bounds of our culture and doesn’t belong in a popular Ethiopian site like this one. My advice to Teddy is: get a grip on yourself and don’t try to blame others for all your adversities in life. Remember- you are the captain of your life and the master of your soul.



    • Jegnaw on

      No he was talking about clueless Ethiopian man with out principle who just talk never back there talk with good action weather in helping Ethiopia or there Family they just talk and drink coffee all day long.they have become skirt wearing like fish out of water gutless and lost what it means to be Ethiopian warriors.
      that is What the writer is talking about.

  13. HAILU. on

    stop posting garbbage and talk about weyane killers and thier criminal leader detrorating health situation after abebe gelawe blow his mind by exposing the dictater to the rest of the world.

  14. Bruk on

    I was 12 years old boy playing chess with my friend in Addis Ababa University around 1970 EC and suddenly i vowed that the boy wouldn’t beat me. i told him in amharic “Zare bitashenifegn kuch beye shenalew”. In the coffe room was a female university student and having heard this she yelled at me: You boy never say this again. it is vulgar and backward. As a boy i was never aware i was learning to look down up on women. Such is the culture we grew under that our attitude towards women is backward.

  15. Anonymous on

    I don’t understand why most commentators are angry at the writer. His way of addressing his message to his readers may not give comfort to men. However, in this particular piece, he said that this is a kind of satire and he clearly categorized men into Ethiopian men and Habesha men in kemis. I think, according to his definition and grouping those whom he grouped under Habesha men in kemis deserve his criticism. Some of us are even debating about man wearing kemis. I think, the piece is not about man wearing kemis. It is about those sold for Al amoudi and weyane to fill their belly, those who are lazy to work but busy in gossip and above all those who are fearful to weyane.

  16. Anonymous on

    Westerns promoting homosexuality in Ethiopia.Now here we go Abesha men wearing kemise,what next ?

  17. Korat on

    It is evident I and my generation have paid the price of leaving our homeland, made enormous sacrifices during the end of Haile Selassie and demise of the Derg. Mr. Aramaji is right to let you know that it is high time this generation fight for their right! Runaways, refugees, expats are tired and can’t help you much brothers!! Beware we are not in your shoes anymore!!!

  18. Babar on


    Now you are making your own interpretation of Teddy’s article, but why can’t Teddy himself write in that clear way and make himself clear infront of the diverse forum participants instead of being very vague, beating about the bush, confused, confusing and wishing the public to be mind reading magicians? His approach in fact diminishes the value of his writings as well as the value and images of the writer himself.

    We are not here as mind reading magicians or psychiatrists but as ordinary information and communication sharing communities simply to achieve some common objectives whether in the near or the distant future.

    • Ejetaw ! on

      There are millions of Teddy Fikre, who are clueless but think they have figured it all out. When and if they get a chance, you have Mengistu H/Mariam part II. Let us hope the Ethiopian people have learned enough lesson to not let that happen ever again.

      • kemis rules on

        you are right, the writer also seem seeing enat ethiopia thruogh only the lens of amara missing it’s the land of many cultures. isn’t this one kind of thinking that put us in the miserable condition that we find ourselves!

  19. peace on

    Ale kit freedom. Now soon the so called freedom, such as pro gay, pro abesh kemis for men, pro corruption is supposed to be TPLF’s freedom for democracy. In fact Brithis and U.s are continously encouraging gay rights in Africa why? Because this decreases over population, will ruin family and society. TPLF is very good at copying worse things from other countries and calls it “democracy” it is to destory societies and family values. This has nothing to do with pro or against gay.

  20. peace on

    I really don’t understand. What is going on with Ethiopians and why can’t they see how other Africans are doing? Are Ethiopians trying to destroy their county for what? How is it that DC lijoch losing it? This just doesn’t make sense. There is something wrong. These Ethiopians who maybe pro tPLF and trying to destroy the name of Ethiopia because of desperation maybe bought by TPLF and outsiders to stage such act. They are trying to insult Ethiopians are no longer heroes. Something is terribly wrong. As ER explains focuing on Ethiopian men being attracted by kemis. He must do further investigation the under neath, the secret why all of the sudden such trend is appearing. How can it be a trend when the world fashion designers in Italy, France etc, doesn’t even do that? There is a systematic act of desperation here that needs to be researched and investigated behind these Ethiopian men and their kemis. This is one reason the Ethiopians community all over the world must gather the future about the country Ethiopia and Ethiopians. There should be a day of reckoning. Of course group will try to stop such urgent meetings but our number should be more outside of Ethiopia than these spoilers.

  21. peace on

    I am not clear on thsi article and I am afraid I was misled this is really going on. So is this true or am I naive to believe it because I posted some comments above. That being said, if this is a message from Teddy to send a message to Ethio men to wake up, I say, it is childish way and unprofessional. There are many ways to approch criticism perhaps there is deep rejection that Teddy is feeling by ethio men. I hope you read buddhism perhaps that would help. I beleive you are disappointed and first there are many ways you can learn from Eastern religion which really explains these things: you grew up in the West and most Ethiopians except the new generations are still closed, not blaming them or blaming you. But you have to understand the differences on these things. The other issue is perhaps you need to make a difference from different point of view, how to really make a difference because like buddhism teaching says, ego the I and me has been problem to human relationships, perhaps you should just do something that makes you happy regarding Ethiopia and expect nothhing in return that is rewarding of the universe and soon you will see you will transform people. This should be about transforming people not about yourself.
    Another issue, it is not ony you but like any other societies Ethiopians we are disconnected from our societies, faith etc in many ways. Especially Ethiopia’s disconnect comes from different angle unlike other countries because she has enemies ruling her both from inside and outside and we ourselves are contributing it. You have to overcome all that and undrstand Ethiopia their needs if you are really a change agent. You write very good also I believe you may even change Ethiopians to get up from their old ways and make issues, make noise, be in public in the passion they love, they should be in news, tvs, etc. making point on any subjectm, just like you are doing. This is the force you are fighting with but I believe you are fighting the wrong way while you yourself is carrying a huge bag. That is why you are not transforming others. Perhaps, you have to look within before looking outside. Find your soul, your SELF, not the I or ME, the spirit within you, with accepting of others etc. Although I apprecitae Orthodox my faith, Eastern relgion compared to Western reglion I believe is the most rational and gives explanation closest to the truth. This by no means saying other faiths are bad, NO, I am not saying that.

  22. Qe Qa on


    “A lost generation that really deserve to be shot in the head!” you wrote. Hmmm…

    For your information there is no such thing as a lost generation but in fact there is a generation on the high ways of exploration whcih the last generation may like it or not.

    Every generation is in some ways different from the previous generation and as such is often insearch of ideas, rules, clues, etc. inorder to innovate for the future and define about the values, identitie, visions and missions of their generation. They can not always keep pleasing the folks of the old generation who are wishing strongly that the new generation is a simple photo copy of the older one.That is contrary to the norms of nature, fundamentals and dialects of social change and technological/civilization growth.

    Yes, both the old folks and the new generation make their own mistakes in the course of normal human trial and error behaviors. If we are talking about the lost generation, then we can also talk about the lost old generation who handed us down a social and political system that is tyranical, barbaric and inhuman to say the least and in that way the innocent young generation in the world of “man eating man communitie where survival of the strongest alone seems to be dictating human lives down the line.

    That is why even more than bullets to their head, the present generation deserves empowerments, coachings, as well lots of sympathy, empathy and knowledges to their heads.

    “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” ~Voltare :)

  23. Anonymous on

    I think he hit it on the nail. This is like ” sem ena worq” guys, focus on the ‘worq’ part of the message, not the literal meaning of ‘kemis’. What he tried to convey in this article is true of habesha men these days who will sell out their “own mother” ( metaphorically speaking) for selfish reasons rather than stand firm for the benefit of majority. We have lost all forms of integrity and respect for each other that we stand adamant to the facts that our core culture and values are being diluted, our lands are being rented out to corporations that will abuse it till it can’t be farmed no longer ( and the agricultural produce won’t address the food inflation in the country either as it is produced by foreign Co. for foreign markets, i.e the poor will never get a break from this so called ” foreign investments”), and the GDP growth rate is artificially inflated due to the ‘land-grab’ activities and is unsustainable. So i say Ethiopian-ism is being drained out in all forms of its existence. Sad but TRUE. So i say kudos to the author for saying what most failed to admit.

  24. Ethiopian Pantalones on

    I think he hit it on the nail. This is like ” sem ena worq” guys, focus on the ‘worq’ part of the message, not the literal meaning of ‘kemis’. What he tried to convey in this article is true of habesha men these days who will sell out their “own mother” ( metaphorically speaking) for selfish reasons rather than stand firm for the benefit of majority. We have lost all forms of integrity and respect for each other that we stand adamant to the facts that our core culture and values are being diluted, our lands are being rented out to corporations that will abuse it till it can’t be farmed no longer ( and the agricultural produce won’t address the food inflation in the country either as it is produced by foreign Co. for foreign markets, i.e the poor will never get a break from this so called ” foreign investments”), and the GDP growth rate is artificially inflated due to the ‘land-grab’ activities and is unsustainable. So i say Ethiopian-ism is being drained out in all forms of its existence. Sad but TRUE. So i say kudos to the author for saying what most failed to admit.

  25. the observer on

    the discussion was about the kemis…but you two guys took it personal..gee can’t we at least has the decency to listen to another with out insulting…

  26. Wnited We Stand on

    If i’m not hitting the right spot, i think i’m sensing that ato Aramji is building a strong hidden feeling for the fortune chair of Menelik palace: clue? He is being harish for the northern law abidding red sea habesha state that unfairly sentenced the right to be bitten by the masters wild dogs for being bright hope of the opressed. He surely seems in the early stages of filing the neccesary requirement docs of winning the hot seat. Not so fast though: It’s possible that the good tikur sew hopes to satisfy his diverse audience aptite serving them from here and there like the liu liu megb/combination fooed/ such as the old staborn amhara nationalists or worse our proud tikur sew might be still snoring on the driving wheel to realize and hopefuly appreciate that the train nick named ‘meley’ has already left long time ago the hopeless station, probably never to come back again unless the ancientland cleans its filthy house by starting knocking out her bedbugs, obesed sucking the shit of innocent bloods!
    As long he incists keeping his option open, we are condomned to stay on suspense guessing his every motives. The horrible fact is when freedom&justice are betrayed, uttering the word ‘neutralism’ is an insult to say the least. As the comedian bill cosby says ‘i don’t know the key to success but the easy way to failur is pleasing everybody’. so don’t hold neutral position like an oportunist poletician. time calling it beka/ a spade is a spade! The good news is you can be entrusted to run smoothly the department of finance unlike some other secret admirers of the devils who change their positions daily like a busy whore bed sheet and would rather prefer throwing the downtrodents once a day snucks into the trouble multiplier fat belly mouthes of supporters/puppets.I ubsolutely agree with tikur sew; during the ancient janhoy era, at least our dear sises pussies were highly respected gooddamnt! anyway, if my guess above is rite, all i can say is u r singing the right tune bro that does not need of arming yourself with frengi chix:)

  27. Abesha on

    How stupid can one Ethiopian be writing an article that doesn’t make sence at all.I have read most of the article and I don’t know why the writer is insulting Ethiopian men. Elias kifle pu ficking faggot stop hating on people.

    • Jegnaw on

      it is like sem ena work and find the gold.
      bro red it again and again don’t give up it makes sense it is not out of heat rather out of it one more time.

  28. All,

    I highly highly recommend you read this article….I got your attention right…if you are offended it was on purpose…that is the only way i can shake you out of your coma aydel..

    Now read this article….and share to the world about the dirty deeds that AESA One is up to in DC…. and how AIDS is killing hope in Ethiopia..and how they are all intertwined…

  29. samson on

    I am confused with Elias Kifle. He acts like he is fighting for Ethiopia. However he allows this kind of digrading comment about Ethiopian men on his site.The hidden message under this article is that Woyanne and some Ertierian saying:” we make a women out of Ethiopian men.” This stupid narrow minded people think that they are
    better than the rest of Ethiopians(especially amharas). They only rule 20 years and think they are better men than us. They are where they are because of us. While we were killing each other, they were diging a ground for us. They would have never get here if we stand united. Still they are 4 million we are 80 million. We,still have men in us and soon we are going to make them wear kemis. Elias, you need to stop
    posting this kind of articles which are intended to insult our people. I read before some moron who wrote about Tedy Afro “Tikur Sew” song. In that articles the moron, tried to discredit the history of adwa war.
    I think you are smart enough to undertand the motive of writing this kind of worthless piece.

  30. Iskinder on

    Fikre is right about his good song concerning Adwa war that is being endelssely sang and became an end in itself and effectly prevented Abeshas from focusing and preventing the current war on free press, firtile free virgine Ethiopian farm lands, scarce Ethiopian resources such as Gold, commercial and political capital resources of the people as well as jailings and killings of the already starving people infront of our very eyes. This traditional warmongering bravado of the long past wars which the embattled current new generation don’t care and don’t know amounts to flogging the long dead and burried old horse only good for sentimental old patriots spen their time self congragulating and drinking coffee. But now Fikre is dressing them with kemis so that they have something more to do on top coffee consumption.

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