The town of Awassa in a security lock-down

Awassa (Hawassa), EthiopiaThe Woyanne junta has sent thousands of heavily armed troops to the southern Ethiopian town of Awassa today to prevent a protest rally that has been called for tomorrow, Saturday.

Security check points have been set up at several places, buses have been ordered to stop services, and transportation in and out of the town has been restricted.

During the past few days, pamphlets have been distributed through out Awassa (called Hawassa by the Woyanne junta) calling for mass demonstration in opposition to some law that was recently passed. … stay tuned for more updates

23 thoughts on “The town of Awassa in a security lock-down

  1. Mulugheta T. on

    Hello Elias Kifle the GREAT (Kep it up)

    Yes this is my day.

    Ethiopia will prevail!!!!

  2. peace on

    The TPLF has full control over Amara regions even some Amaras have already been indoctrinated since the concern is Amara is next to Tigray therefore any activity will affect Tigray. Where as, the Oromo regions since location is far from Tigray region was not that affected however the Oromo regions then have the advantage to have more activity against the government. Cross your fingers Oromos and I hope you succeed.

    • tazabi on

      how many times have I read and heard such kind of comments with most of them using the exact words as above? countless times I suppose but yet we had seen nothing lol

      • Anonymous on

        Before you know it it will many time dos it takes for the Axe to cut the three? the answer is many blow just it is a matter of time TPLF will not last.

  3. burd on

    The west doesn`t have enough confidence on the very weak and fractured opposition if there is one. So; if woyane fails, there will be a big chaos guys. You can call me woyane. I do not care, but the fact is clear. Is it Tamagn Beyene or Abebe Gelaw who will be the new prime minister. It is a joke. Whatever you call them heroes are not realy heroes from our ancestor`s point of view. It is hard to swallow this truth; but you can not change it!

    • robbeo on

      the gentlemen you mentioned above have Etiopia in their veins compared to these heartless and cruel woyanes

  4. dhu on

    Burd, I remebered when Mengistu was telling us “this chair is only one’why ever body need it’
    Dictators think (I am sure Melese too), that it will be the end of that country if they are gone.
    Minilik death was hid for 13 years.
    Heile silassie thought he is sent from god to rule.
    Mengistu thought without him it will be a caos.
    Now Melese is telling us the same, but it is not true at all. Dictators wanted to make ordinary people think that they are god. No No all are either dead or living in excile misearable life.
    I heard one Zembababewn freind telling me, when Mugabe is dead, there is no place for Mengistu,most probably he will be sent back for trial the same is true for Melese mafia unless he is dead from what he is suffering from like Sanny Abacha of Negieria.

    One thing is sure people live for ever but dictators will die/ removed

    • lema on

      and also dont forget that kinjits are divided to ten the next day that they said they won the majority.honestly speaking how on earth one can trust this people then after they even exposed each other to the bottom of their secret,after all i prefer to have country even with out having a good government rather than having a good government with out a countrz like the somalia one.የአግሬ ሰው እንደሚለዉ ከማላውከው መለአክ የማውከው ሰይታን ዪመረታል. after all if ther is even an inch loop, ther will be more dirty games readyto be play by the historical enemy of ethiopia, the eritreans. ther fore we better to be careful than to be rush to be countryless, especially those who are in side the country. because next to eritreans who who blared the flame for their own case, diasporas have extra citizin, they dont care ither ethiopia is sustained or not, if their mission is succed, wel and good, if ethiopia become history like somalia, they dont mind because they have country. ጎመን በቴና፣ ጎመን በቴና….

  5. Gezaee H. on

    Ato Elias,

    Let us say Ethiopian protest? have your placed everything in place? I mean all the admin structures? Let us say Woyane runaway from the rest of Ethiopia what will happen? is there everything in place? Like who will the president? is it you? who? I am not saying there are no people who can be president. I am sure there are many people. But my concern is everything has to put in place so that we do not end up killing each other like Somalians. Do you Somalians? it is almost 22 years now since they have been killing each other? opposing woyane only cannot be a solution? You see? when woyane came and contolled Ethiopia? they were ready and had everything on paper and they were just putting in place? do you have all those structures? if so who will the president? who will be the ministers? how will you administer the 91 million people? what you will the fate of Ogadenis? what will be the fate of Gambela? what will the fate of Oromia? what will be the fate of Tigray? what will the fate of Eritrea? Do you have everything in place? hoy hoy hoye, bela, protest, kuretew, nfaw, woyane, gedelew will not be a solution. Solution has to be put in place before protest.

    • the Eye on

      Every end has a new beginning.the End of TPLF is the beginning of the new Ethiopia.without the parasite of TPLF.and the healing will Begin.
      i know you are not concern of Ethiopia but your Owen self and what will happen to TPLF.that we will not know until it happens. but until then keep barking.

      • Gezaee H. on

        The eye,

        I do believe you do not know what you are talking about. This is the problem. You are not able to even communicate in a normal way. I am not worrying about woyane? if you think so? it is upto you. But what I am saying is everything has to be put in place before doing anything is done. Otherwise, we will have an anarchy. Put aside your woyane hate politics. You can have it all. I do not care about your madness with woyane.

        • The Eye on

          The fate of Eritrea is up to Eritrea it is not up to you ore me Mr Gezaee.
          2Nd Ethiopia will remain Ethiopia.rather let us talk what will be the fate of parasite TPLF and there hodam supporters and what will be the fate of those people who benefited at the misery of the Ethiopian people.what should we do to those parasite TPLF Mr.Gezaee?

        • angassa on

          brother gezaee, please dont waste your time to breaf the truth to such idiot like this man i dont even want to mention his name, becouse i dont even suppose this as a human bieng, how ever you have made it in such a smart way, what understand fo
          rom the point of such two kind of people ther are a people who want to use this apportunity to succesed thier goal most of the time this are eritreans, becouse by eliminating ethiopia, they know they will have strong eritrans somalians and so on, 1nd ther are also full of bull-sheet ethiopians that they cant even think further than their ass. to this people what i want to say is. ምክረው ምክረው፣ እምቢ ካለ፣ መክራ ዪምከረው. leave them alone. it will take them not 40 years like the esrael or 30 years like somalia, it will take them 400 years to mend this full of problem country.

        • The Eye on

          The truth is to see things as they are not as you want them to be.
          but you want to talk shit Ethiopians did not vote the secession of Eritrea. Ethiopians did not vote to be without access to the sea.Ethiopians did not vote to give there land To Sudan,Ethiopian did not vote to give there land to china,India,Indonesia,and saudi Arabia,and the golf state for next to nothing but yet there are about 8million Ethiopian to brinks of starvation,Ethiopians did not vote to be a refugees in there Owen you want come heir to talk shit.
          Yes it may take us longer than we want to trow TPLF out of power but rest assured we will over throw this parasite and people like you with it…

  6. dinqilqilit on

    Any an Ethiopian or,Ethiopians who promised to himself or themselves to carry on the strugggle against the common enemy,no matter how long it will take us,and how much sacrifices it deamnds and cost us,that Ethiopian or Ethiopians is and are a hero and heroes.

    To those hodams and cadres who have been living on pitance that comes from the mafia,zinawi hands,the robber,zinawi is god.god is trash because it has been seen by millions global communities,and the god’s cadres and hodams when the god,zinawi crubled and broke into million of pieces.The noise from cadres and hodams mouth and the bullets from zinawi agents will not assymble Zinawi’s pieces into a whole,as zinawi is going to his dark grave,surely but slowly,one way the other,Zinawi will be housed in a tight spot for eternity.

    Stained teeth from years of smoking and chewing khat,when Zinawi flashed them in smile,it disgusted all of us,including the ones in the meeting hall.Khat,alchol,smoke,and blood are all that zinawi addicted to;hatred,deceit,and lie,are all that he was born with and knew about.After four weeks on prescription pills on a European shopping spree,suddenly,Zinawi showed up in G20 summit sluggish and ugly with bulged out eggy eyes;if they were to fall,they would break like a an egg and would rott in a minute.

    The moment Zinawi quickly disappeared from the public and global community eyes,the worried cadres on all level and the hodams from accross the globe and inside the regime,began broadcasting smelly propaganda,as if Zinawi was on the four-weeks diet for a better skin,super white teeth, and a winning smile.When appeared on CCTV being cleansing with chimotherapy,all the cadres and the hodams immediately sank into the bottom of devil’s grave.Chow,chow,and chow Zinawi.

  7. Melaku on


    The Ethiopian people never got a chance to live in a democracy. What we witnesses in our generation is the transfer of gun-based rule from a monarchy to military and then to ethnic dicattorship. The Ethiopian people are very civil despite the attempt by Meles to foment hatred and genocide among the different ethnic groups ands religion. Meles has been busy the last 20+ years dividing ethiopia and ethiopians. The demand of the ethiopian people is not replacement of meles by another meles. It is democracy and democracy and democracy, the rule of law, justice and fairness. The ethiopian people want a goverenemnt of the people by the people and for the people not a government of the few. The ethiopian poeple want unity not division. The ethiopian people want equity and just governance and not the injustice under which they have been put through the successive dicttorial regimes that ruled the country. As Abebe gelaw said we need freedom, freedom and freedom.

  8. Kuta on

    Mr Editor! Call it Hawassa not Awassa! Hawassa is original name given by locals not TPLF as u you claimed. As your masters changed Bishoftu to D/Zeit, Adama to Nazareth, Finfinnee to Addis Ababa … did to Hawassa. To remind you, this is 21st century ! Please update yourself!

    • Tazabi on


      what an enlightening information you have given us,kudos!

      you are the one who needs to update himself. You are the one who got stuck in the 19th century narrow mindedness.

      You built a house in Ethiopia, you have Ethiopian passport, have a bank account in Ethiopia.Then, When people ask you where you are from you are saying I am from Oromia. With your confusing answers, you leave many people scratching their heads and thinking is there a new country that I haven’t heard about?

      It is so easy to hate hypocrites and narrow minds like you!

  9. Al Gadaffi on

    Dear Tazabi,
    I would certainly agree that you have the right to perceive any issue as much as you have heard, though it is a fairy tale , but when it comes to a historical account of this nature , you get to be critical and need to see things in
    perspective. Facts could not be fictions and realities could not be lies. How much do you know about the issues that mr. Kuta has mentioned? have you ever read any single article about this ? Im afraid you didnt. otherwise, you would have never made this hasty conclusion . The only thing I would say is that please read …read to get out of the trap of ignorance ,stupidity if you like.
    Dint those manipulations as mentioned by Kuta happen ? what was the storyline and which society was a scape-goat? What was its historical repercussion on the concerned society?
    A lot more to question and research for you to know the essence of the real issue instead of writing a prejudiced notion that you have heard from your grand father.
    Hope you will get your mind right as you read and research.

    • Tazabi on

      Al Gadaffi,

      Too many pseudo intellectual words with little or no meaning! At least, I understand where you are trying to go here. Projecting yourself as an eternal victim and making others feel like they are the enemies. The Ethiopia we grew up is not a homogeneous society. It could be a curse or could be an asset whichever way you see it. At least, we have exemplar harmony for such a diverse society. We don’t need to go very far to justify that, just look at Somalia.

      Oromo, Tigre and Amhara blood are flowing in my veins. My family cherished their diversity and never misguided us into a victim mentality. We need people who can lead us into the future not people who stuck in the past and keep dragging us back. Throughout the world history, elite groups have existed in every society and continue to do so. I guess we are not any different and are paying the price of this not so uncommon injustice.

      The difference is, while the smart ones used it as a motivation to coexist and move forward, the fools will continue using it as excuse.
      Finding common ground to move forward will never diminish the validity of the sad parts of our past but getting stuck in it as a logical dividing parameter will.

      I appreciate your recommendation for more research and reading though. We all need that.

      Have a good day!

  10. Amare on

    To all of you politician want to be’s. Please stop and listen. Sign a pledge of allegiance your country and ratify a constitution with checks and balances with term limits on people. One party systems don’t work. Racism does not work. Stop blaming one race over the other. A bad government is bad for all of our people.

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