BBC interview with Ethiopian Review editor

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58 thoughts on “BBC interview with Ethiopian Review editor

  1. Mamo on

    Elias, what an excellent and well-expressed interview. Thank you – Keep it up!!!

  2. teshome on

    Poor communication skill. You really spoiled the opportunity.
    I invite you to re-listen the difference between what you have said and what you would liked to say

    • Mamo on

      You have poor listening skill. Civil Service College should teach you something useful besides the stupid propaganda you are filled with.

    • Anonymous on

      For Teshome

      you are dormant and ridgid brain, who only knows jungle is a jungle. you are illetrate person. just shut your mouth and kiss Meles aus

    • Gebre mekontaw on

      You must be a woyane that Elias was reffering. It is a good interview and those kadres do not like it at all. Well done Elias!

      • anonymous on

        you are right. How can they ( woyane Cadres ) understand the well responded interview?. 1, they are illitrate (liwach! liwach!….).
        the now convenient store, gas station, restaurant owners etc. They do now even know how to use a bathroom.

  3. Waka on

    Teshome (low life woyanne)

    Poor communication skill kkkkkkkkk

    A dedeb woyanne of your likes including your PM does not have the moral capacity to criticise a normal human being let alone Elias who
    gives you sleeoless nights since day one Woyanne is a failure as a humanbeing and good enough to live in jungle not in in a rapid changing global world.

  4. Danny on

    Well done Elies. Keep the Ethiopian Sprit high and you are one of the Ethiopian People genuine voice.

  5. Mamush on

    Good but the communication could be a bit better and professional. Don’t use blog terms in international podium.

  6. Mamush on

    I don’t know why we Ethiopians have communication problems. I always sense that, in interviews, speeches, writings,… May be “astedadegachen new meselegn”. But good job Elias.

  7. Stoned Peter on

    Mister stupid teshome #4 when you said poor communication skill what do you mean? if you can please tell us what Elias missed, don’t try I know you can not find anything missing from Elias’s interview. unless yourself miss understood what Elias was saying for Ethiopians actually he has said more than enough however for you TPLF idiots his words were painful specially Meles’s sending of his spies as political asylum seekers to the west must be considered as a big communication skill of Elias. I am sure Elias’s frank display of the reality might have shocked your kind because most of Ethiopians for political correctness they may not say what Elias said. Remember one thing, even though most of Ethiopians may not say what they feel inside their heart openly about Tigreans they will still think you people are greedy, narrow minded untrustworthy people, as well as burden to the rest of Ethiopians forever. Most of Ethiopians love Elias’s interview because it was the second best victory as a result of effective communication skill just like to the great humiliation of your master Meles by Abebe. So Elias please go ahead to other medias like CNN, Fox,and the rest of the big media including MPR. Thank you Elias for your immense job by the way Elias few months ago were discussing about your interview with ESAT TV network all of us were men except one woman who is married with 1 small child we were just talking about the Ethiopian situation and your interview on ESAT came during our talk and the lady said she loved how you carried yourself during the interview she said you Elias is a real man as well as forceful and serious person, or in Amharic “Kostara”.

  8. Ethiopian on

    A very precise and to the point interview; Elias, say no more, you did great. God bless you. And thank you BBC for giving us the opportunity to be heard through Elias.

  9. Hagos on

    Cadres are everywhere from small informers who benefit indirectly to the big agents who benefit directly, ofcourse through corruption bribery. you want to open business back home or you want something done? you got to connection start bribe number one then you get directed to bribe two and three etc all the way to your little Kebelle. they milk the poor cow until dry bleeding. You find some of them in the Beaten Docket pub Cricklewood monkey grooming eachothers’ bum. most of them welfare cheaters.

  10. Goitom on

    Great job Elias.

    A lot should be done to expose the EPRDF ‘asylum’ seekers who in the name of asylum trying to infiltrate the opposition camp. The EPRDF junta should be exposed how they are providing documents to facilitate their ‘asylum’ applications How they are coming to the west with a lot of money to start business and spy on the opposition . Please lets campaign on this. The like of Solomon Tekalign should be sent to jail.

  11. the mountain man on

    The marvelous and progressive journalist Elias made a scintillating interview with BBC, by striking the nail right on the head. Good job Elias, Keep it up.

  12. Ande Hamus Yekerew on

    Truth has to be told as it is. “sending Woyane supporters as refugees to infiltrate the diaspora” like it did in Norway. In fact many of Woyane paid infiltrators are coming as Eritrean Refugees too.

    Woyane’s intimidation of Diaspora is a little be stretched. Woyane is buying some Hodeaderes in Diaspora is the correct way to describe it. Woyane has no power to intimidate the Diaspora. There is no single life lost by Woyane agents in South America and Europe. I am not sure in Africa or Asia. Telephone call intimidation is done from Addis with little or no impact.

    Woyane will try to buy Ethiopians by organizing its own “YeHode Kewase” next month in DC. Let us come out and face those Hodeaderes. We will not allow them to carry Meles’s photo in the Stadium in DC.

    Elias Kifle was not or will not be intimidated by Woyane that is for sure !!!!

  13. Ande Hamus Yekerew on

    Elias, You may be a good editor to the website you are running. But you are not a good speaker. Many consider your self serving style undermine the effort to over throw the current dictators in Ethiopia. The west conclude that there are no reliable opposition leaders because of guys like you and Tamagne. You luck the maturity and the skill to be considered one of the symbol of the opposition. The struggle has enough problems, please don’t let looking after incompetent guys like you be one of them. Just stay behind the scene where you can do more good and let the front work to more educated and skilled guys like Dr Birhanu Nega. Believe me that is the way to go.

    • peace on

      This is not to criticize Elias and he has done a great job. However, the real communicators are staunch capitalists being bought by TPLF even as we speak. Indeed communication skills like Obamas is how you can unify people because they get inspired. Most Ethiopians are not good speakers and also they don’t speak freely perhaps due to fear but they can be real politicians by manipulating the speaking to get your point addressed. So, I sugges this is one thing also we need to work on, who would be the right Ethiopia’s spokes persons. However the truth is not how good communicator you are but to get the main point accross. However we live in the West and 21st century that is one way to market and campaign for Ethiopia. It is about marketing.

    • Ethiopian on

      @Ande Hamus yekerew, I don’t see any flaw in the way Elias was responding to the interview. BBC contacted him with respect as an opposition subject and he had to proficiently and efficiently answer the question to the point, he didn’t have time to get out of the subject and we can’t expect him to be over emotional. He answered the questions in a very mature way. And I don’t see how you came to say “let more educated and skilled people like Dr Birhanu Nega do the front work”. Its very insane of you to say that. As far as I have seen, all this opposition leader figures are straightened out by Elias while some of them so called “educated” were exposed by Elias doing the dirty job for woyanne. And MR. be reminded that it takes to be smart, dedicated and skilled to be a major single person headache for a government and a multi-billionaire as well as to withstand the financial hardship, legal actions, insults and personal life sacrifices. I guarantee you, most opposition leaders are financially stable or give more time to themselves. Elias is sacrificing his life for his country and amazingly, he is criticized by the very damn people he is sweating for. Very Sad. Specially while he is very well educated in political science in California and accounting. I say this because I have known him for so long and have been an eye witness to the ultimate sacrifice he is paying in his personal life. I have always told him that this generation of Ethiopia is not worth fighting for. His answer has always been, “Few hodams, back stabbers and bigots can not represent the whole of Ethiopia”. I hope he is right. As for me, I sometimes think, people like you who want to taste freedom by others sacrifices are not worth fighting for and current Ethiopians deserve regime like Woyanne even though people like the ones who gave their lives on the streets of Addis Ababa in the name of freedom and Emama Ethiopia force me to seek change in my beloved country. Elias Kifle, we are with you, stay in the fight. Heroes and saints die for people who doesn’t even know them but God and history remember them. You re one of a kind my brother.

      • Ande Hamus yekerew on

        @Ethiopian, You see the way you idolize individuals. Let me tell you a quote “I am in this struggle to liberate my self”. This is a quote by Dr Birhanu Nega. When someone tell you I am doing this for you (or others), unless Jesus Christ, you should be suspicious. All the dictators did or doing that. Thanks for proving my point.

  14. Anonymous on

    this link takes me to some other interview by the Ethiopia commodity exchange
    eleni…..can somebody tell me what is going on???
    and others are commenting on it, am totally confused…

  15. Ittu Aba Farda on

    Well done Brother!!! I am very proud of you. This dictator is witnessing his dictators-in-arms falling like leaves around him. He knows that and he better know that. Once Al-Shabaab is gone, no one will have any use for him. And he knows that. That is why he is not sending his soldiers all the way to Kismayo. The West is well aware of the fact that Meles and his goon cabals are arresting and making people disappear without trace just for what they say or write. Let’s take the example of this blessed father and husband Obbo Eskinder. He is languishing in jail facing the death penalty for writing about the Arab Spring uprising and how it can spread to the region. That is like saying Obama is going to lose the November election. Rush is saying that. Hannity is saying that. Every Republican Party member is saying that. It is that easy to draw a parallel between what Obbo Eskinder wrote and what all these talk show hosts are telling the American people. Meles had all the opportunities to be a people’s politician but he had squandered that chance so miserably that his exit may not be as anything that happens during a democratic transition or transfer of power we enjoy here in the West every 4 or 8 years. One of his former bank rollers Gaddafi in front of whom he claimed the people of Tigray are Arabs is gone in a rather disconcerting way. His Yemeni colleague has been shown the door with a cooked face. He used to get his ways in everything he wanted during his days in the bushes and that is what he has been doing since he marched into Addis. What a lucky kingpin!!! Al-Shabaab is still around and his opposition has been in total disarray. What a lucky ruffian!!! But you know what? One of these days his luck in going to run out and run out for good. And we will see all his lieutenants who are currently roaming among us like rabid dogs begin betraying and disavowing him in a heartbeat. That will be what a scene to behold !!!!

  16. addis ababa1 on

    Elias,I always tought you could not articulate what you wanted to say in Amharic, but was hopeful you could do better in English, but in your case it is yebasse atameta……

    • Belay on

      addis what are you talking? He responded well for every question that he was asked. Atleast he was better that your woyanne leader.

  17. boxxer on

    Elias , you have highlighted very important points in a very short space of time. Good job.

    We got to find opportunities like these to expose the attrocities of cruel and barbaric woyane junta, in addition to the internet.

    the woyane are spending the meager resources of the country and the foreign aid they receive to block internet access, independent radio and tv broadcasts to keep our people in the dark. In stead they feed the population with their own lie and propaganda which the people are fed up with.

    the woyane fascist junta spend resources to spy on people both at home and in the diaspora, to close down independent newspapers and to build prisons to jail journalists and political opponents instead of spending the money to feed the hungry in Ethiopia.

    the woyane spend the scant resources of Ethiopia to train their spies and murderers and cadres to kidnap, harass the population etc….

  18. Ethiopia on


  19. Stoned Peter on

    Elias The best example for TPLF members coming to the west as political asylum seekers could be Misiraq Amere who use to be TPLF security officer and who killed many people during his jungle days who knows he might have done after he came to the city life too. This murderer Misraq was living in Columbus Oh he came to USA as politically persecuted individual however after he stablished his foothold in USA he went back to TPLF led Ethiopia and acuses people for ruining his name. So let us continue to expose these idiots crime and fake political asylum for the rest of the world.

  20. Yuhun on

    You nailed it, Good job Elias. I am proud of you and others who are exposing and fighting the parasite regim who is eating the country and its people. Keep up the good work, the TPLF regim is in its death bed and its leader looks like he is ailing beacause of Abebe Below’s blow. Let’s us give them a united blow, purge them, once for all to liberate our country from this stubborn parasite. I used to think the arabs were more cowards than us, but they liberated their countries from the tyrant leaders, and I envy their guts. It is not that we Ethiopians are not capable of doing what the arabs do, but we have been divided by race, religion, useless parties etc. The problem has been lack of leadership, the woyanes have been working to divide the country and its people from day one and it has worked for them to divide and rule us. Let’s us be united and give them one more blow.

  21. Enagaltachew on

    God job Elias. You have done excellent interview. You mentioned a very good point that Meles Cadres are sent to the West with a clear mission of spying and if possible infiltrating and debilitate the diaspora opposition. This sold hodam creatures come abroad or leave their country with all documents ready in such a way they can get an easy and free ride for granted asylum status. We know who they are, but do nothing. It is time to expose this anti Ethiopia groupie clearly and abundantly. We have to address the issue to immigration in such a way they asylum status can be reversed.

  22. love etio on

    Elias,good job!trust me 85% of ethiopian’s are with you.god bless you! god bless ethiopia!!!

  23. Genanaw on

    So sad that this disillusionedso called editor is agitating naive Ethiopians as he is doing now.

    Wake up people!! Elias Kifle is an evil man harbouring the deepest and craziest hatred to our motherland and dreaming that mayhem and bloodshed reign in our country.

    I have heard him with my oun ears, in disbelief, saying in an interview that his dream is to go into Ethiopia and bomb all infrustructure, schools and hospitals in that country. This is a guy who has sold is soul to the arch enemies of Ethiopia. Still he is able to blindside so many naive or unaware Ethiopians under the guise of politics.

    Wake up people! Open you eyes and look with it!!

    • Ethiopian on

      Tew enji Genanaw, if I get the chance, i would bomb all woyanne infrastructures and don’t give a damn what the world would say. Elias is a committed enemy of woyannes and has good supporters to help him do his job. But a woyanne like you who thinks he is a man just because he got an AK 47 infront of poor unarmed Ethiopians will perish pissing on your pants. Shintam woyanne. I hate Mengistu Hailemariam but atleast he was a man and never negotiated against his country. Your leader Meles is some shintam Ethiopians are so ashamed of him to call him Ethiopian. He can’t even finish the war with Eritrea. He is shame for Tigray people, a province of the brave is now shamed because of him. I wish General Hayelom was alive, he would have shot him on the head. Asedabi kushasha.

  24. Anonymous on

    bravo elias
    nice one
    you are one of the strongest Ethiopian who have shown us how a single man can effectively do a work on the ground as far as there is a commitment.

  25. Mulugheta T. on

    Hi Elias Kifle the GREAT (Keep it up),
    I am proud of you. You made it to the point.


    STAY TUNED!!!!!!!

    Are we ready to take power?
    Woyane, the servant of the USA, will go back home to the north.
    Ethiopians must get bakc our dignity. Woyane has made us beggars and this must be reversed immediately after their fall.

  26. Stoned Peter on

    Mister Genanaw TPLF wiseman please stop fooling yourself. Do not shade your crocodile tears. Why don’t you think for your kind you should know by now we Ethiopians know your people do not care the proof is your last 21 years rule had shown us there is a big gap between your people and Ethiopians so do not try to suffocate us with your shrewd and clouded sympathy. If you want to bring your real identity which is cruel and selfish etc. nature as you do back home you can not do it here because you do not reside anymore in TPLF led Ethiopia rather you live in the free and brave land of USA you coward go back and act on your animalistic instinct which is harming, robbing and open ddiscrimination on Ethiopians. Remember freedom has a value beyond talk, talk is cheap it does not cost anything to see that look what you said. If you were a real person you could indicate what Elias said wrong, instead of begging our sympathy, so what was Elias’s mistake before you people use to acuse him he was An Eritrean when that acusation gets old you acuse him as a hateful person. It is your own fault Elias did not do anything for you to acuse him his interview is vivid anyone can listen an give his or her judgement, so can you single out that was false tell us now!. You fox in a sheepp’s skin, Elias’s idea can be wrong only with the perception of TPLF people like you. For Ethiopians it is a music to our victim ears, so please do not fool yourself.

  27. Alemu Ataro on


    That is great message clear & to the point and please encourage others to do the same if possible, that would be a supplementary way to expose the criminal regime.

  28. Ahmed on

    Good job Elias. don’t listen some woyane cadres who are paid to write dirty sentences.It is great opportunity to be on BBC and expose woyane all over the world. when I listen Elias on my local NPR publi radio/BBC, I was simply proud, You TPLF cadres it is the end of the era, as you shiver we are enjoying the end. you TPLF junta you know you can’t even make it to the next fake election.Good job Elias!

  29. EWENTU on

    #37: Elias will not bomb any School or Hospital, because it is the property of all Ethiopians.Even he will not bomb the property of tplf, that is also belong to all Ethiopians.What he will do is like a cluster bomb he will destroy tplf without teaching any property.

  30. Tizibt on

    Elias, it was music to my ears when in the middle of the night I suddenly heard the interview you gave on the BBC. BBC usually interviews government officials but rarely individuals. In that short time, you said it all and it couldn’t be said any better! God bless you – you are the true son of Ethiopia. I can see why you are a thorn in woyane’s throat on reading some of their postings here!

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