ESAT discussion on boycotting Al Amoudi festival in DC

ESAT discusses economic boycott against the Woyanne junta in Ethiopia, and particularly the boycott campaign that is currently underway against the Al Amoudi-sponsored blood money festival in Washington DC. The discussion is with Ethiopian Review editor Elias Kifle and Boycott TPLF Task Force member Hirut Dinku. Watch below:

12 thoughts on “ESAT discussion on boycotting Al Amoudi festival in DC

  1. Mamo on

    Elias, you need to appear on ESAT tv more often. A lot of people need to learn how to put their point of view in a logical and orderly manner the way you do it so well.

    Another great interview. Great job.

  2. Dejanes on

    Sheikh Al Amoudi is just like Meles and associates is an enemy of Ethiopian people. He has exploited Ethiopian natural resources to enrich himself and his WOYANE friends. He has used Ethiopians wealth to invest in real estate in London, oil businesses in Morocco, financial in Sweeden and construction business in Saudi arabiya as well as other Arab countries. EVERY ETHIOPIAN WHO IS WILLINGLY ACCEPT ANY TYPE OF GIFTS FROM aL-aMOUDI is satisfying his/her selfish with blood money. BE COURAGEOUS ENOUGH TO SAY LIKE PILATE(THE ROMAN KING) WHO WASHED HIS HAND PUBLICLY CLAIMING HE IS NOT PARTY TO CRUCIFFICATION OF CHRIST.
    Don’t say you never knew. Let those who have ear hear and eyes see.

  3. Lema on

    Boycott the woyane festival yes!
    Protest and disturb the woyane festival no because it is not democratic, let them spend the looted money in whatever way they like.

    • Anonymous on

      To steal and loot Ethiopia is Democratic in your TPLF mind? wow you guys are out of touch.

  4. dani on

    weygude alamudian bezu yalkefelew tax, lease, etc eyale endeat newe $3 millon le sament festival yemiyawetaw…ye poletica sera kalhone!!!

  5. freedom on

    great job by sissay, elias ,hirut. time to step up and bankcrapt 3 million stolen $ from ethiopian kids. i will be part of you god willing
    from the start to end. great speech and great job
    hirute you so beutyfull and hero at the same time. dozens of roses for
    you beutfull.

  6. Mamush on

    Why my constructive comments (some time could be opposing view) are not posted? How else do you wan to get honest feedback if you do not publish “other” views? I thought I was positive.

  7. Hager Wedad on

    Hi Elias,

    You are one of a kind and good Ethiopian. You always do what you beleive in and I admire your position do not bend for anyone and not also threatend. There is one point you just said on the video that I don’t agree with you. As you do not want to be threatend, you can not threat anyone. You said ‘If we see you coming to RFK, then we will report you to INS’. I do not think this tactic will work, instead you need to incourage them to go to dallas to make the ESFNA celebration more successful. I don’t think you ever said anything when the Oromos & Adres did their own soccer tornament for the last few years. Anyway, before you report those pople decide to participate at the RFK event to INS you need to consult with Immigration lawyers.

    Berta, meqawem tiru neger new

  8. Yuhun on

    Good Job! Elias and Hirut, keep up the good work to save emama Ethiopia from the parasite TPLF junta. We all need to do our share in boycoting all the TPLF acitivities wherever they are for the sake of our people and our emama Ethiopia. Eskinder Nega and others are sacrificing their lives for the sake of their people, just like Mandela, they were their people’s voice calling for democracy, freedom, and equality, these were their only sins. Wake up, people before the parasite junta destroys our identity, freedom, and liberty.

  9. emysophia on

    Thanks and keep it up guys.Here in Italy ‘ll be held an ethiopian soccer festival in july ,so please converge and make our voice be heard.The woyanes and the Hodams want to use the occasion for their political gain.

  10. Arbegna on

    Why Enough Is Not Enough!

    This is a chance for all Ethiopians in diaspora and inside Ethiopia. Eitherh we die or live. The longer he stays in power the stronger he gets. What are we waiting for people are fluxing by the number daily. We are witnesing the daily horor or Ethiopians fleeing the country in an expected number, sent out as slaves to saudi and other places. Our land which our forfathers saved for us by fighting against foreign agressers today its given for free while our own poor peopl been dislocated. Our brothers and sisters are dying in the desert of Africa fleeing the dictator who make it imposible to live and work in their own country.

    How far can we accept this kind of humiliation, while our own Ethiopians are kicked out of work and the only one who can own business and hold employement is Tigres. People are starving he and his cronies are stealing money and depositing in other countries, and we are divided and corrupted through this malicious dictator but we need to say enough and no more, never again in My Mother Land and rise above the division and corruption and revolt and take back our country.
    We can not continue this way and get use to fear remember our forfahers faught against Italia with no advance wapon he’s nothing, no body either him or Al hamudi we made them to be who they are because we accepted it and they realize very quick we were not going to do anything but WE CAN DO SOME THING ABOUT IT, YES, WE CAN!
    We need to stand togher once for all and no fear he’s just like you and me he’s no magic power.
    No more dictatorship in Ethiopia, We need to show solidarity to those who are abused first hand daily in side Ethiopia. How could we let this happen first of all.
    We Have the Power To Change Lets Do It!


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