Andualem Aragie, Eskinder Nega and others convicted

In a blatant miscarriage of justice, a Woyanne Kangaroo court in Ethiopia today found Eskinder Nega and twenty-three other political opponents of the regime guilty on bogus terrorism charges.  The only thing Eskinder Nega and other political prisoners are guilty of is speaking the truth and criticizing the regime for its brazen violations of human rights. Dictator Minister Zenawi is emboldened by the uncritical support he receives from the Obama Administration and other Western leaders.  Consequently, Zenawi is on a rampage to bully his critics and stamp out any semblance of opposition. The world is allowing a serial miscarriage of justice because Zenawi is an ally in the so-called war on terror.

Ethiopia court finds 24 guilty of terrorism
ADDIS ABABA (AFP) — Twenty-four Ethiopians, including a leading opposition figure and a prominent journalist, faced life in prison Wednesday after a court found them guilty on charges of terrorism.

“Guilty as charged,” judge Endeshaw Adane said, referring to journalist Eskinder Nega, opposition member Andualem Arage and 22 others accused of links to US-based group Ginbot 7, considered a terrorist group under Ethiopian law, and other outlawed groups.

Under the anti-terrorism legislation, the defendants face the death sentence, but the prosecutor recommended life sentences for the 24, only eight of whom were present in court.

Both Eskinder and Andualem were found guilty of “participation in a terrorist organisation” and “planning, preparation, conspiracy, incitement and attempt of (a) terrorist act.”

Andualem was also found guilty of serving as a “leader or decision maker of a terrorist organisation.” Another less prominent opposition member was also among the group convicted Wednesday.

Endeshaw said Eskinder abused his freedom of speech and accused him of threatening national security.

“Freedom of speech can be limited when it used to undermine security and not used for the public interest,” he said.

He was arrested last year after publishing articles asking whether the Arab Spring uprisings could have an influence in Ethiopia and questioning the arrests of Ethiopians under the country’s anti-terrorism law.

Five of the defendants, including Eskinder and Andualem, will reappear in court on July 13 to present their mitigating circumstances.

18 thoughts on “Andualem Aragie, Eskinder Nega and others convicted

  1. gudu on

    Although the whole world knows as to who is the primary criminals of the whole Ethiopia are, Meles, his boss Mebrahtu G/hiwot, and their financier Al-moudi, it is a matter of time these ring leaders will face justice and all of weyanes victims will be free in due time. The clock is ticking for the end of weyanes ring leaders.

  2. Aseged on

    I like reading Eskindir Nega’s articles as they are logical but this web site has a lot to do to avoid writing like “The only thing Eskinder Nega and other political prisoners are guilty of is speaking the truth and criticizing the regime for its brazen violations of human rights. Dictator Minister Zenawi is emboldened by the uncritical support he receives from the Obama Administration and other Western leaders. Consequently, Zenawi is on a rampage to bully his critics and stamp out any semblance of opposition.’



  4. Tatek on

    The only crimes committed by Eskinder Nega were to tell the truth and demand for his democratic rights and for that the criminal Mellesse and his fake court sent him to jail.

    This criminal ruling by the fake court and the delusional judge defies everything legal and acceptable by any standard. First, it seems this criminal judge, Endeshaw Adane don’t know what he is doing. He is committing a heinous crime bordering on crimes of murder when he knowingly tramped on Eskinder’s personal and democratic rights and sent innocent individuals to prison. As his boss terrorist Mellesse, he seems to live in a world of extreme hallucinations. He should not have any doubt, even for a moment, that he and his masters will reap the wrath of Ethiopians which will culminate in their demise. The fake and worthless Woyane/ TPLF constitution or its useless laws do not have the moral authority and the power of perpetuity to provide him any type of protections and reprieve from the demands for justice of Ethiopians. Endeshaw’s blind support for Mellesse’s extreme repression of democratic rights, free press, and continuous imprisonment of journalists makes him conspirator in crime and a ring leader of the Woyane/TPLF terrorists.

    As far as Ethiopians are concerned the terrorists in today’s Ethiopia are none other than Mellesse Zenawi and his Woyane/TPLF thugs. Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF terrorists are criminals of the highest order who committed acts of high treasons when they fought the Ethiopian army siding with EPLF for the secession of Eritrea. Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF thugs planned, coordinated, and perpetuated crimes of kidnapping, murderers, and state sponsored terrors against Ethiopians. They facilitated and coordinated ethnic cleansings, genocides, and violence against Ethiopians and they still continue to do the same today. Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF boss Sibhat Negga with their double agents in Derg’s army planned, orchestrated, and coordinated the bombing of Hawzen in Tigray, Hamusit in Gonder, and Merssa in Wello by previous Ethiopian Air force. Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF terrorists sold millions of bags of donated grain, robbed the money, and made millions of bags of grain to rote in 1985 leaving millions of Tigreans to die of hunger. They are fully and directly responsible for the hunger, pandemic diseases, and ultimate death of millions of Tigreans in northern Ethiopia. These are the facts and the realities that Ethiopians from Tigray to Borena and from Gambella to Ogaden know and lived thru since the inception of Woyane/TPLF.

    Ethiopians also know Mellesse Zenawi is a psychopathic murderer, a narcissist terrorist, and a hate monger. He always display a highly delusional, disturbed, dishonest, and psychologically unstable personality. He has shown extreme dark capabilities and equally demonic agendas. He does not belong in the society. He must be stopped by any and all means necessary.

  5. Gezaee H. on

    The problem in Ethiopia is there is no law. Meles kill or assassinate and he go away with it all the time. But others has to be put in prison for life for opposing only.

    Meles kill or assassinated Hayelom together with Prof Endiriase Eshete. Both criminals are now above the law and they are ruling Ethiopia with thier crime. In Ethiopia crime is a virtue or an excellence of deservice to society. If you kill or assassinate you become more powerful and do anything you want. No one can ask you.

    The killer of Hayelom was kept in prison for no legal proceedings because if he was to be taken to litigation he would tell he was ordered to kill by Meles and his co. Because of that he was just kept in prison with no legal process until he died. The person who knew Meles and Prof. Eshete were the covert assassins was taken to work in Nairobi in the Embassy and he was systematically assassinated by Meles. And Meles crime is not hidden for the time being, soon it will be an open to Ethiopian people.

    He assassinted his intelligence Minister; his killer was taken to unknown place. No legal proceeding done about the process. It appears Meles Zenawi is licensed to kill assassinate, to traffick teenage girs for hard currency to build sugar factory and rail way? He can sell national assets as he wish without consulting and getting permission from the people who own land. This is called development. Lawless development. Develompment mixed with blood, corruption and deceit and wickedness. An empty house with no bread, with no water, but with love and peace is better than a house filled with hatred, crime , blood, corruption and injustice.

    Meles betrayed 100 000 souls during the war with Shabia? imagine 100 000 souls? Meles betrayed his soldiers in the battle field and he took Ethiopia to Europe and signed Algers agreement? Meles was never faced the law? he has been above the law for ever. He can kill or assassinate or betray or sell land or traffick teenage girls or sell kids for adoption he is abov the law. He can do anything he wanted. There is now law that rules him. He is beyond law. Can anyone estimate the 100 000 souls he betrayed during the war with shaiba? if Meles was to be brought into the court room? what type of betral would he be charged?

    Meles called Colonel Berhe to addis Ababa and he killed him with wife and because they were found dead in thier house. But Meles is still free and no one was responsible for their murder.

    If there is law in Ethiopia? why are Meles TPLF leaders above the law? they do not face life imprisonment like Eskinder?

    Let us say the 24 people are involved against the regime. We all know Woyane is not loved by Ethiopians because Woyane has been always acting against Ethiopia from day upto today. Woyane landlocked Ethiopia and we all oppose these landlocking of our country? Are we all now terrorists? I guess I will be charged as terrorist if I go to Ethiopia now. I will be given life sentence?

    We all know Ethiopians has grievances about TPLF policy of landlocking, land selling, teenage girl trafficking and so and so forth.

    How can people oppose if they do not try to get rid of the enemy of their country? did not Aboy Sbhat tells us he fought for Eritrean independce more than shaiba and did he not tell us even now he will go and fight if any Ethiopians threatens Erirtea? why are Ethiopians supposed to say Amen? why? why must Ethiopians accept TPLF’s blind and anti Ethiopians policy? why is this fair? why are Ethiopians labeled terorists for opposing?

    Since there is no freedom of to oppose Ethiopians will try to find their way to overthrow the regime?

    I have no doubt these guys were working to overthrow the regime. But to be honest? what are they supposed to do if the regime is against their country? What can they do? I oppose the regime and because the regime is a sworn enemy of Ethiopia. An enemy that never even regret and apologize the Ethiopians people. TPLF Meles as sworn enemy of Ethiopians which has refused to listen to public consensus? has refused to respect Ethiopian national interest by landlocking 91 million people stupidly and barbarically? An enemy that has determined to disown people their land and an enemy determined to give land away to foreigners countries like Saudi Arabia, Indian, American, …. ETC. How can we oppose if there is no one who can listen to us?

    What is the crime these people have committed? for opposing or trying to overthrow the enemy of the country?

    Here is my general view: As hunting Tigreans all over Ethiopia by derg officials never defeated or destroyed TPLF, putting 24 people will never stop or end the opposition against TPLF. These 24 people have fammilies, brothers, uncles, aunties, … their extended families ,their communiites, their friends,… these 24 opponets bring perhaps 24 000 strong opponents against EPRDF.

    The solution for TPLF is to reform its antiEthiopia and Ethiopian policies and win the hearts of Ethiopians by admitting the crimes it has done against the 91 million people. My advise to TPLF is to set free the prisoner and correct all its past, present mistakes instead of throwing every citizen who oppose into life imprisonment.

    I am saying Ethiopians have a right to oppose and try to overthrow the regime that landlocked Ethiopia and that betrayed 100 000 souls and that is selling land to foreigners for 100 years and that is shipping teenage girls to be raped by Arabs. Ethiopians have no other choice.

    I am warning to woyane: force will never get you anywhere. If you continue with your arrogance against the people of Ethiopia, it will back fire on you sooner or later. To believe in force is to repeat mistakes done by Mengistu Hailemariam. That is an ultimate stupidity.


    1. Set the 24 free even if they tried to overthrow becaus Ethiopians have right to overthrow the regime if the regime never listen to its citizens. There is no point to have a regime has no any connection with its citizens . No matter whatever you build if you do not connect and work with citizen, you will be hated by citizzen. Building dams, railway, sugar factories is not going to make up for all those crimes against the country. Even Italians build railways, roads, telecoms, bridges, … etc. Any colonizers can do that. South African build the best railway, highways in the world during aparthied. Building without involving people means nothing. The most fascinating railway, highway, bridgs, large commercial farms,… did not give South Africans blacks freedom and prosperity. The blacks were reduced to slavery to work in large commercial farms and in every modern structures. Every hard work was done by the blacks, but the reward was for the foreigners. There is a parallel between the TPLF rule in Ethiopia and Aparthied rule in South Africa. The only differenc is that TPLF is a black supremacist who look down on Gambelans and because Gambelans do not wear clothe? or nice dress? TPLF is robbing them their land and selling it to foreigners for 100 years? this is high level treason and national crime by one black supremacist on another black? We all human born naked with no dress or housing or with out money. You cannot judge the ability of people by the dress they wear. it is a crime to judge people by dress and by way of life. It is a crime to reduce self-reliant people to modern slavery as sweatshop workers for foreign citizens. It is a crime to disown people thier land for 100 years by selling it to foreigners. This is a high national and historical crime.

    Ethiopians have good reason to revolt against TPLF rule.

    But one things it is disgusting for diaspora Ethiopians to campaign for Tigreans genocide. Please Ethiopians please you must stop condemning the entire Tigreans population for crimes committed by few Tigreans elites. Calling genocide against Tigreans is like calling genocide on Amhara because Menelick has sold Eritrea and Djibouti completely landlockig Ethiopia? would that people good? I have listened current affaires pal talk campaigning for the genocide of Tigreans from Ethiopia? what a crazy human being? If you believe Tigray is not Ethiopian? then TPLF is right to put article 39? Who is Ethiopians if Tigreans are not Ethiopians? I wana know who is Ethiopian?

  6. Mezmuru Abebe on

    I will NOT say anything because I am a highly disciplined nonviolent crystal clean human being.

    My philosophy is the philosophy of the three proverbial wise MONKEYS whose names are, 1.Mizaru, 2. Kikazaru, 3.Iwazaru.
    The philosophy? 1. SEE NO EVIL. 2.HEAR NO EVIL. 3. SPEAK NO EVIL. VOILA!

    Girrgir le leba yimechaal yilaal Abeshaa. But please don’t tell this secret to Teddy Fikre, otherwise he might recommend double stitched king size Kemis/skirts)for the Abeshas due to their philosophical disposition.

    Actually Teddy’s current disposition and rap music fits with each other just like a nose fits to the face. Just a clue!

  7. Ethiopia Rising on

    In this verdict there is no winner or loser, because the plaintiff and the judge are the same.
    The defendants(the Ethiopian People)of course were hoping the pressure from the west and US may impact the judge(meles) decision. Obviously did not work probably the judges public humiliation at G8 submit have soared his gutless gut to revenge.

    Personally, I am at rage, I am sure the Ethiopian people our people back home and the diaspora too.
    meles has confirmed to us to day, NO VOICE!your voice is captured for life, see Eskinder. No peoples choice government (opposition Party)for life, see Andualem. That is the message we received from meles today. There is no-more wake-up call than this one!
    God help us and give us the courage to unite and destroy this termite that is slowly eating our people and their values to death.

    Our young lions and the lioness of Ethiopia,the time is now to end this misery for good. You are the Ethiopian peoples Menelik and Taitu of today. Repeat the history. The elders, be the map for our young ones, arm them with wisdom and courage. In the 60s the young was in his own,our parents (the elders) did not recognize the students struggle, in my view it was their absence in the students struggle that failed their Dream, no wisdom, no “mekary” behind them. Today after forty years the youth of then are the elders of today. They have to know better.Our youth today you are not alone! there will be no room for mistakes, because your God fearing elders are with you with all kind of experience, they are also very familiar with the democratic movement. Let the vision of BEKA!! unfold today!

  8. Ted on

    These scume of the earth Weyane with their supprters will pay for these and all kind of crimes. it is time the people of Tigray be accountable too, with out them sheltering TPLF they can not survive a single day because 100% the rest of Ethiopia hates their guts.

  9. Dark on

    Indeed another dark days in Ethiopia unabated.
    Don’t expect justice from the lawless me less and the spineless Western underwriters of the naked infantile tyrant.
    Leave Teddy and Teddy Tikursew alone. They are the freshest jegna lijoch!!!
    Instead Organize Galvanize and Liberate the Tikursewoch from the killers’ AgNazi goons.
    Don’t change the Topic. Liberation of Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet is the agenda. Period. Arat Netib::
    If you are not on the same page step on the sidewalk disguised woyanees…

  10. owidouz on

    This is true;wheather Zinawi likes it or not,he will stand trial dead or alive.Zinawi was suffering from consuming ailments for too long that were kept as secret until he came back from a european miracle pill purchase and othe countrless prescription pills that seem a little help to get him through a day.Zinawi is on a fast pace to his grave,and before he ends his trip he is unjustly harming jornalists and politicians with no concrete evidence that the crazy zinawi brought against them.While on death bed,fo course,zinawi will try to harm Ethiopians by doing fascistic acts against Ethiopians who oppose him and advocate for a change in Ehtiopia.Yes,the enemy is harming us in many ways,but then,we won’t stop our decisive struggle until we bring down zinawi and his regime and establis a democratic Ethiopia.

  11. Mamo on

    “Freedom of speech can be limited when it used to undermine security and not used for the public interest,” [the judge] said.


    What is the public interest in locking up a father and a husband for writing his opinion?

    Also, about security

    Shouldn’t the judge lock up Meles Zenawi? Isn’t he responsible for torturing those two Oromo men for two weeks and then bombing them to keep them silent? What kind of security was served by this cruel cruel act?

    Isnt Zenawi implicated in many of the bombings in Addis Ababa? Shouldn’t the judge lock up the tyrant instead of people who have GOD GIVEN RIGHT to air the opinion?

    Dear Judge:

    If you want to lock up a criminal who is undermining the security of your fellow men by routinely torturing, killing and maiming; it is the tyrant. Leave these people and their GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH alone.

  12. teodros kassa on

    don’t forget where ben ali,mubarek,and Gadafi are now. they were once called allies by west. meles thinks time is always on his side, but he didn’t realize he is consumed from inside out and waiting fire from outside in. good luck meles and your thugs, we will never sleep day and night until u turned to ash.

  13. Tekle on

    I am back. I highly suggest to you all not to make a big deal out of this. We have all qualified judges on bench to pass the right and fair judgment on this case. The most important matter is they were all found guilty. Now the next question is what to do with them. In my opinion and expectations, they will be given a few years prison time (10-25 years). They are all eligible for parole if they behave properly abiding by the covenants of the prison code. So this will not be the end for them. They will still have the chance to come out and become productive citizens. The other thing we all can do for these poor souls is what I noticed back home during my most recent trip (This month). Our dear Prime Minister has successfully and effectively brought back that old time system of courtesy. It is what all know as ‘Dej Tinaat’. We need to set up an ad-hoc committee of ‘Dej Tegneewoch’ who will be assigned the task of pleading for mercy with the office of our Prime Minister. This is one of our golden traditions we should put to good and valuable use. So what do you say folks? Let’s do it!!!
    The other thing I observed is the dramatic change in the people’s physical appearance back home. The majority of Addis residents are either obese or becoming one. The same goes in the country except in Tigray. My people of Tigray are very athletic by nature and we have no problem controlling our weight. I am not kidding you. In Nazret in particular, majority of the residents are becoming overweight and simply fat especially the youth. Diabetes and hypertension are on the rise and I am afraid it will become an epidemic sooner or later. Citizens are just eating too much over there and doing nothing or very little to burn their calorie intakes.
    The last and another obvious scene no one can miss is all the construction that is going on all over the country. Simply put: The entire country is being turning upside down and about time. I almost missed my beautiful house. Train tracks, 4-lane all asphalt roads, factories and other public infrastructures are being laid down all over. The unemployment rate is still high in Addis and Oromia states. In Tigray the employment rate is almost 100 percent and more than 60 percent of the working people are self-employed. We don’t sit around.
    I also checked if I could access this website, but I was not able to do so. Ok…you bit me in the bet I had with you on this matter. So what? I lost only once. Big deal!!! I don’t agree with the measure. But what can we do? It is a law of the land and we all have to accept it.
    That all she wrote for now. And don’t even try to gang up on me as you have done before. You 9th and U Streets loafers!!!!!

  14. Almaz on


    Your rat race style comment is interesting!

    “I always say the truth is best even when we find it unpleasant. Any rat in a sewer can lie. It’s how rats are. It’s what makes them rats. But a human doesn’t run and hide in dark places, because he’s something more. Lying is the most personal act of cowardice there is.”~Nancy Farmer, The House of the Scorpion

    • Abdi on

      Tekle is an adult with few degrees according to him, but he has a little child’s brain that make him talk like an adult but think like an idiot. He was born on the streets of Mekele( according to him again)where he never met his dad, even his mom does not know the father of her ” smart” little mouse. He calls her now and again and tells her her son in United States is fighting Amharas and Oromos on behalf of the people of Tigray. He tells her she should be proud of him. His neighbors are sad because there was only one idiot in the village and he now lives in the States.

      Readers forgive me I have seen Tekle’s comments before and he is full of hate and bitterness against Ethiopia. He will be one of those who will never touch his feet in Ethiopia once Woyane is gone. So those of you who are not from Tigray and are not supporters of the Woyane junta, why are you investing your money in the country? who are you benefiting? Ethiopia and the people? think again. People like Tekle are the ones that are dancing with your money.

      His TPLF master dogs think exactly like him. He is not the only one who thinks like this. They all grew up thinking and talking like him. We don’t even know who Tekle is may be it is one of Meles’s closest friend and political adviser. we don’t know this little mouse. Just because you are a simple regular Ethiopian who reads his comment it does not necessarily mean that he is regular person like you.

  15. Tekle on

    Those of you who questioned my comment especially the part that deals with the rising problem of being overweight and its consequences thereof, I urge you to find out yourself. That is why the public media over there is talking about the complications associated with obesity. And the private media here like this website and others should open a platform where medical experts who live here among us can give people who are obese here valuable advice so they can live longer and productive lives. I don’t have that problem. My blood pressure is always less than 115/75. I still have that habit of always moving and running just like my days during the liberation days. Some of you just look at yourselves. Big beer gut hanging, bulging out like giant watermelons. You have 6 rows and a 12-inch hot dogs with out the mustards right on your deformed napes. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Especially those of you who claim to be in the front lines of the opposition. I highly suggest to you to stop lambasting fruitlessly but instead to concentrate on how to lose weight and control your hypertension and diabetes problems. Just look at the pictures of you out there demonstrating!!! People back home are laughing at you. They are like saying “Are these the ones who claim to be more able than anyone else to lead us further in our advancement?” If I were you, I will stop eating for a week and let my body live on the excess fat my gut, nape and ass have accumulated. I would not come near a grocery store for a year. Let me put it this way. It is not also hygienic. Instead of yelling at me you should stop gulping 5 lbs of injera and a 6-pack of Budweiser at a sitting. Your gutty physique is disgusting. Again, stop barking at the wrong tree and scratching where it does not itch. You should instead shut up, accept our leadership and start running. That is jogging and exercising to save your lives. So, starting today, I am telling you to shut up!! You hear me!!! Shut up!!! And it is my standing order!!!! You lazy bumz!!!!!!

    And you Abdi!!! If you are one of those beaten OLFites or ONLFites it is all over for you. OLF- We have kicked they ass in 1992-3!!! ONLF – We kicked they ass fair and square without even firing a single shot!!! Our Somali good folks and comrades in the Ogaden are waiting for any remnants of this thing called ONLF so they can kick they ass again!!! So shut up!!! You hear me!!! Shut up and go back to your daydreaming in the middle of Abu Dhabi!!!

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