Ethiopian migrants perish in Tanzania (video)

The endless Ethiopian nightmare

10 thoughts on “Ethiopian migrants perish in Tanzania (video)

  1. Gezaee H. on

    It is because Ethiopia is the fast non-oil producing growing country in the world. Theseare extremist and terrorist Ethiopians. They are not Ethiopian.These the enemies of EPRDF who wanted to blackmail the Ethiopians government.

    Wow: When the world tells it is wrong to take away land and give the land to foreigners like Arab Indians, Arabs,…? we are told the Gambela people asked the government to sell the land to Arabs, Indians,… etc? we are told the people Ethiopia are knocking the door of Meles Zenawi to sell for them the land?

    I have to be honest I am ashamed of the regime in Ethiopia. The Meles regime only things it has the right only to rule the people, but no responsibility and duty to protect and educate its citizens. While land is given to foreign citizens, Ethiopians are perishing like this.

    Look, guys: who is responsible for these? Some one must accountable for the demise of all these soul. If these was where I live, one of the Ministry of the government would been charged and its officers brought to court and sacked from their job.

    Which Ministry is responsible in Ethiopia? is it the Prime Ministers office? he handles every national issue? As I said earlier Meles is above the law? and now no one is responsible?

    These people paid from $3000 dollar to $4000 dollars; these lack of education and information. Why would I leave from Ethiopia if I have 3000 dollars? The regime of was supposed to educate and inform people there is nothing in South Africa and the money they are throwing away for their demise could be used to do something in Ethiopia. This is honeslty due to ignorance.

    There is nothing in South Africa; I have lived 8 years there. There is nothing in that country than false mirages of wealthy. Ethiopians has to walk remote areas of black settlement to sell Chinese shoes, clothing,… and sell their Chinese items to the rural areas to get the money back after 3 or 6 months. They may get killed when they go to get the money back. The life there is not something enviable but very dangerous life they live. Many Ethiopians and Somalians get killed every day. They are not reported in the media. Somalian and Ethiopians get killed and their Kidney harvested and no one talks about them. I left South Africa 7 years ago, when I leaving South Africa, 1000 Somalians were killed by guns and about 600 Ethiopians were get killed and none of these are reported in the media. Live in South Africa is very insecure and dangerous. I do not understand why people pay all that money risk their lives.

    Anyway, what can you do. Shame on us as a nation. This is the reason I say we are the lost and degenerated generation who accepted humiliation and disgrace as way of life. it is better to die at home with dignity than to become refugees. Woyane was supposed to educate people not leave their country but unfortunately Woyane Meles promotes migration and modern slavery.

  2. Anonymous on

    This is one of the big disgrace the TPLF has made on the Ethiopian people.
    The Woyane don’t care about any Ethiopian death as far as they are non Tigreans and that is the bitter reality on the ground.
    How many of us feel to the deepest of our heart on the level of disgrace we are facing now?
    I left the question for the readers but the usual drama will continue and Other Ethiopians except Tigreans will be enslaved unless we get back our dignity through our united fight.
    We need to start to challenge these Mafias and there moron followers to the last drop of blood and get back our dignity.
    we should be united,consistent and tolerant in whatever form of struggle we are making so that the power shift will be realized with minimum loss and the KINKIN WOYANES will remark the power of the people.

  3. Anonymous on

    Fight the 21st century fascist, cruelest, racist, mercenary, nepotistic and kleptocratic regime in Ethiopia and die proudly rather than becoming a helpless, worthless and forgotten man in the wilderness of Africa.

  4. samson on

    I see 1000’s angry comments posted every times we hear stories like these. Making comments or getting angry doesn’t change a thing. Even 1000 of us united our resources and our mind and work together we could make a difference. Why don’t we communicate on face book and other medias start doing some thing. Other wise we going to hear more horror stories as long as Meles and his gangs remain in power. The young generation especially need to stand up and fight. We need to start a revolution and also arm ourselves to defend our people.

  5. Mulugheta T. on

    Hi Elias Kifle the GREAT (Keep it up)

    How long are you to stay passive???
    BUT WHY WHY WHY WHY?????????

  6. Unity on

    ያለቅጥ በተጣመመው የሃበሻ የፓለቲካ ግርግር ውስጥ ገብተሽ ለህዝባችን ህብረትና አንድነት ስለምታረጊው አስተዋጾ እጅግ እናመሰግናለን።
    በርቺ.. ኢትዮጵያዊነት ያብባል!

  7. Ash on

    This Ethiopian Tragedy can be a learning moment in nation history 


    1st. TheEthiopian govt. can play greater role by declaring national remembrance day.  ETV also can air documentary about the survival story to teach Ethiopian the lawn on the other side are not greener. 

    2nd The opp. Party. & the Meles govt. equally responsible.  The opp. Responsible because they are painting bilk pictrcture of county each and every day hence it play big roll influencing people to leave their home for better opportunity and endup dead.

    The opp. Party could have used EAST mass media to investigate the plight our sisters & brothers down in S.Africa 

    3rd. On July , 2012  Thousand of Ethiopian getherd at Event someone should pray for those poor sole because they repersent each and every Ethiopian dearm. We can also write a poem And read at the Event

    4th… Those poor sole pay $3000per head times 100 of them that would be $300,000
    Convert this in birr 5million319149.78 birr would have been starting capital for one small industry.

    5th. The government must start giving mortgage as fast as they could if someone have downpayment collateral  up 70,922.00 birr I say give them house that could be paid of within 30 years. If they want car give them loan that can be paid within 10 years.

    u might ask what giving mortgage has to do with human trafficking?

    The answer lay with people dream.  Every one try to go to Arab country or S.Africa to make it.. But if they get modern housing brand new car in AA by paying down payment instead of giving the same money to human trafficker they would have help our own economy buy investing in it.. 

    Ps:- u must me under 25 years old to qualified for this loan.. (since this is the age at risk )

    6th Bring in the container from Tanzania to AA and tour the container around the nation in every market place and ask people to fill the container with 100 people and closed seal the door shut for 3 minute and let people see for themselves how stupid is… To be shipped like goods… Why stop there let 70 Tanzania Sirvival tel their own story  

    7th… Saying all this doing all this we still get same fool still shipping him self or herself in container.. We will not stop 100% foolishness it doesn’t matter if Ethiopia become rich like USA..we still get them fool… Even So called educated America being fooled by Nigrian mail fraud how much America try to educat her cititizan still same fool America became a victim each years.


  8. Gezaee H. on


    Many good points: but I do not agree with the morgage,you were talking about Equb last time? did you forget it today? Equp is the best way to do away poverty in Ethiopia. Equp is the best way to solve many problems. Morgage is not a good thing to be promoted in Ethiopia where on lives in a rental? if you do not pay your get thrown out on the streets and become homeless? Morgage is not something Ethiopia has to adopt.

    It is better to the equp and people build thier own houses with no risk of living in suspense in rental? Morgage is not different from prison?

    If the regime could use local methods, all the problems could have been done easily. But we try to import everything and people do not know those many things we bring in and cause more problem than solution. Local problem must be solved by local means.

    The regime has to complement civil servants with residence package. If the regime is to learn, it is good to visit Swaziland. If you are government employee in Swaziland, on top of your salary, the government provides free housing the employment for tenure that means the govenment develop a scheme of low housing packageed with governmnet employment and take away the stress from the citizen. Citizens enjoy the comfort provided by their government and bring up good citizens. This is not at no cost. It is the just the housing is packed with government salary.

    To discourage migration: it is better to educate the citizen to know the truth. These needs government journalists who travel across the globe and document how Ethiopians live across the globe and inform ciitzens all is not greener than Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the best place apart from lack of freedom and ignorance. The regime has very poor media coverage.

    It would have been good to have travelling Ethiopian journalists who investigate the lives of Ethiopians across the globe and report to Ethiopia than listening to VOA and others which are geared to the interest of USA and other Europeans. We have ESAT,ESAT is interested to take over Arat kilo only. It does not care if Ethiopians die or perish. ESAT cares about Meles and Arat kilo; it does not have interest in the public welfare. ESAT eyes on the meat in Arat kilo.

    We need another ESAT that is public welfare oriented and sticks to professional journalism ethics. Probably this has to be done by Ethiopian public or by Ethiopian othodox follower. Probably Ethiopian orthodox watch broadcasting or EOB that is Ethiopian orthodox broadcasting to protect its citizens. ESAT is wasting money to spread hatred and conflict among Ethiopians. It is paying a huge money to big satellite corporations to feed Ethiopians hatred.

    I used to think ESAT can be Ethiopian Al-jezera. But I lost of hope after noticing it has no ethics and it is only target is TPLF. Teaching us TPLF brought all the evilness in Ethiopia. We do not want a media that does not tell us the truth. We do not want biase, polarized media geared to promote one part over another. I have lost my hope on ESAT. Anyway, its leaders are people like Abebe Gelaw who betrayed his Profession to humiliate and degrade one Man Meles Zenawi.

    We probably have set up new media and even build our own Satellite. I am keen to get involved in Satellite building for Ethiopian. We can have own demostic and international Ethiopia Satellite Communication, Eth-SATCOM. It will cost less than what ESAT is wasting.

    India has its own Satellite, Brazil, Indonisia, Suad Arabia, USA, Canada, UK,… many other countries have their own. We can have our own Eth-SATCOM, this can be owned by Ethiopian entrepreneurs or we can Fiber SATCOM.

    The solution is to educate and inform people.

  9. Anonymous on

    It is saddest time of Ethiopian history .if the people of Ethiopian particularly the young genration need stand up and fight these narrow minded TIgerayans thuges .ethiopian youth have two chise to make ,live as any African people with development and budlding tha nation with freedom or die as animals in woods ,in mideast garbage containers and suffer with uneployment and Hiv.

  10. Ash on

    Hi Gezaee H. says,

    Re:- Equp

    Equp have one disadvantage over mortgage… Let say 100 want start Equp every month they pool 1000birr each total 100,000birr enough to buy one house … At this rate it will take 10 years to buy every one a home.

    mortgage on the other hand can be given for all 100 people at the same time without waiting almost forever.

    Now I was thinking how we can improve Equp to take short time. For the solution I go back to our culture.. In olden time the community come together and build hat ( house) for u when u become adult..

    The same way our Equp can start building his own members house instead of buying house each weak 100 members come out and help build one house same can proved food for the worker inshort it become community event. Now if they build 3 house per month in 3 years every one get their house instead of 10 years.

    Re:- Et-SATCOM

    It is a very good how about using our network for example u live in DC u become DC reporter. I live in Tx I become TX reporter instead of sending reporter to TX we use our network like mineded people do the reporting.

    Second we can use camera and upload the image where can be edited and posted
    For public to see them we can do porject by porject. For example we can do porject on human trafficking and simulation
    Everyone record video where ever they are and upload the video to website once edited the final can be seen
    Around the world.

    Once we have the final product we can use Etv or even ESAT to reach the wide public..once we get Han over of the first two three porject we can find more Tv station to air our porgaram I say why not the us the whole African tv to rebroadcast

    One last point I think Al Amoudi also can help us set up world class Tv… Some people might not like Al Amoudi money..

    Long time ago black America also think a sale out working under hollywood Because HollyWood use them as sub- servant and dehumanized them… But that is seem the price u pay to become well konow and once u become establish u can dictate what u want if not u for next generation u clear the path.. Working with Al Amoudi will help us to make us familerzed with world class broadcasting otherwise we endup getho tv only Ethiopian see. Look how big ethiopianreviw become only Ethiopian are interest what it say but if we become Africa Al jezera then the whole world will pay attation

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