The Al Amoudi festival in DC is managed by DLA Piper (photo)

The Al Amoudi-Woyanne blood money festival in Washington DC that is scheduled to start this coming Sunday afternoon under the name AESNONE is being managed by DLP Piper, the notorious U.S. law firm based in Washington DC that represents genocidal dictators around the world, including the Woyanne junta and its khat-addicted dictator. DLA Piper receives $50,000 per month to wash Meles Zenawi’s blood-soaked hands. DLA Piper’s activities is not limited to promoting the Woyanne junta. It has been engaged in harassing the Ethiopian media in the Diaspora such as Ethiopian Review by sending its mercenary lawyers after us and hiring private investigators to follow us around. As the following evidence shows, DLA Piper is now also engaged in dividing the Ethiopian community by creating and promoting pseudo-political organizations that operate in the name of culture and sports, but their actual mission is advancing Woyanne’s ethnic-apartheid politics. The following is a screenshot of the AESAONE web site’s ownership information. It shows that the web site is registered by DLA Piper. The domain name’s address is 500 Eighth Street, NW Washington DC, which is DLA Piper’s address. Click here to see. Just in case they remove their address, we have saved it by taking the following screenshot.

DLA Piper - AESAONE connection

18 thoughts on “The Al Amoudi festival in DC is managed by DLA Piper (photo)

  1. Anonymous on

    to tell you Elias, i almost rip off their Esa one advertisement on the subway station had the camera was not watching over me.

  2. Anonymous on

    You are welcome to attend the mocker AESAONE if you…*

    Do not have relative or know someone who has not been trafficed, forced or misled to Arabia or leave, having no alternative, economic or otherwise, of remaining within the country.

    Have not been systematically forced or coerced to exile by the government.

    Have not lost a business.

    Have not lost a residence.

    Have not lost a land or property.

    Have not lost a job, opportunity, wealth or identity.

    Enjoy freedom to the fullest in your country.

    Agree with the government’s policy of selling of lands and properties of the country to foreigners; its pillaging of the it’s resources; the croynism; tribal/Gotenganet; hatred; coercion; threats etc.

    * If you are one of those who are worse than Woeyanes: hateful, rebellious, opportunist, Hodam, self-serving, wicked etc., then the Woeyanes are better than you and perhaps came for you in the first place.

  3. One Ethiopia on

    Great..job.. Elias.. You really have emberrassed them !! Keep up the great job.

  4. Awoke on

    The very few hirelings of Meles are busy making ridiculous desperate noise in Washington, D.C. in the name of sport festival. In reality, what they are busy doing is a ballyhoo meant to hoax and distract the Ethiopian community in the D.C. metropolitan area and all across the U.S. from converging in Dallas, TX, for the 29th ESFNA festival. Their main goal is not sport but dividing and weakening the Ethiopian people. It is the latest blatant assault on the unity of the Ethiopian Diaspora by Meles and his minions in the area. They are financed by Meles’s security apparatus under the cover of the disgraced Saudi billionaire named Alamoudin. It is the long hands of Meles’s security apparatus that is at work here wearing Alamoudin as gloves. No doubt that Alamoudin may partly contribute his own money for this evil act of dividing and weakening the Ethiopian Diaspora in the U.S. Needless to say that Alamoudin is one of the main beneficiaries from the spoils of Meles’s unabated terrorism against the Ethiopian people and he is sucking the resources of the country unbridled like ticks attached to cattle. Therefore, Alamoudin has as much interest as Meles to keep the Ethiopian people divided and weak so that they both can continue to loot the Ethiopian people. It is in Alamoudin’s vested interest to participate in any way, shape or form in any efforts that Meles is making to divide and rule the Ethiopian people including those in the Diaspora. But it is naïve to think that the money to divide and weaken the Ethiopian Diaspora in the U.S. is coming only from Alamoudin’s account. It may come in Alamoudin’s name but such futile exercise is mainly bankrolled by Meles through his security apparatus. Alamoudin not only finances the Diaspora operations of Meles’s security apparatus with his own money, but he is also used at the same time as a cover for the direct financing by Meles himself. Meles and Alamoudin work hands in gloves with hands being that of Meles through his security apparatus and gloves being Alamoudin whose name appears on the check. So it is Meles who is financing the latest dividing efforts underway in Washington, D.C., under the guise of Alamoudin’s donations or financings. One of the yardsticks Meles uses to measure his success in this latest evil act is the number of people that attend his smokescreen in D.C. meant to confuse and hoax. But the second and the main one is the number of people who will be misled and as the result won’t go to Dallas, TX. His only goal is dividing and weakening ESFNA and through that the Ethiopian Diaspora. The main metrics for his success thus is the turnout in Dallas. Therefore it is not only enough to boycott the fake drama in D.C. though that is very important. It is also crucial to attend the real ESFNA Ethiopian sport festival in Dallas, TX from July 1-7, 2012 for those who can. I will see you all in Dallas. DO NOT FALL FOR MELES’S TRAP.

    The swiss bank accounts of Meles and Alamoudin are getting fatter and fatter while the vast majority of the Ethiopian people are getting skinnier and skinnier by the day and turning into walking ghosts. Meles and Almoudin are snatching from the helpless Ethiopian people and eating as much and as many as they want each and every single day while the vast majority of the Ethiopian people have been made unable to eat a decent meal even once a day. Meles’s and Alamoudin’s hands have been defiled by the blood of tens of thousands of innocent Ethiopians. What you see in the hands of Meles and Alamoudin is the bloodmoney obtained from the Ethiopian people. The bloodmoney is fattening the swiss accounts of Meles and Almoudin along with their asses while the vast majority of the Ethiopian people is emaciated and is dying of famine, starvation and malnutrition. Meles and Almoudin are mining bloodgold in Lagadambi and other parts of Ethiopia by evicting and killing the population living in the areas and polluting their environment including their rivers off which they collect their drinking waters. Meles and Alamoudin are partners-in-plunder. They are working together to continue robbing the Ethiopian people of their resources and enrich themselves at the expense of the poor people of Ethiopia.

  5. Anonymous on

    you guys(you and your team) are terrific. I got no words, just believe in what you are doing. At the end of the day patience and determination will pay you back your sacrifices because you are with the truth,you are not hypocrite-in my view you are not trying to take advantage of anything, you are up to truth,justice and humanity.
    Keep it up boys and girls.
    Information is power!

  6. Anonymous on

    June 27, 2012
    Beijing, a Boon for Africa

    IN June 2011, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton gave a speech in Zambia warning of a “new colonialism” threatening the African continent. “We saw that during colonial times, it is easy to come in, take out natural resources, pay off leaders and leave,” she said, in a thinly veiled swipe at China. In 2009, China became Africa’s single largest trading partner, surpassing the United States. And China’s foreign direct investment in Africa has skyrocketed from under $100 million in 2003 to more than $12 billion in 2011. Since China began seriously investing in Africa in 2005, it has been routinely cast as a stealthy imperialist with a voracious appetite for commodities and no qualms about exploiting Africans to get them. It is no wonder that the American government is lashing out at its new competitor — while China has made huge investments in Africa, the United States has stood on the sidelines and watched its influence on the continent fade. Despite all the scaremongering, China’s motives for investing in Africa are actually quite pure. To satisfy China’s population and prevent a crisis of legitimacy for their rule, leaders in Beijing need to keep economic growth rates high and continue to bring hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. And to do so, China needs arable land, oil and minerals. Pursuing imperial or colonial ambitions with masses of impoverished people at home would be wholly irrational and out of sync with China’s current strategic thinking. Moreover, the evidence does not support a claim that Africans themselves feel exploited. To the contrary, China’s role is broadly welcomed across the continent. A 2007 Pew Research Center survey of 10 sub-Saharan African countries found that Africans overwhelmingly viewed Chinese economic growth as beneficial. In virtually all countries surveyed, China’s involvement was viewed in a much more positive light than America’s; in Senegal, 86 percent said China’s role in their country helped make things better, compared with 56 percent who felt that way about America’s role. In Kenya, 91 percent of respondents said they believed China’s influence was positive, versus only 74 percent for the United States. And the charge that Chinese companies prefer to ship Chinese employees (and even prisoners) to work in Africa rather than hire local African workers flies in the face of employment data. In countries like my own, Zambia, the ratio of African to Chinese workers has exceeded 13:1 recently, and there is no evidence of Chinese prisoners working there. Of course, China should not have a free pass to run roughshod over workers’ rights or the environment. Human rights violations, environmental abuses and corruption deserve serious and objective investigation. But to finger-point and paint China’s approach in Africa as uniformly hostile to workers is largely unsubstantiated. If anything, the bulk of responsibility for abuses lies with African leaders themselves. The 2011 Human Rights Watch Report “You’ll Be Fired If You Refuse,” which described a series of alleged labor and human rights abuses in Chinese-owned Zambian copper mines, missed a fundamental point: the onus of policing social policy and protecting the environment is on local governments, and it is local policy makers who should ultimately be held accountable and responsible if and when egregious failures occur. China’s critics ignore the root cause of why many African leaders are corrupt and unaccountable to their populations. For decades, many African governments have abdicated their responsibilities at home in return for the vast sums of money they receive from courting international donors and catering to them. Even well-intentioned aid undermines accountability. Aid severs the link between Africans and their governments, because citizens generally have no say in how the aid dollars are spent and governments too often respond to the needs of donors, rather than those of their citizens. In a functioning democracy, a government receives revenues (largely in the form of taxes) from its citizens, and in return promises to provide public goods and services, like education, national security and infrastructure. If the government fails to deliver on its promises, it runs the risk of being voted out. The fact that so many African governments can stay in power by relying on foreign aid that has few strings attached, instead of revenues from their own populations, allows corrupt politicians to remain in charge. Thankfully, the decrease in the flow of Western aid since the 2008 financial crisis offers a chance to remedy this structural failure so that, like others in the world, Africans can finally hold their governments accountable. With approximately 60 percent of Africa’s population under age 24, foreign investment and job creation are the only forces that can reduce poverty and stave off the sort of political upheaval that has swept the Arab world. And China’s rush for resources has spawned much-needed trade and investment and created a large market for African exports — a huge benefit for a continent seeking rapid economic growth.

    Dambisa Moyo, an economist, is the author of “Winner Take All: China’s Race for Resources and What It Means for the World.”

  7. Yazew on

    Dear ER doing great job!
    Compatriots in DC and around please go with the photos of young politicians and journalists who received a life sentence in prison by Woyane court and show to our compatriots who are with our enemies knowingly or unknowingly.
    1. Physically and mentally beaten Andualem Aragie
    2. Eskinder Nega
    3: Redit Alemu
    4. Unjustly displaced Amharas, Gamella and south Omo ppls
    5. etc…………….
    Then history will judge them if our citizens living in the free land join Woyane festivals.

    • Wako on

      So?what does it prove?kkkkkkkkk

      Typical denkoro woyanne arguement your cancer infested boss has raised questions like your self as if he is still in dedebit jungle
      and you a low life cactus expert doing the same ,as you are not cut for politics enjoy the looted money as your exposure nears day by day.
      normally i have long stopped respoding for woyanne illitrates,except talking with the languages you understand that is now on the seen and it better you take your warm jacket and be ready for the final.

  8. Commentator on

    WOW…AESAONE is being managed by DLP Piper!!

    DLP Piper could have spent an extra, say less than $20 per year to purchase Domain Privacy.

    On AESAONE website, under News\Sponsors – they have: “Coming soon”.

    Never mind, we know now know who the sponsors are.

    Good work, Elias

  9. Namara on

    Shame on DLA. associating themselves with dictators like Melse is embarassing let alone for law firm even for ordinary citizen. I doubt their professionalism and professional ethnic. I think they are all about money not ethnic.

  10. dlla on

    Alamoudin can’t find any decent self respecting Ethiopian person or organisation to export his TPLF ethno-fascist politics to DC.
    Once, he came out of the closet and declared himself as a TPLF henchman, Alamoudin was finished a long time ago. All his serevants are TPLF gujiles,and a few other opportunists who hang around to fill their belly. No more.

  11. HUSSEN M, on


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