Ethiopian Review frustrates the Woyanne junta – William Davison

In some cases, such as that of Ethiopian Review, it’s apparent why official frustration at the media boils over. The US-based website, the Ethiopian Review is virulently opposed to Meles’s regime, which has ruled the country since helping overthrow a Marxist military junta in 1991. It publishes a torrent of anti-government agitprop. Last year, Saudi billionaire Mohamed al-Amoudi, who invests huge amounts in the nation he was born in, won about $272,000 in damages in a British court from Elias Kifle, the website’s owner, after it falsely accused him online of hunting down his errant daughter so she could be stoned to death.
 Ethiopian Review’s “insurgent journalism” and outspoken criticism from the likes of Fiteh make them enemies of the state in a divisive political landscape.
 “They still have the guerrilla mindset,” a local journalist says about the former rebels now in charge. “They think the free media is the enemy of them.” … [read more]

7 thoughts on “Ethiopian Review frustrates the Woyanne junta – William Davison

  1. Tekle on

    Elias, I never seen a hero person like you who is fighting Weyane 24/7 day and night. God bless you patriotic Ethiopian hero. I hear that your Interview last week with BBC. You really nailed down the vital points to worldwide via BBC media, that was a wonderful opportunity to reach all over the world and you did it. I am wondering that I have not seen any coverage on any of Ethiopian diaspora Medias. I have seen that not fair work on others Medias. This BBC interview has more weight/message into the western that of Abebe Gelaw did in the Regan gallery. Thank you and God bless you Elias. Keep your hard work for our freedom.

  2. ewket on

    What do you mean “helping overthrow a Marxist military junta in 1991”? who is helping who? you must be kiding!!! face the real fact evenif it burns like ‘mitmita’.

  3. addis ababa1 on

    a local journalist says about the former rebels now in charge. “They think the free media is the enemy of them.” Duray hula it is very unfourtunate because of u guys innocenet ppl are going to jail….. the same way because of Al Quada Terrorist the innocent ppl are being subject to unnecessary suffering. I hope with the help of Obama Admin you will be deported and face your jail term.

  4. Avucado on

    Mr Elias your freedom struggle start to show it’s power in the world wide media your strength is the soul of every Ethiopian voice I would like to thank you for the hard work you put for freedom and struggle for democracy brother. God bless you and God will show us the way to the right path for better future Truth will win at the end One Love !!!

  5. Tadias on

    Excerpt from the United States Department of State daily press briefing:

    QUESTION: On Ethiopia, last night’s statement on Ethiopian conviction of journalists and political opponents under an anti-terrorism proclamation raised questions about the government’s intent for that proclamation. As you’ll recall, Prime Minister Meles was just here for the G-8 summit. Were those questions about the government’s intent of the anti-terrorism proclamation raised with him at that time? And if not, how does that fit into the concern that you have?

    MS. NULAND: Well, as you say, he was a guest of the President for the G-8 summit, so with regard to what may have occurred in White House meetings, I’m going to refer you to them. But in the Secretary’s meetings with Ethiopian leaders, the whole question of press freedom, of creating and maintaining space for the political opposition, is always underscored, something that we raise at every turn.

    QUESTION: Why host such a head of state whose government appears to pursue policies, at least according to your statement, directly at variance with what the United States would like to see in terms of freedom of the press and so on, at an event as high profile as the broader G-8 meeting? Why do that? I mean, don’t you try to exclude countries where you – North Korea doesn’t get invited to the G-8 meetings. Why have included them?

    MS. NULAND: Well, the event that the African leaders came to was a food security event that was organized by the White House to highlight in a G-8 context the importance of large African countries, food exporters in particular, stepping up and doing what they can to improve and increase food security. This is a major issue in our bilateral work with Ethiopia. Ethiopia is working to become a leader not only nationally but in the region.

    So that doesn’t change the fact that even as you work with countries on certain things, you can be straight with them when you disagree with their policies in other areas, as we always are with Ethiopia with regard to press freedom.

  6. sertt on

    The woyane gujile cannot match a true and honest broadcasting that is based on facts and concrete evidence. The lie factory of the woyane scums is everyday grinding out lie after lie that they have become accustomed to it to such an extent that they even take pride in their lying. Honesty and truth wil triumph in the end.

  7. Dr. Olana on

    Ethiopian Review would frustrate the Woyane Junta more if readers try to regularly mail the reports of EthiopianReview to their families and friends back in Ethiopia. Currently residents of Ethiopia are unable to read the Ethiopianreview’s reports due to various censorships and website blockages practiced in Ethiopia.

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