A look inside Haileselassie’s Jubilee Palace

(Addis Journal) – In the heart of Addis Ababa, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, lies the Jubilee palace, a vestige of Ethiopia‚Äôs imperial glory. Completed in 1960 to commemorate the silver Jubilee of the coronation of Emperor HaileSelassie, the name Jubilee has been in use almost from the time of its construction. When the Emperor, who selected its site and supervises its construction, moved into the palace, few of the rooms were furnished and surrounding fields were treeless… Click here to see photos and continue reading >>

7 comments on “A look inside Haileselassie’s Jubilee Palace

  1. u know me on

    Thank you Elias for publishing something of Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia and a great one at that on every account. Both the Dergue and Woyane have made his historic name a dirty word and something not to even think about let alone talk about! I am glad you are not afraid to say something or even show an article on it, I admire that! I think you are creating a new generation of Ethio Journalists or even Cyber Journalists with your gutsy attitude and I’d love to see others follow suit…anyway, just want to say thanks dued!!

  2. Elias, it’s good you bringing out this story. thank you
    Next time you make sure you use the word “EMPEROR andKING”
    don’t just write or say Haileselassie respct the past.

  3. Balageru on

    I wish the emperor heeded to genuine advices from those who could see ahead of time what was at stake behind the chronic and widspread dissent of the time and relinquished power a few years ahead of his inevitable demise. Ethiopia could have very likely been saved from falling pray to the blood-thirsty bunch of soldiers of the first seventeen years after HSI and from the bunch of ethnocentric and greedy woyanes of the second 17 years.

    Le ken jiboch setitewun hedu. Tadia tiru nigus neberun?

  4. sewnet on

    Benny, Is Haileselassie not a human being? like anybody he too should be called by his name, HAILESELASSIE.Before God, every soul is equal including those who died in Bishoftu,=> korit.You weak, believe in God than in human being.Worship not Hailes….

  5. Tokichaw on

    Thanks Elias for posting these intersting pictures.

    I never knew that the palace is so beautiful. Because, no body gave me a chance to go in and see it in my entire life.

    In civlized countries, Palaces and other historical places are open at least for 3-5 days in a year for the general public to visit. Citizens of that country will have an opprtunity to see historical artifacts and take pictures.

    In Ethiopia palaces are forbidden for citizens. You can not go inside and visit. You can not take pictures. It is not only in Woyane’s time this is happening. In all past governments citizens are kept at bay from palaces and historiical cites. Foreginers are more respected than Ethiopian citizens. What a slavery attitude? What a shame and what a backward country we have?

  6. eddie kurkjian on

    Just a note on the Jubilee Palace. It was built by my father Krikor Kurkjian. He was awarded a medal for building the palace. He also built the queens palace next to the American Embassy, and the Bishoftu place.
    I have a picture of my dad the day the cornerstone was placed. I grew up in Ethiopia and went to Saint Joseph Catholic school.

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