Ethiopian National Transitional Council has been formed

ENTC leadership takes group photos at the conclusion of the Dallas Conference

Following a 3-day intense discussion, the Dallas conference has formed “Ethiopian National Transitional Council” (ENTC) on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012.

The conference decided that the primary goal of ENTC is to prepare conditions for creating an all-inclusive Ethiopian Transitional Government that will replace the Woyanne ethnic-apartheid junta.

ENTC is composed of representatives of patriotic Ethiopians from around the world, thus it is a council of people’s representatives. The conference thoroughly discussed how to get organizations, such as political and civic groups, involved in the process of creating the transitional government. It was decided to let the ENTC leadership start negotiations with the various stake holders, taking into consideration the suggestions and ideas presented by participants of the conference.

On the ENTC bylaws, the Conference decided the following:

1. The ENTC local chapters will be transformed into local councils.
2. The local councils will make up the ENTC general assembly.
3. The general assembly elects a 9-member Leadership Council.
4. The leadership council creates a secretariat with 10 departments.
5. The ENTC’s temporary office will be in Washington DC.

After writing and adopting the bylaws, the conference held an election and the following individuals elected to the top 3 leadership positions of ENTC.

1. Ato Sileshi Tilahun, London, Speaker (AfeGubae)
2. Wzr. Mekdes Worku, Sweden, Deputy Speaker (Mikitil AfeGubae)
3. Dr. Fisseha Eshetu, Washington DC, Secretary General (Wana Tsehafi)

On top of the above three, the following individuals have been elected to the Leadership Council:

4. Wzr. Ferehiwot Derso
5. Ato Munsur Nuru
6. Ato Ananios Kebede
7. Ato Dereje Demissie
8. Ato Abebayehu Alula
9. Ato Belay Woldemariam

The 3-day conference was televised live via video stream and broadcast live via two paltalk rooms.

A delegation of the Congress of Ethiopian People’s United Struggle, led by its vice-chairman Prof. Achamyeleh Debela, attended the conference and offered valuable ideas and suggestions. The Congress (also called Shengo) was formed recently in Ottawa, Canada, and is composed of over 15 political and civic groups.

Before the Dallas conference was formally adjourned, the new leadership went straight to work and made a series of decisions on budget, membership dues, etc.

The 3-day conference was closed with a brief remark by the renowned elder statesman and writer Ato Assefa Gebremariam and a swearing-in ceremony conducted by a young Ethiopian, Mikael Habtemariam.