36th day: No sign of the dictator; foreign leaders say he is dead

Today is the 36th day since Ethiopia’s dictator Meles Zenawi has disappeared from the public view. The ruling Woyanne tribal junta says Meles is recovering from a minor illness, but there is a growing belief that he is dead.

A pilot who was flying top officials of a certain African country has informed Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit today that the officials have told him Meles Zenawi is dead. (Names are withheld for the pilot’s safety.)

Also today, one foreign journalist who is based in Addis Ababa told Ethiopian Review that she has received warning from Woyanne propaganda chief Bereket Simon not to write any thing about Meles Zenawi’s condition, or else face expulsion from the country.

The highly secretive TPLF meeting is continuing for the 8th day today. A major announcement is expected by early next week, according to Ethiopian Review sources.

3 thoughts on “36th day: No sign of the dictator; foreign leaders say he is dead

  1. Yetnayet Sahle on

    Elias you are doing great job in frastrating the wayane tyrant regime, keep it up untill our country get rid off the starved hyinas. May God bless you.

  2. Tina on

    New reports indicate that both Meles Zenawi and the recently deceased president of Ghana, John Evans Fifii Atta Mills, were poisoned during a G20 meeting. This is big news and it looks like Meles Zenawi’s fate is also death according to those who knew the details.

    • Carmen Ethiopia on

      Tina, both PM Meles and Ghana president got sick unexpectedly right after the G8 meeting for an unknown sickness. The Ghana president died according to their source on July 24, 2012. PM Meles who was healthy as a horse got unexpected sick and disappeared. I truly believed that they were poisened. this is a soft kill which makes it look like after planting a disease or poisoning them. it will make it look like a natural sickness death. They removed the egypt president by turning its own people, Libia, yemen, Ghana and Ethiopia presidents by being poisoned. who is next and how is that going to happen? just watch.

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