Abune Philipos visits Ethiopian National Transitional Council’s office

Abune Philipos

Abune Philipos, a senior member of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church’s Holy Synod in exile, has visited Ethiopian National Transitional Council’s office in Washington DC on Saturday, July 28.

During the official visit on behalf of the Holy Synod, Abune Philipos delivered a message from His Grace Abune Melketsedik, the Secretary of the Holy Synod, and blessed the Council’s effort for transition to democracy in Ethiopia.

The Secretary General of the Transitional Council, Dr Fisseha Eshetu, explained the Council’s mission and requested cooperation from the Holy Synod.

Abune Philipos asked many questions during the discussion with the Transitional Council’s officials, shared his advise, and expressed full support for the Council’s effort.

The Transitional Council had also invited high-ranking officials from the Muslim community but they were unable to come because of the sadaka program they had on Saturday.