Day 40: Where is dictator Meles Zenawi?

Today is the 40th day since Ethiopia’s khat junkie dictator Meles Zenawi has disappeared. ESAT has reported yesterday that its sources have confirmed his death. However, there is no official word from the ruling junta yet.

The dictator’s absence is already causing the regime to start unraveling. Our sources in Addis Ababa today reported that the regime’s hard currency reserve will evaporate in the coming few days, which will lead to the shortage of fuel and other essential supplies. The regime’s spies are also disappearing from local bars, internet cafes and other public places because of fear of backlash from the angry population.

2 thoughts on “Day 40: Where is dictator Meles Zenawi?

  1. Eyasu on

    The question should be where is the dictator’s body. Is there any poisoning possibility? Zenawi and the Gana president were health in that meeting. Why the west media would like to hide the where about of his body.
    who killed zenawi? Is that really cancer? Some woyane supporters are saying cia knows the facts. Elias, could you trace back to your poison news and work on it a little more? It is sad his body is somewhere in a freezer and nobody cares about his burial.All his friends care about his power. Dictators never learn.

  2. tariku on

    elias, the little blood splashed on the wall behind the demented lief-head (dead) man does not spook the the average ethiopian, but may be the cadres and direct / indirect associates and benefiteries of the bloodiest regim to ever set a foot in this planet. as they say …’ you have to demolish your old house to build a bigger and even prettier house’ so yes it is a great news that the money disappears, and it is a sign of hope that the cadres and joro-tebies are terrorized and disappearing. IT IS A SIGN OF A NEW HOPE AND A REFORM IN THE MAKING. as always great job, and GOD bless.

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