TPDM kills 11 Woyanne soldiers in Mereb Lekhe

The Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM) has killed 11 Woyanne soldiers and wounded five others in an attack on weyane soldiers stationed in Mereb Lekhe District (northern Ethiopia), said the TPDM’s military committee.

During the attack on 5 September on members of the 1st Brigade 14 Division, stationed near Rama town, the TPDM forces killed the town’s deputy police commissioner and his allies who were harassing residents in the town, the military committee added.

The military committee also said that the TPDM combatants foiled a counterattack, which the weyane regime tried to carry out against its forces.

Meanwhile, on 5 September, the TPDM forces distributed leaflets and magazines to residents of Aksum town detailing the group’s objectives.

It will be recalled that the TPDM forces had put out of action some 35 weyane soldiers during ambush it carried out on 27 August at Medri Felasi, in Laelay Adiyabo [all places in northern Ethiopia].

Source: Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea, Asmara, in Tigrinya

8 comments on “TPDM kills 11 Woyanne soldiers in Mereb Lekhe

  1. wedi tigray on

    meles is the enemy of ethiopia and eritrea. meles has made tigeans the enemy among ethiopians and our brothers eritreans. meles must go.

  2. Have yopu guys noticed all weyanes and their sympathizers are tight liped about TPDM? AIGA what do you say about this group:-) ofcourse they will say they are shabia’s in disguise, if that is the case then why don’t you invade shabia-cus i wana see the end of you su*ckers!

  3. Eritrawi on

    My fellow Ethiopians; Woyanne is weak even in what they claim their rear area, Tigray, they are being hunted from every corner of Ethiopia, imagine what Woyanne will do when the OLF starts major military operations, that is what scaring them the most and keeping Melles sleepless and dependent on medications and alcohol to cope with the depression he is feeling. The boondogle in Somalia is backfiring big time, the ONLF is gearing up for more offensives, as we all know EPPF is hitting Woyanne mercenaries all over northwestern Ethiopia while Melles is worried about Eritrea in the north. Even his main masters in the washington and london are starting to feel the heat, already thinking about their next move, what to do and who to buy after Woyanne but this time it will not work, those who are doing the fighting know what is at stake and will not be bought by any amount of money, they know who stood on their side and who stood against them in their hour of need. With the demise of Woyanne also will go the puppet regime in Djibouti, then our area will be in peace and people will concentrate on improving their lives and using their natural resources for their own benefit not for the benefit of neo-colonialists.

    The first thing the next coalition government should do is kick out the NGOs and specially USAID out of Ethiopia, not bow to the world bank and IMF dictates and stand firm in developing their country primarily through the efforts of the Ethiopian people, without economic freedom and food self sufficiency there is no freedom at all. Those who think some kind of western style democracy will work in Ethiopia should think hard and fast, what western style democracy does is divide people on Ethnic and religious lines, just like what Woyanne is doing now, lets not kid ourselves and be honest about western style political parties in African society, the names are nothing but a cover for Ethnic and religious representation, once those political parties get in power all they do is exploit the people in the name of a given ethnic group while not benefiting that ethnic group. My Ethiopian brothers and sisters I implore you to participate in the armed struggle that is going on now and unite, that is first and foremost, then let that united front lead the country towards human development and economic emanicipation, once we reach the development level of westerners we can devise our own political system not dictated by westerners whose only interests is theirs not ours.

  4. yenatulij on

    Wow! That is some force to be reckoned with if TPDM forces can enter a main tourist town of Axum to explain their party position.

  5. kuukkisa on

    Well done TPDM. Meles and his henchmen must go for they are criminals. It is a time for all Ethiopians to stand together against the criminal regime in Addis Ababa.

  6. yikerbelen on


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