Dagmawit Geshen to host Meskel Demera celebration this year

Dagmawit Geshen Mariam church of Denver has been chosen to host this year’s North America Meskel Demera celebration. Tens of thousands of Christians throughout the U.S. and Canada are expected to attend the 3-day celebration that will start October 3.

The Meskel Demera celebration will be led by his Holiness Abuna Merkorios, patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church as well as many Archbishops and priests.

Dagmawit Geshen Mariam St Mary Church will host this annual event at its the newly completed building, which is the largest Ethiopian Orthodox Church outside of Ethiopia.

The three day celebration starts on Friday October 3 and concludes on Sunday October 5, 2008.

Program includes Gospel teaching, Meskel Demera and the Coronation of the Ark of the covenant of Geshen Mariam.

For Further information contact:
Deacon Yoseph Tafari