Now it is children’s turn

The picture says it all.

Meles Zenawi

5 thoughts on “Now it is children’s turn

  1. Selam on

    This is completely child abuse. Human right should be reject this. How this little girl used for political consumption. Does she know who is Tyrant Meles Zenawi? How message is want to pass in her little mind? World is seeing us Weyanni is embarrassing our people and country. What a sad scene. I didn’t know Meles Zenawi a “tabot”. Abune Teklehymont widely respected by tigrians community now they create tyrant Abune dictator, corrupted, tyrant, Meles Zenawi. I feel bad for this little girl.

  2. Melkam on

    Elias! It is great job to let us be informed while Bereket ,who are in charge of the CM of Ethiopia, have been trying his best to keep us in deep darkness! Many new but hidden mad dogs will arrive soon on the scene to show us more drama! There are more to come from fallen god! Stay in health!

  3. meseret on

    it is sad to see childs are forced to worship rather than telling them that he was a butcher who orderd the killing of mullions including the six yer old Nebeyu!!

  4. Anonymous on

    The parents of this child should be ashamed. It reminds me of the story of st kirkos being asked to bow to gods he knew was false. wow. They made him their god. What a shame.

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