Woyanne mass hyteria spreads to North America – (video)

A disgusting scene at a Tigrean Church in Seattle, USA. They are crying for the late Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi.

11 thoughts on “Woyanne mass hyteria spreads to North America – (video)

  1. Mul'ataa on

    I’m sure these people are not crying for Meles only, but they are crying for them selves too. They know in the future they have no place in Ethiopia that why all Tigeres are crying. Let their cry and mourn remain with them for ever. Waaqni boohicha isin irraa hin kaasiin isinis Mallasaa ordofaa.
    Amen !!!

  2. chala on

    If they didn’t cry, who is going to do it for them? They are going to lose it all soon.

  3. Anonymous on

    ህጻን ነብዩ ሲገደል የት ነበራችሁ ???? እኛ ቢራችንን እንጎነጫለን።ስታለቅሱም እንስቃለን።እየሳቅን ነብሱን ይማር እንላለን። የሞት መልአክ ገብቷል ከቤታችሁ።ገና በብዙ ታለቅሳላችሁ።

  4. FANO on

    This how the Ethiopian mothers cried in every corner of the country when Agazi kill their sons. Now you know how we feel. Go to hell Zenawi.

  5. Waw!Waw!I was shooked when I was waching this video. Is that in our culture that ,if someone passed away we cry for two ,three weeks? The answer is NO!!What is going on now totaly not acceptable in our society unless we become a pagan and cult society.I am not against why you are crying,but it is not that long day and night two weeks and so on. I think these people become moron . Please people wake up!. I think i have a new idea now. If some one die from now on ,we can do the same thing what is going on now so everybody enjoy not going working. Ethiopian goverment has to add in the constitution.

  6. Ittu Aba Farda on

    All I can say is Oh My God!!!! What is wrong with these people? This tells volume about these ‘mourning orgy’ participants and makes all of us wonder what really drives them to such obscene shouting and wailing. Was it the ‘true’ love they have for the deceased prime minister or for worrying too much about a possible loss of any financial benefit they may have been getting with his approval? Or better yet, were they airlifted from Addis just for this purpose? If they are genuine, then these people are extremely dangerous and dangerous enough that FBI should take a note about them. If they have no self-respect then they don’t give a hoot about the dignity and lives of others. They are fanatics who should not have a place in such a dignified society. Oh My God!!!!

  7. Anonymous on

    now it is time for these handfull wayane to cry, but the great magority of ethiopians were crying for the past 21 years.
    this is the begining of God’s punishment get ready to cry much more in the near future.

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