Al Amoudi upate

Ethiopia First website editor named Ben claims that he saw Al Amoudi today at Bole Airport and presented the photo below as evidence. Ben is Bereket Simon’s apprentice, so it is hard to believe any thing that comes from him. He has been swearing that Meles Zenawi was on vacation and will return before Ethiopian New year. If the photo below is real, it would be the first time for Al Amoudi to be seen in public since the death of his best friend Meles Zenawi… More update shortly.

4 thoughts on “Al Amoudi upate

  1. Eyasu on

    Why is the other guy laughing while Zenawi is dead. I don’t think this photo id real.

  2. alem on

    bravo elias you had cost alamudi and his stupid leg washer ben to go beyond and above to create this video, god bless you elias, you are making every weyane and thier stupid servants to pee on thier pants

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