Discussion on Ethiopian Review investigation of Al Amoudi’s disappearance

Some Ethiopian Review readers expressed concerned that our report on Al Amoudi’s disappearance might have been contaminated by a Woyanne disinformation campaign. As we reported earlier, it appears the billionaire and business partner of the late Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi is alive. We don’t believe that we have been purposely misinformed by Woyanne. In fact, they are shaken up and frustrated by our report because it diverted attention away for 2 days from their effort to cause mass hysteria around the death of their boss.

It must be understood that we are operating under an extremely difficult environment where our reporters inside the country would be arrested and convicted to life in prison or worse for working with Ethiopian Review. The Woyanne junta is so secretive and paranoid that we cannot conduct normal journalism in Ethiopia. Our correspondents inside Ethiopia are risking arrest, torture and death on a daily basis to provide us with the news. In that regard, they have been more resourceful than news organizations that have huge budgets.

In order to get to the bottom of some information that we are unable to confirm, we some times we have to resort to what we termed crowd-investigation where our readers are involved. That is what we did in this case. We originally stated in our report:

Ethiopian Review could not confirm this breaking news from more than one source, but the source is credible enough for us to report it.

We have clearly stated that the information was unconfirmed, but it led to a mass hunt and in two days a Woyanne rat called Ben found the drunkard sheik for us at Bole Airport looking dazed and shaken. Before and after releasing the information, we did a serious investigation, contacting numerous individuals who might have knowledge of Al Amoudi’s whereabout. We even called the lie factory himself and spoke with his rude assistant.

Under the circumstance, what Ethiopian Review has done is a serious journalism which led to the truth. As soon as we received a video confirmation, we reported it.

Thank you all who have assisted us in this and other investigations. What makes Ethiopian Review the best and most trusted Ethiopian media is you the readers.

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4 thoughts on “Discussion on Ethiopian Review investigation of Al Amoudi’s disappearance

  1. Balcha on

    Good job, I completely agree with what you did, and i am aware of the tactic “crowd-investigation” i have no doubt your report has something to do with the decision of the shik to appear and provide this statement at the airport- which he never did before. so the message is , “I am here, I am not dead yet”. it is also good to be aware of misinformation though, since it will be their next move. Woyane right now is on hysteria -believe it or not- we have the leverage, and we have to use it.

  2. nadew on

    it is the best way to get out the rat from its rat hole – need strategy – al mudi could be closing and cleaning up some financial deals he secretly had with Meles – it is not easy to own the country’s gold mines and not know where the so much of tones of gold go to

  3. well done Elias scare the hell out of this tugs…Ethiopian Review is still no 1 site keep the good job

  4. EthioSami on

    You did what you have to do and the truth came out. Good job, Elias. I’m prod of you. You are a “TRUE” Ethiopian! We LOVE YOU!!!

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