TPLF mass hysteria arrives in North America

This coming Saturday, supporters of the Woyanne junta in Toronto, Winnipeg, Canada and Houston, Texas are organizing a cry-fest for the late Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi who died over a month ago. This is a good opportunity for patriotic Ethiopians in these cities to show how much the deceased dictator is hated.

Toronto is on Sunday, September 2. See details below:

(We thank the reader who sent us this information. If you hear about any such activity in your area, please let us know.)



From Mengistu Beranu (

Greetings all,

The voice of the voiceless – of the young, the woman, farmers and the 80 million people he led – the leader of Ethiopians in Ethiopia Melese Zenawi has passed. He led, he inspired, he was cheered, he was feared, he was hated, but where he executed his development plan- the universities, the hospitals, the infrastructures, the strategy to join the middle income group countries by 2025; the people always said…”We did it! When the development activities he launched continue and completed; the people will say “We did it ourselves!

Canadians of Ethiopian origin residing in The Greater Toronto Area are going to hold a memorial ceremony on September 2, 2012 Sheraton hotel, 123 Queen Street West at 2:00PM.

One thought on “TPLF mass hysteria arrives in North America

  1. Buta madingo on

    He deserve to die,he is really lucky he is dieing naturally he suppose to die like Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein.Blood sucker he is a killer to how come you forget all the innocent people killed by AGAZI snipers in 1997/8 in election time how come you forget the people they through in Gunna terara alive how can you forget the people killed in Arbagugu/Ayeder iyesus school/Hawzen not even 15 years all this happen and now when the killer is dieing you have a tribute for the murderer.SHAME ON YOU SHAME ON YOU HODAM HULU.

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