Mekele residents are told CIA killed Meles Zenawi

The ruling junta in Ethiopia has been spreading rumor in Tigray, its base of power, that the CIA is responsible for the death of the late Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi. To verify the information, we have called several residents in Mekele and some of them were willing to speak with us. The following is a conversation we had with one young Mekele residents this morning. She has confirmed that many people in Mekele think Meles was assassinated. We are not sure what the TPLF would gain by spreading such a rumor against the U.S Government. Listen below.

3 thoughts on “Mekele residents are told CIA killed Meles Zenawi

  1. Abichu Nega on

    May be Bereket and others are the ones who poisoned the evil ruler Melese. Their conspiracy theory of putting blames on someone else is cheap and despicable. The blame game will not win the hearts and minds of Tigrians. Like the rest of Ethiopians, Tigrians will not be fooled by Bereket’s et al cheap propaganda ploy.

    Either way whoever ( Bereket, CIA or God) has killed Melese they have done a great favour to the Ethiopian people who have been tormented by the dictator for 21 years.

    Bereket rest assured the more you blame the US the more you dig your own grave. Neither Chinese support nor Al Amhudin will save any one of you. Bereket, Seyum, Sebehat Nega, Indrias Eshete will certainly follow the journey to never land like their master Melese. Ethiopia will soon be free from criminal gangs of your sort.

  2. Yodado on

    The reason we are at the bottom of every human development index out there is not only because of Meles ZenaHitler. It is because of the downright stupidity of the people itself. Many are oxymoron. We don’t know what we want. 10 cadres can sit down behind a closed door and map out ANYTHING and sell it to millions of Ethiopians with zero effort.

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