Sudan agreed to accommodate Egyptian commandos to destroy Nile dam – Wikileaks

The latest release by Wikileaks has the following:

SOURCE DESCRIPTION: Egyptian diplomatic source
Follow-up to insight on Egypt asking Sudan to station commandos in Sudan for ‘worst case’ scenario on the Nile issue:
Sudanese president Umar al-Bashir has agreed to allow the Egyptians to build an a small airbase in Kusti to accommodate Egyptian commandoes who might be sent to Ethipoia to destroy water facilities on the Blue Nile… [Click here to the full text]

9 thoughts on “Sudan agreed to accommodate Egyptian commandos to destroy Nile dam – Wikileaks

  1. Ittu Aba Farda on

    I had lived in Egypt in the 60’s and I had heard from them how they feel about damming The Nile by anyone else except themselves. They felt (may still feel) very strongly about it. The early to mid 60’s used to be the period when the tall man Gamal was their ‘Lion-Heart’ leader. They used to tell me that they could wipe out the entire Ethiopian Army in a single engagement. That was the time when there was such a pompous moment in that country who we used to be told the Mighty Egyptian Armed Forces led by ‘Field Marshall’ Abdel Hakim Amer was about to wipe the state of Israel from the face of the earth. Egypt was so pumped up (on a sandy foundation) that it was throwing around its weight in every thing it deemed right by their ‘infallible’ leader Gamal. It was in Yemen fighting a rag-tag militia and losing battles after battle even after using poisonous chemicals during battles. Think about what would await them if the Gamal’s army set a foot in Ethiopia then. The war drum was being beaten ad nauseam days in and days out. Then came 1967 and the 6-day war. All of a sudden the Egyptian army proved to be very good at military parades only and Gamal was extremely effective only in slaughtering his own people. I remember in one of those show-off parades the acrobatic demonstrations by the soldiers and that was very entertaining to me and a lot of the spectators. They even thought they could beat even the US military to submission. Mind you all that all that bragging was based on purchased military hardware. Then the determined and methodical Israeli Armed forces licked the entire Egyptian Airforce at one sitting while the Egyptian pilots were having orgies at their officers’ clubs. Then tens of thousands of Egyptian soldiers surrendered without firing a single shot. Yes there were some skirmishes but Israel proved to them that there is a serious difference between talking and doing. It taught Gamal a lasting lesson that there is a fundamental distinction between killing his domestic opponents and fighting a determined nation like Israel. A few months following the 6-day war, Amer was gone after ‘swallowing’ poison and Gamal became even more murderous at home. Now if they try to send commando units to attack a sovereign black African nation, they will be making the mistake of their lifetime, may be the worst mistake in their entire history. The domino effect will bring in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Southern Sudan and Rwanda. So Egypt better continue negotiating with using force being off the table. It would be extremely wise for them. That is my take. What is yours?

  2. Mot le Woyane on


    We should start a campaign to start mobilising all anti Meles forces to stand side by side with Egypt and Sudan commandos to distroy and wipe out all the dams and infrastructure the Woyane’s built so far.

    We don’t need anything to remind us of him or them.

  3. Gura on

    I agree with Ittu’s comment. Negotiations will definitely be a win win for all stake holders.

  4. Magic on

    Very interesting. Beshir says he is friend of Ethiopian in face and discusses this issue on the back. It is known that we have to be ready every time for Egypt and Somalia.

  5. Zemzem on

    Wise advice. On top of that Egypt is much more vulnerable than any country in the world. The best is to seek diplomatic and peaceful settlement.

  6. Anonymous on

    They don’t try it. To my understanding, if it allows this, Sudan is wrapping snake on its own head. They will be the war front and field for many years to follow. After all if they fix their differences, Ethiopians are not easy target to on to them.. I believe Ethiopia will have better support than they get in 1896 during Italian invasion. Lets hope, they use their mind and do on our recoinsilation at history junction.

  7. africa on

    Destroying the grand/Nile dam will not cause big casualties in Ethiopia but this will be the greatest mistake of Egyptians and revenge will in Ethiopians heart. To make it even Aswan dam must be destroyed by any means; Egyptians will thought that Ethiopians has no capability to destroy Aswan dam, who thought that small extremists attack on America at the World Trade Center; After that there will be a full scale war, there will be big loss on both side but i don’t think Egyptian will win.
    So Egypt has to avoid parasitic advantage and come to mutual benefit with all upstream countries.

  8. Solome on

    Enjoyed reading it. Thanks Aba Farda for sharing that. What do you think about Ethiopia building dams and asserting her right to what belongs to her? Ethiopia and Egypt have similar number of population, yet for years, Egyptians made use of about 85% of Ethiopia’s water to feed their people while many of ours starved to death. Did that make you sad and helpless? How do you feel now with new development? How do Ethiopians protect their self interest?

    Thanks Elias. You mean well. I used to read your magazine many years ago which was of high quality and perhaps one of the very few Ethiopian magazines published outside of Ethiopia by an Ethiopian. You were one of the pioneers and did a great job. I learned a lot from you. Your magazine was like “Tadias” but more sophisticated. It informed, educated, inspired and entertained us. I believe you are gifted in this area. That was then; when your mag was (to me) the only Ethiopian magazine I read. I am taking this opportunity to say thank you, Elias, for your contribution. You still have a lot to offer, brother. Keep it up.

  9. That was then, now they have the Muslim Brother hood(MB), an organization that has infiltrated even the White House and the entire left leaning readership in Europe and the Americas on their side. They are well on their way to world domination and world Caliphate rule. Ethiopia will be a small matter in their world view. Remember they have been at this for close to 90 years. Their leader (the Mufti of Jerusalem) was responsible for the death of 400,000 Jews across the Balkans fighting along Hitler’s army. Hitler was punished for his deed but the MB survived and resurfaced as “Arab Spring” and has the blessing of the powers that be in 2012.

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