Ethiopians in Houston prepare to confront Meles cry-fest participants

Brave Ethiopians in Houston, Texas, prepare to confront supporters of the late dictator Meles Zenawi at a mass crying festival they have organized for Saturday (see more details here). The following paper has been distributed throughout Houston today by patriotic Ethiopians. Bravo Houston!

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3 thoughts on “Ethiopians in Houston prepare to confront Meles cry-fest participants

  1. Why would any person that calls himself an Ethiopian feel sorry over the death of this woyane rat. This tyrant killed so many men, women snd children. He is getting a stick inserted up his ass in hell now. Burn in hell you murderer burn. His prostitute wife should be hunged in meskel square slong with his kids and set on fire! Bad blood and gine .

  2. on

    We want to get rid of these people now in power in Ethiopia,from that un known soldier,prof.Asrat Weldeyes upto now people are crying against rulers who use force to robe other peoples possetions,every where starting from southern Tigray to Ethiopian Somaliland.

  3. We Ethiopians are confused because we failed to decide and choose Good from
    Evil. We all agree that Wayane is the Evil-Virus in Ethipia and still we keep on crying for more than 20 years and do nothing about it. Lets standup and do sth about this Virus. To save Ethiopia we should get rid of Wayane evil rule. Where is the ethiopian Army, the brave Students, the Peasants, Farmers all together the heroes?
    Just crying arround won´t save Ethiopia and by the way, historically, crying was not a charateric to Ethiopians. This is a new Wayane syndrome in our beloved country.
    The ethiopan Army as such is non-existant and ist scattered all over the Horn of Africa. That ist the new Wayane 21st. century Doctrine to keep the Army scattered and weak, so that they can stay in power forever.
    Ethiopia wake up and make an end to Wayane rule!!!

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