Gelila Bekele: A model, humanitarian, social activist

Gelila Bekele is a model, humanitarian, and social activist. Most people recognize this Ethiopian beauty from seeing her in popular advertisements for Pantene and Colgate, but many people have no idea that there is much more behind this stunning woman that makes her even more intriguing. Gelila was born in an impoverished country that is ruled by a brutal dictatorship where millions of people don’t have access to the most basic human needs like food and water.

With the success and celebrity afforded to her through her work as a recognizable model, Gelila devotes much of her time to aiding people around the world through her charity involvement with groups that help those living in third world nations attain fundamental natural resources like water. One organization that she is passionate about is simply called: Charity: Water.

Charity: Water is a non-profit organization founded by Scott Harris in New York City in 2006 that brings clean and safe drinking water to impoverished communities in Africa, India, and South America. When asked what inspired her to get involved with the organization she declared, “I have encountered many things and through time I have learned human beings are not programmed to endure a predestined life.”

Through benefits, fund-raisers and events, Charity: Water has attracted the attention of countless people, and celebrities and has raised over $3 million dollars in 18 months and has funded over 600 water projects.

Some of the other charities Gelila is involved with include Kageno, Keep a Child Alive and Darfur Action Network.