Britain pledges £26.9 mln for drought-hit Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA (AFP) — Britain has pledged 26.9 million pounds for drought-hit Ethiopia, where some 9.6 million people are in need of emergency food aid, its embassy said on Wednesday.

The money will finance food distribution, medical support, nutrition and water supply.

“We are very concerned about the humanitarian situation in Ethiopia. That’s why DFID (Department for International Development) is making this additional funding available with immediate effect,” said Howard Taylor, DFID’s representative in Ethiopia.

In June, London pledged some 10 million pounds for Ethiopia.

The World Food Programme on Monday launched an appeal for 460 million dollars to the millions of Ethiopians affected by drought and rising food prices.

Aid organisations say Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous country, is on the brink of famine akin to those of the 1980s, when millions of people died.

3 comments on “Britain pledges £26.9 mln for drought-hit Ethiopia

  1. Hags Araya on

    Another big mistakes from Britannia’s !

    The US govt has made a huge mistake recently when they award 1.5 billion dollar to Meles Sytanawi and his self owned party TPLF, again today the UK govt has made another huge mistake when they plege 26.9 million pounds for the drought in Ethiopia.

    One thing both big nations have failed is that the Meles illegitimate mafia criminal group would not spend a penny for the devastated areas to recover from famine. In stead, the meles criminal group who have been complying to the westernerns to get the money in the name of starvation will directly use the money for their personal expenses.
    Meles and his self owned criminal group members of TPLF will be persnonally divided these money for their own uses to extend their personal business. Well, the Meles illegitimate criminal group will also give a few money for their HODAM cadres, so that the idiot and HODAM cadres will continue to sing Meles Sytanwi’s lyrics written by a bunch of lies locally and internationally. The rest of the money will be allocated to strengthen the TPLF criminal group famous destructive army that has killing thousands of Ethiopians and Somalia’s everyday to extend the crime life of TPLF.

    I guarantee you that Meles and his self owned party TPLF won’t spend a penny to resist starvation, as a result the no. of the people that becoming starved will continue to increase throughout the country along with the daily repression of the TPLF criminal govt.

    Well this time it is a task of all the Ethiopian people to support strong opposition parties like Ginbot 7 to ultimately find a solution for the complex problems of Ethiopia that came from the endless bad governance and bad policy of criminal TPLF groups.

    Lets contribute our part to Ginbot 7 since there is not going to be a better time than now to fight the weyane illegitimate group.

    Viva Ginbot 7

    Death to all members and supporters of HODAM weyane groups

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