Al Amoudi and gang try to buy “justice” in Atlanta

Justice For SaleSaudi billionaire Mohammed Al Amoudi and his junior partner Jemal Ahmed have filed three lawsuits against me in London and Atlanta through the notorious law firm DLA Piper over the past 4 years. I did not defend the London lawsuits because I believe the court had no jurisdiction over me. Al Amoudi was awarded over $500,000 in the London lawsuits. They could not enforce the judgment against me because they were barred from doing so by the  Speech Act that was passed by U.S. Congress in 2010. In Atlanta, they used Jemal Ahmed’s former residency there some 20 years ago as a basis to claim jurisdiction and assigned 5 DLA Piper lawyers to come after me. The 5 DLA Piper lawyers and a team of private investigators threw every thing they have against me. They followed me around across the U.S. and harassed my parents. They have emptied their bag of tricks to get a default judgement, avoiding a jury trial. After filing the lawsuit, the lawyers requested that I reveal to them my sources in Ethiopia for my allegation of human trafficking and land grabbing against Al Amoudi and Jemal. When I refused to do that, they asked the court to enter a default judgement. I informed the court that my sources will face imminent danger if their identity is revealed to the two TPLF supporters and their lawyers. I also requested a hearing on the specific allegations I made regarding the dangers that my sources in Ethiopia are facing. The district court rejected my request for a hearing, denied my right to jury trial, and ordered me to hand over the names of my sources. Obviously I refused and a default judgement was entered against me, as strategized by DLA Piper. There was no way I would reveal my sources without a witness protection plan mandated by the court. Additionally, the judge, without holding any hearing on the veracity of my report, ordered me to post a retraction.

Even though the default judgement against me is a disappointment — because I expected better from a U.S. court — I have no doubt that I will win in the long run. The U.S. justice system has multiple levels of review to ensure fair trial for all, not just for those who are willing to spend millions of dollars to buy “justice.”

DLA Piper was able to corrupt the U.S. Congress by killing a human rights bill for Ethiopia. We will see if they can corrupt the U.S. justice system also. The battle has just started.

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