What Makes a Man Attractive: a Modern Approach

When a girl looks at you, she values you. She thinks how much you match her standards and generally the sexual market value. The higher this figure is, the more she wants you. To become really desirable in this field, you have to put in the effort to improve yourself and to make yourself look better. The good news is that you have the opportunity to level yourself up in all aspects of life. So, what makes a man attractive and how to be an attractive man? There are only five main factors of your attractiveness and each of them is important.

Factor № 1: the way you look like.

To look good for some people is the norm of life. For others, it is a heavy work. Much depends on nature and not everyone was born Apollo. If you are not naturally handsome and very attractive then you need to do everything possible to look better. Work out to improve your body. It does not cost anything. You can train at home, on the street or you can buy a gym membership. It is important to keep in shape and to strengthen your muscles systematically. Be stylish. Wear good clothes that suit you, use perfume, look good. These are all simple rules that are accessible to everyone. The main thing is to focus not only on fashion but also on what is really suitable for you. What makes a woman sexually attracted to a man? First, his appearance.

Factor №2: a game.

The game is how you behave in society. How to be an attractive man? Be confident in yourself. Confidence is very attractive to women. A woman wants to see a hunter in a man, not a guy, whose problems she should solve herself. She wants a leader, and if you have leadership qualities then your attractiveness is skyrocketing. Be charming. It is not easy to be charming, but you can always practice compliments, a smile, the mastery of a storytelling. If you are pleasant to talk with, then any girl will like you. Be well-read and smart. Do you think that girls are attracted by jocks without brains? This is not true. Girls like the well-read guys, with whom they can talk about a variety of things. You should be able to talk with a girl not only about feelings, life, simple things, you should be able to talk about everything, otherwise, she will lose her interest quite quickly and your place will be taken by a smarter rival. So, what makes a man attractive? His mind is one of the most attractive features.

Factor №3: a social status.

Your status is the most important factor in your value. Status tells about your social and financial situations. Not all were born to become a president, but everyone is able to earn so much money to reach a good position in society. Earn money. You need money to be attractive. This can be considered disgusting, but this is the reality. To have money you need a job that has prospects. Status. It is important to understand that not always the social status and salary complement each other.

Four №4: sex.

How good are you in bed? If you think that women do not care, then you are deeply mistaken. They love sex but not always you like or understand what they like. Therefore, it is important to understand what a woman wants. This can be clarified through experiments or direct questions, do not hesitate to ask them. The more understanding you are in the bedroom, the better lover you will be. You should constantly improve your skills in sex, and not degrade.

Factor №5: be a good friend.

A man should not be only good at sex but also be good at friendship. Girls pay close attention to that because they tend often to a serious relationship, rather than to an accidental connection. Be ready to support her. This means that you should be able to find the right words.


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