Mohammed Al Amoudi arrested in Saudi Arabia for corruption (Reuters)

(Reuters) – Saudi Arabia detained 11 princes, four current ministers and tens of former ministers in a probe by a new anti-corruption body headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi-owned Al Arabiya television reported.

According to a senior Saudi official who declined to be identified under briefing rules, those detained include:

– Mohammad al-Amoudi, businessman

– Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, chairman of Kingdom Holding

– Prince Miteb bin Abdullah, minister of the National Guard

– Prince Turki bin Abdullah, former governor of Riyadh province

– Khalid al-Tuwaijri, former chief of the Royal Court

– Adel Fakeih, Minister of Economy and Planning

– Ibrahim al-Assaf, former finance minister

– Abdullah al-Sultan, commander of the Saudi navy

– Bakr bin Laden, chairman of Saudi Binladin Group

– Mohammad al-Tobaishi, former head of protocol at the Royal Court

– Amr al-Dabbagh, former governor of Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority

– Alwaleed al-Ibrahim, owner of television network MBC

– Khalid al-Mulheim, former director-general at Saudi Arabian Airlines

– Saoud al-Daweesh , former chief executive of Saudi Telecom

– Prince Turki bin Nasser, former head of the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment

– Prince Fahad bin Abdullah bin Mohammad al-Saud, former deputy defence minister

– Saleh Kamel, businessman

Source: Reuters

One thought on “Mohammed Al Amoudi arrested in Saudi Arabia for corruption (Reuters)

  1. This is an unnecessary provocation of stability and peaceful coexistence in Saudi Arabia. The Crown price wants to crush any potential opposition that he is aware of as he tries to succeed his father to become a monarch. The balanced actions of the older sons of the founder is being confronted for an action that has not been tried before, fructuring the delicate system that held the monarchy together. It is a major attempt at cetralizing power which has not been tried before. The crwn Prince risks at distabilizing the system whose repurcations are difficult to measure. It is a major risk that the Crown Prince should be prepared for, otherwise he will face turmoil and demands from all sectors of society that the state does not have the institutions to handle at this time. It may be the cause for the Hijaz and the oil rich area around Rasta Nura to secceed from the union.

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