Ethiopians in Denver make their country proud

Ethiopians in Denver, Colorado, have built a magnificent church, and earlier this month they hosted the North America Ethiopian Demera celebration during the Meskel holiday. The church, Dagmawit Gishen Mariam, they built is simply awesome. They did all this while keeping Woyanne cadres at bay and staying loyal to the legitimate patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Abune Merkorios.

See more photos here.

27 comments on “Ethiopians in Denver make their country proud

  1. weqaw on

    This is especially fantastic for Denver is infested wit Weyane cadres including the black Amerian city mayor who has been duped to name one of the Denver streets “Axum” st. and name Denver and Axum as sister cities.

  2. Gerami on

    Hahah….. What a big joke. Immigrants of one of the last 5 poorest countries in the world bulit a castle in the US. How much it cost, in US dollars? How many poor Ethiopian children it would have been feed. It is a double standard. If supporters of the patriarch in Ethiopia did this, the story will be different. No matter who did it, it is a shame building a costly castle (church you called it) in a forieign country just to be proud. I don’t understand why would any Ethiopian be proud? All over the internet it is the pictures of our hungry dying brothers and sisters. Here you applaud a castle built in a wealthy country. What good come out of it? Proud my …..

  3. Dil le Ethiopia on

    Weqaw are you stupid?

    So what if there is sister city in Denver name is Axum?

    There is Gonder sister city …
    There is Bahir Dar sister city…
    There is other Ethiopian cities that are sister cities.

    Axum is where all Ethiopian history started , it has nothing to do with Weyane.

    Even our religion, Orthodox Church, has its origins and is based out in Axum.

    Since you told us this information I will go visit Axum St. in Denver since I have not been able to see Axum in Ethiopia before.

  4. demeke on

    #3 Gerami,

    Our people in Ethiopia are poor because your chigram cousins are in power and would not let the people live and work peacefully and freely. Where Ethiopians live freerly, they can show what they can do. It is not only churches that Ethiopians in the U.S. are building. There have been stories right here in this web site about Ethiopians excelling in many fields, including building amazingly successful businesses.

  5. Gerami

    One thing that ethiopians should not be proud is by ur ethiopianity. What a scum! work hard and build whatever you want but dont steal like the wayannies( whom you are a member). While your woyannies are stealing the poor countries wealth, the diaspora has to work hard and feed the victims……this what the woyannies call it justies.

  6. Gerami on


    You don’t get my point here. Before getting Bereket Simon on me, try to understand what my point is. I agree with you, there are many Ethiopians excelling in foriegn countries and that makes me proud. There is one Ethiopian whom CNN listed him as one of 10 heroes of this year. That makes me proud. I am proud when I hear Ethiopians succeding in any area, Athletics, fashion or you name it. I am not saying Ethiopians are not excelling. But this particular story, Ethiopians building a church in the US does not make me proud. Sorry to disappoint you. What is the church is for? For hodam Diacons and Kesis sit and eat thier. I don’t want to blame the guys who did this. Anybody can do whatever pleases him/her. The title of the story is Ethipians in Denver make Ethiopia proud. All I am saying is I am not proud and nobody should. Got it deme?


  8. Belewe on

    From what I heared from my sister who lives in Denver, there are handful dedicated Ethiopians who against all odds built this magnificant church. I also heared they were kicked out from their own church by Woyanne thugs in early 1990s. In 2003 Aba Paulos was so much against them and their plan to build this church, he unleashed Mahebere Kidusan on them to shut down the project unless the church accepts his authority. They prevailed!

    Here are some links I received, go visit:

    Long live Ethiopia and the Ethiopians in Denver who built this temple in his name.

    They make all of us proud!!!

  9. Teddy on

    Your comment reminds me what Jesus told to peoples who were criticizing one wonderful woman. A lady brought a very expensive perfume at a gathering where Jesus was present and pours it at Jesus’s leg and wiped it with her hair while weeping about her sins. Some people in that house began criticizing her. They said why not this expensive perfume was sold and the money given to the poor. Jesus knew what they were thinking and reprimands them. He praised her and said to the audience that what this woman did for him will be remembered for ever. As for the poor they are always living around you and you can help them always.Do you see the parallel?

  10. Tekle Giorgis on

    I am one of the fortunate members of the church from whom God have privileged me to be part of the building process. It took us 5 years to finish the construction of the church that sits 1,000 people on a 5 acre land with ample parking and playground for our children.

    I was also a member of the Ethiopian Drought Relief of Colorado group that was formed within the church, who in 2,000 and 2003 raised over $100,000 and distributed the funds through UN World Food Programme to alleviate the dreadful famine in Ethiopia. Indeed, one cannot neglect the Jesus’ commandment ……….”For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in” Matthew 25:35, all while the community was resolved in building, the largest church ever constructed outside of Ethiopia. God shows his miracle by choosing the few and enabling them to do wonder in his name.

    The name of the church is ‘Dagmawit Gishen Mariam’ bestowed from the most revered church monastery in Wello where the section of the true cross is still kept. Here is a basic information at

    In Ethiopia many of the faithful, take annual pilgrimage to the monastery during Meskel Demera. Subsequently, the Denver Church is chosen to observe this holy period along with Meskerem Mariam Coronation for all Ethiopians who live outside of Ethiopia. This year we were blessed to be joined with many Ethiopians who made this pilgrimage from all over North America and Europe.
    Please join us next year of Meskel Demera event and confirm the date by visiting

    Wesbehat L’Egziabher

  11. Anonymous on


    I am not sure I get your point but we can agreee to disagree without getting political. I wonder why every issue is political for us, Ethiopians. This is a simple issue, Ethiopians built a church in the US. Is it something to be proud of? I don’t think it is for the reasons I tried to mention above. If you think otherwise list your points and try to convince me. We don’t look from the same country if we insult each other in every issue. Let us see some issues out politics.

  12. እንድርያስ on

    ዴንቨሮች እንኳን ደስ አላችሁ! ሁላችንም ኮራንባችሁ። ሁሉም ሊሳካላችሁ የቻለው አባ ዳያቢሎስ ወይም ታጋይ ጳውሎስን ማራቃችሁ ነው። አሁንም በምንም ዓይነት የአባ ዲያቢሎስን ካድሬዎችና በገንዘብ የተገዙ ቅጥረኞች መሃላችሁ እንዳይገቡና በስይጣናዊ መርዛቸውን እንዳይበክሏችሁ በርታችሁና ነቅታችሁ ቤተክርስቲያናችሁን ጠበቁ። አባ ዲያቢሎስ ያስፈሰሰው የባህታዊ ፈቃደ ስላሴ ደም ልክ የወንድሙን የአቤልን ደም እንዳፈሰሰው እንደ ቃየል ሲያባንነው ስለሚኖር አጠገባችሁ እንዳይጠጋ ነቅታችሁ ጠብቁ። ልዑል እግዚያብሔር አይለያችሁ?

  13. Yibeltale on

    This church is a testimony to the fact that when Ethiopian are united they can do a miracle. But the enmey of Ethiopian people like Aba Gebremedhene a.k.a. Tagay Paulos are working day and night to distroy Ethipia. Tagay Paulos shoul be held accoutable to his crimes like the murder of Bahetawi Fekadeselassie.

  14. Anonymous on

    That is great. I love that church. We will definetely visit. Did you know that Abune Paulos has been denied a visa to South Africa after having been accused of smuggling 400 weyanes into the country.

  15. Anonymous on

    This is just way to beautiful. I am going to find the mailing address and send them a check. We should all help this church.. they are a great example to all of us..


  16. not in my name on

    I am an Ethiopian and no I am not proud of Ethiopians building a church in Denver while many children in Ethiopia need support. Those Ethiopians who are a member of the church may call themselves proud but don’t include us and say all Ethiopians are proud because of you chosing to spend money on a building while many die hunger in Ethiopia.

  17. not in my name on

    Gerami, you said the following

    All over the internet it is the pictures of our hungry dying brothers and sisters. Here you applaud a castle built in a wealthy country. What good come out of it

    let me say what you said above and the whole comment is spot on! I couldn’t say any more!

  18. Aden1 on

    May more of God’s will and blessing continue to be with your church community.

    This is good news, encouraging, historical and a good legacy for the future.

  19. Gerami on

    Thanks not in my name,

    It is good to hear from Ethiopians that think straight.

    Stay blessed

  20. Anonymous on


    Gerami ….. What part of Ethio were you born??? Wait, I have a pretty good guess!!!

    Do you mean Wayane Pminister stealing money and wealth from the mouth of our hungry and dying brothers, sisters, babies, young and elders and built and still building Hi-rises, Luxiray Villas, Shoping Malls, Factories, Business Buildings, for himself, his wife, his relatives, his friends,his extended families, his employees and their families such as Berekt, his body guards, his supporters etc.? Do you mean this Wayane’s hand is in full swing to make sure Ethiopians other than Tigray province born to dye of hunger, diseases and poverty?

    Do you also mean that Ethiopian wealth, resourses and money he has been being snatched and pick-poketted from the poor Ethio people since he illegally sized power and uses it to beautify the once dirt road Mekele Town so that Mekele born men and women will give him full support in his robbing, arresting and killing spree?

    Rest assured, despite Waynae and others who are attemptting to destroy my country’s people, rich history and culture there are many many Proud, Ethiopians who would put forward great effort and extra ordinary actions to make Ethiopia always shine.

    Building a Great Ethiopian Church in foreign land is one of real Ethiopians achivements. No one asked you to be proud of this great work. We are proud of who we are and what we do.

    Real Ethiopians heart is bleeding and saddened by the current poverity and hunger of our people that is mainly caused by Waynae regime. They are doing what ever they can to help including preserving our way of life where ever we go.


  21. Melaku on

    Dear Ethi

    Words indeed matter to uplift a nation. May God Bless you and your family for standing up in articulating the case with such eloquence.

    Only an alien invading army devoid of all sense of belonging to a nation will fill saddened when the rest of Ethiopian are rejoicing.

    The Ethiopians in Denver truly are blessed in achieving this milestone when one considers what they went through. I attended the event and heard the Deacon, the point person who built this church making the case that the building is also part museum space to collect and save Ethiopian treasurer that are being looted by Woyane and its gangs and sold to the highest bidder through out the world. Bravo!

    Long Live Ethiopia

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