Manage stress to stay healthy

Stress is a common feeling among students, especially those who are in college. Juggling the responsibilities of a young adult and of a student is not as easy as it may seem. Some develop certain kind of anxiety that leads to depression just because of being under constant stress at school. Coping with stress is not taught in school and that makes the struggle worse than ever. We have put together some tips from essay zoo to help students who are having their hard time coping with stress. These tips will help you manage stress and become a healthier version of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.

  • Don’t be so hard on yourself – The only person who will help you when you are down is yourself, so you should not punish yourself so much. When a mistake had been done, think of a way to make it right instead of kicking yourself too much and wasting time in regrets. That way, you will be more productive and stress will not be a part of your system. You are your own team, when everybody leaves, you will be forced to do things all by yourself. If you are always hard on yourself, your self-esteem will drop and your stress will turn into depression. You should not let that happen. When you are satisfied with yourself, you will be happier. A happier person has a healthy mind and that will affect even the physical and emotional aspects of your well-being.
  • Make time for relaxation – After a very stressful hell week you should know how to treat yourself. Relax and make yourself feel better after all your hard work. Just like any other individual, you deserve a day off from all the worries and stress. A time for relaxation can be as simple as a long sleep or a day out of town, by the beach, or anything that will calm your nerves and make your forget about all the deadlines even just for a short time. A relaxation is necessary while studying. This will make you realize that despite all the responsibilities, you are still young and living free. Relaxation is healthy for the mind, because it attracts positive energy which makes the body livelier and less prone to anxiety and depression.
  • Talk to someone – Talking to someone in nerve wracking moments can be calming. When you are under so much pressure and you can’t focus on the things that you have to do, talking to someone will somehow relax your nerves and make you think faster. Spare a little time to talk to a friend and tell them the thing that bothers you the most. The feeling of having someone to confide your emotions will make you feel secure about the future. Knowing someone is always ready to listen to all your rants and worries makes you feel important and loved. The satisfaction that you get when talking to someone lifts up your self-esteem and makes you more productive as a person and as a student.
  • Keeping a Journal – If you are an introvert having a hard time sharing thoughts with other people, a journal will help you ease those worries. You can write down all the ideas that come to your mind, regardless if it is a bad or a good one. The journal will serve as your shock absorber when you can’t handle all of the thoughts that bother you.

The major advantage of letting out negative thoughts is being free. When you have already emptied your brain from everything that distracts you, you can focus on the things that you have to do.   

  • Meditate – Meditation is a form of relaxation that will give you peace of mind. Every day you encounter stress and there will be moments when you will find yourself lost meeting tight deadlines, running to classes and fulfilling all the responsibilities you have as a student. Through meditating you can clear your mind from all the noise of the world around you. Take some time every day to breath and free your mind from all thoughts. Give yourself a minute or two to just breathe and feel the air passing through your nose and then your lungs and then your mouth. Make meditation a habit and you will notice that you have become calmer, more focused and organized.
  • Plan ahead of time – Planning might be a bit hard for the young people, because most of them want to live in the moment. Spontaneity is fine as long as you do not have any important things to do, but when there are scheduled meetings, exams, deadlines and etc. you have to make a plan and work it out. Planning ahead of time will save you a lot of money, energy and time. You can start by planning weekly and sticking to it. That way you will know how to discipline yourself. Cramming your homework and reports in one night will produce a mediocre outcome.  Know when to say no to unnecessary events that will mess up the plan that you’ve made. You must know that time for work and relaxation is two different days that cannot be mixed up. You will become a responsible adult if you make planning a habit.
  • Rest – Relaxation and rest are two intertwined things that are different from each other. The allotted time for relaxation can only happen on your day off, while time for rest should always be included in your everyday routine. When you are doing so much work during the day, you can take a quick nap and that is considered rest. You have to regain your energy for a very long day, so quick rests are allowed; just make sure that work will be prioritized. Sleeping at night is the best rest that you will get after a very tiring day and that should not be neglected. When you have a lot of deadlines due the next morning, you should not sacrifice your sleep and cram the night before. Resting is essential to every working individual because it will make your mind healthier and your body stronger.
  • Embrace Positivity – They say that you attract what you think, so in order to attract positivity you have to think positive. Positivity affects the person holistically and it radiates from inside out. Every situation has its positive and negative sides; the perspective of the person will determine the outcome. If you dwell on the negative side you will surely mess up the situation, but if you choose to focus on the positive, everything is most likely to fall into its right place eventually. Optimistic people are mostly the confident type, because they think about advantages of the circumstances instead of focusing on the negative. Winston Churchill once said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

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