The UK government’s ugly hypocrisy: They supported terrorist TPLF and now label a Ginbot 7 official as terrorist!

The following report on the U.K. Daily Mail today details charges filed against a senior member of an Ethiopian opposition party, Ginbot 7. The U.K. government is putting on trial Dr Tadesse Birru Kersmo, an executive committee member of Ginbot 7. It is to be remembered that the U.K. government had provided financial, political, and military support to Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) and Eritrean People Liberation Front (EPLF) while they were fighting to overthrow the Ethiopian Marxist government led by Mengistu Hailemariam. Both TPLF and EPLF were engaged in countless terrorist acts. When TPLF came to power in Ethiopia, the U.K. government continued to finance the regime’s mass murder of civilians who peacefully demanded their basic civil rights. The U.K. government’s obscene hypocrisy is now in full display at the terror trial of Dr Tadesse in a U.K. court. Dr Tadesse is a Christian Ethiopian (not an Islamic terrorist, as the report tries to suggest) whose only guilt is his gullibility that Eritrea is serious about helping Ethiopian opposition parties who are struggling to resist Ethiopian regime’s genocidal dictatorship. The terror charge against Dr Tadesse is laughable and should be thrown out of court if there is any smidgen of justice in the U.K. judiciary system. Read the report below:

University lecturer given UK asylum ‘who had copy of Terrorism For Dummies and US Navy Seal sniper manual flew out to Ethiopian terror training camp’

A university lecturer who was granted asylum in the UK allegedly flew out to an Ethiopian terrorist training camp and was caught with a ‘Terrorism for Dummies’ manual.

Tadesse Kersmo, 51, was arrested by counter terrorism officers at London Heathrow Airport in September last year on an inbound flight from Eritrea, via Cairo.

Snaresbrook Crown Court today heard the Ethiopian national collected military-themed documents about guerrilla warfare tactics, including one called ‘Put ’em down Take ’em Out Knife Fighting’.

Within a file marked ‘military’ on his hard drive he had a manual on US Navy Seal sniper training, jurors were told.

Downloaded on May 11th, 2016, it contained information on hitting moving targets, shooting at night, weapons and training schedules.
Asked why he would download such a manual, Kersmo told police: ‘Well simply interested and I found them because they’re there, I don’t know actually, actually I cannot explain.

‘I simply get documents, I downloaded them.’

He denied downloading it to train himself or others to be snipers, and said he had no skills with weapons.

He is alleged to have been a prominent critic of his country’s government before he fled to the United Kingdom and was granted asylum in 2009. […] CONTINUE READING

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