World Bank calls this “progress” in Ethiopia

The regime in Ethiopia [with money borrowed from World Bank and others] is building highways everywhere, even in the south, to connect with Kenya. But while brand new roads are open, people still walk bare feet, or on horses, like in ancient times. – Eric Lafforque

5 comments on “World Bank calls this “progress” in Ethiopia

  1. Ewnetu Yineger on

    Thank you for exposing this criminal collusion between the World Bank corrupt bureaucrats and the Woyanne brutal murderers

  2. gebreab on

    The World Bank should not be blamed for making financial availability for development in any country.What we should do is find a way to make leaders in 3rd world countries accountable for their corruption schemes.Ethiopia has been a beneficiary of WB & IMF assistance “if we call it” for a long time.However,presnetly the government is focusing in using the money borrowed in the name of the country to develop the rulling groups province of tigray,neglecting the bulk of Ethiopians and leaving them in poverty and darkness.Eventually it is the people of Ethiopia who failed their country by allowing an ethno centric regime to rule without challenging it with a sound democratic or otherwise opposition.

  3. koster on

    The World Bank is not a World Bank but an American Bank whose main purpose is to indebt the countries so that they give their resources, military base for America in exchange. John Perkins in his two books clearly stated how it works.The Road is build at an inflated price whether it is used to drive cars or donkeys it is not the problem of America/World Bank.

    The road from Addis Ababa to Bahar Dar was built three contractors – Addis Ababa – Goha Tsion (Japan), Dejen – Dur Bete (Chinese), Dure Bete – Bahar Dar – 20-30 km by Woyane and from what I read in the book mentioned above this is “a legal cheating” by corrupt leaders. The contract will be given to the Chinese at a very inflated rate and they (the Chinese return part of the money as a kick back to Woyane in such a form). If your Intellegince Unit take this assignment and investigate it would be nice for all Ethiopians to know it.

  4. The expansion of road construction in Ethiopia should be applauded regardless of who governs Ethiopia or who did the funding.

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