Video: TPDM fighters in action

5 thoughts on “Video: TPDM fighters in action

  1. The TPLF junta just proved themselves once again how stupid they are. It is a fool politics to concentrate on what Birtukan or any other opposition said while the country is in a number of problems. They are all stupid!

  2. TPLf gangsters are loosing Ethiopia one province at a time. I will 2009 will be a year of success to all Ethiopian and specifically to EPPF, TPDM, OLF, ONLF and other poletical groups. I hope your strugle will lead to a pecefull Ethiopia. Happy new year Everyone.

  3. koster on

    The TPLF did not make anything secret, they are doing everything according to plan. It is the failure of the hodams, the loyal oppositions in parliament and the weak and divided opposition outside parliament which is prolonging the tyranny and the suffering of the Ethiopian people.

    Mengistu freed the Ethiopian peasantry from feudalism and we need another Mengistu who will reverse woyane`s tribal politics and eliminate the 16 intermarried woyane mafias who are looting and killing in the name of Tigreans.

  4. Gnbot 7 Lover on

    The TPDM are great Ethiopian warriors who are tired of Meles using Tigrai names when it does not benefit them.
    2009 should be a year when all Amhara Tigray Oromo Somali and other Ethiopian armed fighters unite against Weyane.

    I am proud these brave TPDM fighters are standing up and are coming from all sides of Tigray. From Axum, Mekele, Tembien, Humera, Adwa, Shire, Maychew, Welkait, Adigrat, Howzen, Raya and the rest.

    Stand up for Ethiopia!

    TPDM, Gnbot 7 and other ETHIOPIAN armed fighters!!!!!!!!!

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