Defeated Woyanne begun final pullout from Somalia

(BBC) – [The Woyanne regime in] Ethiopia says its troops have begun their final pullout from Somalia, after two years helping the [puppet] transitional government fight insurgents.

Ethiopian Prime Minister dictator Meles Zenawi’s spokesman said the withdrawal would take several days.

A convoy of about 30 Ethiopian Woyanne vehicles loaded with troops and equipment has left the Somali capital, Mogadishu.

Hours earlier a roadside bomb killed two Ethiopian Woyanne soldiers and several civilians died when troops opened fire.

“We have already started to implement our withdrawal plan. It will take some more days. It is a process and it will take some time,” Bereket Simon, special adviser to Meles Zenawi, told AFP news agency.

There are currently some 3,600 Ugandan and Burundian African Union (AU) peacekeepers in Somalia who are due to take over security duties until joint units involving government forces and moderate opposition factions are established.

But there are fears that violence will continue despite a peace deal between Somalia’s transitional government and one of the main opposition factions.

Various Islamist and nationalist groups now control much of southern Somalia.

Government forces only control parts of Mogadishu and the town of Baidoa.

13 comments on “Defeated Woyanne begun final pullout from Somalia

  1. Danab on

    Despite mass killing, rape, deportation and the use of the most horrific weapons supplied by the US, the occupation of Mogadisho is now almost over. Mogadisho exposed more than anything else the weakness of Woyanne. The war in Mogadisho showed the Ethiopian people that Meles is not invincible. We know now that Woyannes can be defeated.
    Aluta Continua

  2. WeyaneKiller on

    The Meles regime worked tirelessly to forge an alliance among Eritrea’s immediate neighbors to diplomatically isolate and frustrate Eritrea. After few years of fanfare and photo apps, the Yemen-Ethiopia and Sudan alliance faltered. Eritrea has successfully brought Sudan into its fold and its diplomatic relations with Egypt, Libya, Chad, and the Arab world is progressing well. And, now the new strategic alliance with Iran is getting much attention and Eritrea is well prepared to take advantage of this spotlight because for first time, Eritrea’s ne strategic alliance will elucidate Eritrea’s strategic importance and the region and also make the American administration to re-think its policy of shoving Eritrea aside will not bring any dividends to uncle Sam’s national interest. Thanks to those strategic alliances, Eritrean army is no w equipped with MIGS, SU-27s, SAM missiles, Surface to Air missiles, sophisticated tanks, short range missile armed war ships and newly introduced strategic missiles with more than few hundred miles range.

  3. Eritrawi on

    This is indeed the result of ill concieved adventurism of the only super power through its client regime Woyanne. President Isayas Afewerki having been part of a legitimate war for indepence since is teenage years correctly predicted that Woyanne was going to be stuck in Somalia and eventually defeated by the Somali people. As tragic as the Woyanne invastion of Somalia was it helped unite the Somali people and exposed the warlords for good. All the warlords and clannish reactionaries got exposed and the Somali people rightfully supported the Somali freedom fighters.

    From this point on what is left is Woyanne’s shrinking influence withing Ethiopia, all the armed opposition groups will enhance their popular organizations side by side with their military operations all the way to Woyanne’s back yard. It is only a matter of time, the emergence of wise leadership withing EPPF, ONLF, OLF, TPDM and the other armed opposition groups will ensure equal participation within Ethiopian body politic, that will usher in a new era of governance based on equal participation by all segements of the Ethiopian people. The old one ethnic group dominance with the help of foreign powers will be burried once and for all. Thanks to the holy alliance of the above mentioned armed opposition groups with the government of Eritrea peace will prevail, backwardness, hunger, disease and ignorance will be overcome through hard work and internal capacity with cooperation of all the people of the Horn of Africa.

    ER under the courageous leadership of Mr. Elias is playing a constructive role in this endeavour, Mr. is a true Ethiopian patriot and I hope he will be part of the future leadership of Ethiopia.

  4. Anonymous on


    sebhat is great but, how about ibrahim afa, haile wendenkiel.

    f… woyane

  5. Qoraxey on

    Meles doesn`t have the courage and the decency to admit his defeat in Somalia but the fact speaks for itself.His savage army is running for dear live in Somalia in a cowardly and confused manner.Yes,the Woyannes are not ten feet tall but scared rats when they face real fighters.The people of Ethiopia should not allow these sadistic dictator and his army of gangs to abuse them any longer.We,the Ogadenis will resist them til we free ourselves from these killers from the highland.

  6. BreakItDown on 24/7 amahric ERI TV Program link it to your website

    the greatest African General –Sebhat Ephrem of Eritrea- When he
    said, “you don’t built a building and not know how to bring it down”. Yes indeed Shabia
    built the rag tag TPLF army from bottom up and it knows how to dismantle it and it is way
    4. Meles’ support of Eritrea’s opposition groups to topple President Issaias Afeworki has been a zero-sum calculation. On the contrary, Eritrea has succesfuly trained, armed Ethiopian opposition groups to successfully wage an armed struggle against the Melees regime. The ONLF is now a force to be reckoned with. Meles has launched a repeated coordinated mechanized offensive against ONLF fighters and terribly failed to wipe out the freedom fighters. There is one option left for Meles when it comes to Ogadenia and that is to sit down and cave in to the demands of the freedom fighters!! Other armed groups like OLF, TPDM, EPPF, Gambella Liberation Front, Biashangul Liberation Front, Southern Ethiopia Liberation Front, Sidama Liberation Front are posing credible threat to Meles regimes existence. Adding to the internal opposition, Eritrea skillfully drawn Meles into the Somalia quagmire and now Somalia is turning into becoming the Vietnam for Meles regime and Somalia will also cause the downfall of the Meles regime. What Meles has achieved in Somalia? The answer is nothing; on the contrary it has sown deep rooted hatred of the Somalia people toward Ethiopia. This will trigger Somalia’s to elevate their support Ethiopian opposition groups like ONLF, OLF and others. President Issaias Afeworki has envisioned this quagmire perfectly, now the 3 million Eritreans will face the Meles regime along the ONLF, OLF, EPPF, TPDM, Sidama Liberation front, Gambella Liberation Front and others.

    To sum up, the Meles strategy has terribly failed and now he is literally begging some European nations to help him settle the border raw with Eritrea. In the last ten years, President Issaias Afeworki steady hand in regard to the border issue has made the act ecliptically. As we all remember, when the verdict was rendered, the unashamed Ethiopian foreign minister told Ethiopians in broad day light that Badme as rewarded to Ethiopia and poor Weyane followers celebrated this fabricated victory news by going out in mass in Meskel square to only reminded that they ere followed by their foreign minister. The fiasco will never end there. Then Meles wrote a letter to UNSC council that the verdict as terminally flawed and Ethiopia will never accept it and he came up with his five point plan. And, then swallowed his own words and declared that he accepted the verdict in principle. The drama never ends there now he is telling the international community…forget what I said before now I have accepted the verdict unconditionally….The border commission knowing fully well Meles’ unwillingness to settle the border dispute with Eritrea in a legal manner issued a precise virtual demarcation and warped up its duty and existence. Now, Meles is calling the virtual demarcation as legal “none-sense”. If the past pattern is any indication, Issaias ‘s steady hand will once force Meles to accept the virtual demarcation and ask in return to stop supporting Ethiopian opposition groups but by then it will be too late. All in all, the tiny nation of three million people has successfully kept the Meles regime at bay thanks to the indomitable and determined people! Now I know the greatest African General –Sebhat Ephrem of Eritrea- When he said, “you don’t built a building and not know how to bring it down”. Yes indeed Shabia built the rag tag TPLF army from bottom up and it knows how to dismantle it and it is well in its way!! What a people and what a country!!!!

    Weyane & his cadre your time is u

  7. Omos on

    TPLF’s invicibility was, of course, a big lie as any other utterance that comes from their mouths. As most of us are aware by now they are nothing more than pathological liers and bunch of sadists who enjoy hurting defenceless civilians.
    In reality the TPLF fighters are neither invicible nor really worthy tough fighters when they are confronted in battlefield by hardened fighters. They are good enough only in terrorizing and abusing the innocent and defenceless. Both of the above have been clearly proven in the Ogaden, elsewher in Ethiopia and now in Somalia. They are also known to lack discipline and restraint in the face of defeat as they start shooting one another in their barracks. A bizarre way of conducting a fight!.

  8. Anonymous on

    I Heard lot’s of negative comment about Ethiopia/Eritrea from many Ethiopians and Eritreans as well but there is something i did not here that is how both brotherly people live in peace with out killing each other for me i have been sick and tired of the killing after all both people are the same
    that is why the Eritreans talked about Ethiopia all the time so is for Ethiopians . people please enough is enough let’s teach our kids how to live in peace and love..

  9. tiru on

    Yet again I am in love with this site. Thank you for fixing the written false informations. A prime minister is an elected official not some dictator that holds fake elections( to appear democratic) that he will eventually steal killing and imprisoning anyone that cames in his way. Also thank you again for not calling them Ethiopian troops. They are not period. Also thanks for saying they were defeated. Whoever wrote this I want to say I love you.

  10. matti on

    The defeat of the weyane bandits in the hands of Somalis freedom fighters is/was a must for the sake of the innocent peoples blood shed; even though it’s one of the important aspects for the peoples of Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djoubiti, and Sudan. Legesse Z., Azeb Mesfin, Seyoum Mesfin, Mebrahtu G/hiwot (ak Bereket Simon), their traitor Eritrean masters/advisors, and Dr. Frazer must be broughtto the court of law for causing too much of destruction to the greatest communities of the horn of Africa. Legesse Z. and his other Tigryan accomplices gambling with the innocent people of Somalia, Eritrea, and Ethiopia are not forgiven and for this THE PEOPLE OF THE HORN OF AFRICA RECOMEND TIGRYANS TO ACT IN A FAIRLY MANNER TO BRING THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE CRIMES THAT HAD BEEN COMMITTED AGAINTST; IF NOT THE CONSEQUENCES UPON YOU AND YOUR COUNTRY COULD BE RISK FOR MANY GENERATION TO COME.

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