‘New Ethiopian law restricts NGO activities’ – U.S.

Press Statement
Robert Wood, Deputy Spokesman
U.S. Department of State
Washington, DC

The United States is concerned that the Charities and Societies Proclamation (CSO law) passed this week by the Ethiopian Parliament appears to restrict civil society activities and international partners’ ability to support Ethiopia’s own development efforts.

We recognize the importance of effective oversight of civil society organizations to ensure accountability, efficiency, transparency, and a clear set of operating procedures for NGOs. However, we are concerned this law may restrict U.S. government assistance to Ethiopia, particularly on promoting democracy and good governance, civic and human rights, conflict resolution, and advocacy for society’s most vulnerable groups — areas the Ethiopian government has defined as critical for development.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a perfect example of lip service

5 thoughts on “‘New Ethiopian law restricts NGO activities’ – U.S.

  1. Shame on you on

    On one side financing and advising to kill innocent Ethiopian children, on another side to make look opposing what is happening to the same people in Ethiopia. Shame on US government who is financing killer machine of innocent people of the world in particular Ethiopians.

  2. The Ethiopian is misbehaving on

    The Ethiopian government need to listen to the us since they are paying their salaries and evrything that they have. You can not say we need your money and want to ristrict them at the same time. Or they need to pull themselves from the receipient end. Weather they like it or not they have no power no money to use in their levrage.

  3. The State Dept.Can tell this dictator Meles who is killing the innocent civillians in Ogaden,Gamballa,Oromia and the rest of Ethiopia to knock it off.

  4. Unity First on

    well said Elias, this is absolutely lip service. The only solution is to unite to avoid this corrupt and murderer dictator and his gangsters-Bereket, Sibhat and Siyum who are generational enemies for unity !

    Unity First!

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