One of Ethiopia’s richest businessmen Duguma Hundie died

Duguma Hundie, the owner of DH Gheda Industries and one of the richest businessmen in Ethiopia, has died today.

Ato Duguma is the third prominent businessman to die within the past 30 days in Ethiopia, Awramba Times reported.

Two weeks ago Yohannes Getaneh and Asfaw Yirga, owners of Ase Marbel and Getaneh Trading reportedly committed suicide.

Some family members of Ato Duguma said that chocking is the cause of his death, but business associates suspect that it is related to politics and bank loan.

The Meles regime is currently persecuting and confiscating the properties of several high profile businessman who are not members of the ruling party. In December last month, it has frozen the bank accounts of 23 business owners.

Duguma Hundie is said to be the 3rd richest businessman in Ethiopia next to Al Amoudi and Samuel Tafesse.

Meles Zenawi’s family and top members of the Tigrean People Liberation Front (Woyanne) are in fact the richest people in Ethiopia, but it is difficult to estimate their wealth.