Video: Tamrat Layne repents

Ethiopia’s ex-prime minister Tamrat Layne repents at a church in Addis Ababa.

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  1. Anonymous on

    From Mr.Harer
    I am very much glad and agree to read most of the comments. Tamerat can follow any relgion, it is his perssonel issue. But he sould stand infront of justice what he has done so far especilly of killing of innocent poor Ethiopian. I lost my dad, mam and sister because of abuse of his power when he was prime minster. Can you fell it waht it means when you loss your family because of one gay. Otherwise, people can do what ever they want while in power like tamrat confess either in church or mosique. I did not mind of the repetance but should get appropriate punshement from the justice for the worng thing that he has done. it will be a lesson for the rest of us to use the power that we have before lossing it. He should be responsible and should be penished for killing of poor innocent people. Dear readers, I am indeed sure you will share me this truth probaly if you are vitims of his power. How can we just keep silent for someone do some thing wrong to the extent of killing innocent people. Other wise it will be beswu qusel enchet sidedubte and punshiment from our leader will continue since they do not get lesson.

  2. Awulachew on

    I am sorry for I missed the comments that I missed about Tamirat Layine. Had it not been the case of the Oromo,it should have been posted. But because I touched the very core part of what Tamirat did the last decade you erased it. But I also jotted the issue of the Amhara ethnic group whom he massacured and hid responsiblity for the death of the late professor Asrat and the economic vulnerability of the Amhars’ giving hand to the minority TPLF. Tamirat is responsible ands accounatable for the 30,000 Oromo in Nazi concenbtration camps from Mekele under groung to Zewayi and from Didhessa to Showa Robit. He ius responsible for the massacure of innocent Oromo and Oromo refugees. He is also responsible for the enemity he dispersed among the different ethnic groups in Ethiopia. The Amharas’ like the Oromo suffered in the hands of Tamirat Layine and history judges him sooner or latter. He was working as the backbone of the TPLF wiht the so called OPDo and both his party and the teletafies as awhole are judged publicly.

    Thank you for not posting. But, as an Ethiopian my vies shpould have been posted. I am Oromo and I am an Ethiopian. As an Oromo and an Ethiopian, my right needed to be respected and the posts need to be posted but the Ethiopian review writers deprived me of my right. Thank you.

    But still truth jugdges Tamirat and his Party TPLF.

  3. Anonymous on

    This is for Elsa, grow up. Are you trying to be smart. But your writing makes you as dumb as you are. I am Orthodox christian. I like the comment sent by one of you guys..most of us changed locaton but not our attitude or our out look. So please do not send such a meaningless comments. People like you are the ones who are making all the mess. In any case I really feel sorry for most of you here who are filled with hate…I think you are much better of to confess your sin and promote peace like Tamrat. He changes his life, well and good.. thik about yourself and leave the man alone

  4. Bodicho on

    Senetewawek antenanek. There is no half way trip in this serious undertaking. Remember that you are speaking in front of god who knows what is in us.
    Confess the atrocities you committed to millions poor Ethiopians for years!! Courageously take responsibility for being a prime instrument of evil and sustained destruction that has docked the country at this perilous end. Then repentance will be full.
    Otherwise, the knowledge I have about you prompts me to think that you are now just taking a breath and sheltering yourself from the boggling mental assail until conditions ripen for you to mount the next episode of scandal and betrayal.
    I hope we will hear from you soon.

  5. tintagu on

    ድሮዉንስ ከወያኔ ጋር ስታቸፈችፍ የነበረዉ ምን ለማግኘት ነዉ:: ሌሎች ወያኔ ለእርድ የሚያደልባችሁ ልበቢሶችስ ከዚህ መማር ትችሉ ይሆን????

    ጥንቱን ነበረ እንጂ መጥኖ መደቆስ
    አሁን ምን ያደርጋል ድስት ጥዶ ማልቀስ

  6. Anonymous on

    kkkkkkkkkk አይ እንባ መቼ መዳን በእንባ ሆነ ሆኖ መገኘት ነው እውን አቶ ታምራት የበደሉትን ይቅርታ ሳይጠይቁ ወዪም ደግሞ የበታተኑትን ህዝብ አንድ ሳያደርጉ እውነት በአዞ እንባ ምህረት ይገኛል ለማንኛውም የርሶን ብቻ አይደለም የሁላቺሁንም እ/ር እስኪያሳየን ወደሱ አሁንም እንቾካለን የኢትዮጵያ እናት እንባዋ መሬት ፈሶ አይቀርም አሁንም ቢሆን ትልኩ መልክቴ የርሶን እንባ ከአለም ገታ ከእየሱስ እንባ ጋር ማመሳሰልወትን ትተው ልክ እንደ እየሱስ እንደተከበሉት ለወገኖቺዎት ለበደሉት ምስኪን ህዝብ መስዋት ሁኑ አየናቸው ታደለ

  7. Anonymous on

    ታምራተ ያንተ ንገር በጣም እያስፈራኝ ነው::
    ለማንኛውም ቭዛ ካርድህን እና ማስተር ካርድሀን እየቆጠብክ ተጠቀም ከሁሉም በላይ ደግሞ ለስየ አብርሃ እንዳታሳየው ::

  8. mikias wonji on

    forgive those who have done wrong to you, and i will forgive you. unless you beleave that you have not coumted any sin then dont forgive tamerat layne. Keep asking for the money. In my opinion tamerat leyne is a good exampel how god bring us out off trile and trubulation. His testemony has a lot to do with gods forgiveness and less of what man may think. god bless Ethiopia/Eritria. I love you all with no condition.

  9. Ewent becha yazu on

    Egeziabher yakeberewen sew ayenakew. We all are sinners(Bezu negr sertnal. geta yemiyawekew ) and we don’t have the glory of God. But he is the only one who could washed our sins. hatiyat serten Keleb yehon forgiveness yemenagegnew KGETA EYESUS becha new enji k “ethiopia hezeb ” ayedelem
    Ato tamirat you have made a good decision. GOD abezeto Bless you. Please testimony jesue for all with your word and christianawi life. You should pray always. Since satan always wants kudusan not to live for Jesus.
    at last i will leave you this message.Please read the Bible on 2Timo2-1 and Ephes 6+ 10-20

  10. ewent on

    Dear Ato Tamerat

    God bless you. I will leave these messages Please read a Bible on 2 Thimo 2-1 and Ephes 6+ 10-20

  11. Zekarias on

    I have read many comments in here about Tamirat. Many of you don’t have the slightest clue of what it means to repent. Many of you in fact were salivating to hear an inside scoop from Tamirat about all the evil deeds he and Meles and Co have committed. You see that kind of appetite and spiritual matters have nothing in common. Some mentioned Paul confessed his participation in the murder of Stephen and others. But, that missed the context. Paul mentioned about that to argue his conversion, that is, to show to the people who doubted his conversion that he was once an enemy of Christ but now a servant of Him. You see Tamirat was not a persecutor of Jesus Christ and His followers. He was simply a sinner and enemy of God just like you and me. And, he said that many times.

    Read the story of Barabbas and Jesus in the Gospel of Mathews Chapter 27:17. All of us including Tamirat are but Barabbas. Jesus died in the place of Barabbas, in the place of me, and you. So, we should all rejoice witnessing the power of God onto salvation. Some even wondered what if Meles come forward and accept Jesus Christ. I say Glory to God. In fact, it is my prayer and it should be yours too that even Meles receives salvation which is a free gift of God.

    Our theme should be in the forgiveness of sins. John 8:1-11 and John 8:21-24. The message of forgiveness comes through very strongly in the story of the woman caught in. In this story, we have not only Jesus and the woman. We also have “the scribes and the Pharisees” (John 8:2). This is a story about (a) Jesus – the One who gives forgiveness; (b) the woman – the one who received forgiveness; (c) the scribes and the Pharisees -the people who refused forgiveness. Many of you, reading your comments, are like the scribes and the Pharisees. She would never forget the words which Jesus spoke to her: “Neither do I condemn you; go, and do not sin again” (John 8:11). In these words, Jesus speaks of the grace which forgives the sins of the past, the grace which lays claim to our lives in the future. Jesus stresses that those who have been forgiven by Him are to go on and live for Him. That and that is only Tamirat’s debt.

  12. Anonymous on

    Tamrat has come out of the sin that world being practiced in this univers. All of Ethiopian must follow his path to come to the living Jesus Christ. Jesus made the pay, so what u have remained is, your decision to come out the fance you are being.

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