An explosive book by a former TPLF insider

Tesfaye Gebre-Ab, an Ethiopian journalist and former high-level official with an intimate knowledge of the ruling Tigray People Liberation Front’s inner workings, has just written an explosive book entitled “The Journalist’s Memoir” that lays bare a great deal of highly sensitive secrets, including the assassinations of some prominent people and the motive behind them. Tesfaye currently lives in exile. The 400-page book is now being circulated in Europe and will soon be available in the U.S. It’s an absolute must read book.

Ethiopian Review’s Intelligence Unit has been able to get a copy of of the book. Here are a few excerpts about our friend in Seattle:

We’ll post a few more excerpts later on after obtaining permission from the author.

27 comments on “An explosive book by a former TPLF insider

  1. fikirte on

    Please Elias, we need Tesfaye’s book too. can you tell us how can we get it?


  2. Tessema on

    This guy is correct. Everyday, i vist his website, but i have never found (read) any important article. His articles are all about…Siye…or…Gebru…irob…Arena…etc.Thats good for nothing! Zerragna, Gotegna neger new !

  3. Arat Kilo on

    I am vindicated. I knew all along Abraha Belay is a devil. This is a sweet evidence. By the way there is no evidence than the current action of Abraha Belay selling Siyie Abraha. No matter what truth will always come out.

  4. Girma on

    I knew all the way Ethio media’s Abreha belay was and still is a political prostitute. He is behind all the divisions of potentially capable opposition groups, including Kinijit. He is one of the various TPLF classified agents who work under guis of Diaspora Opposition. We have many like Abraha within our movement who, invisibly, became cancer to a meaningful progress of oppositions groups. He advocates that we should not work with Shabia, for he knows more than anyone that would be the ultimate demise of his bosses in Menilik Palace. Jero yalew yisma, Ethiopia is bleeding!!

  5. Ewenetu on

    Arat Kilo, Girma and all, truth is always slow and needs a lot of patience. Ethiomedia and other tribalist in our mist must be exposed for the struggle against weyane to materialize. The damage done by Ethiomedia and other news outlet in the last two years can be repaired if we rational and open ourselves to the truth. Let us not be fooled again by the Seyes,the Geberus ,their donkey media and their political allies.

  6. Demeraw Kifle on

    Thank you Elias.Where we can get the book?Abrah Belay is a despicable opportunist and anti Ethiopian devil.I never check ethiomedia.

  7. yenatulij on

    Follow country men and women. I don’t think one has to be a brain surgeon to realize the tribalist nature of Abraha Belai. He is consumed with hate of Eritrea and Eritreans that he pretends to be for Ethiopia when in fact he is another face of the Weyane regime. All he wanted to do is to get a piece of the pie that is currently under the exclusive might of the Weyane thugs. This guy and other Tigreans like him are drooling the day they will come to power by replacing the Weyanes with their own Tigrean [albeit crooked] agenda. i am willing to bet anyone should the Siyes, and Ghebrus 9God forbid0 upsurp state power in Ethiopia and if the opportunist Abraha Belai is left out in the poletical makeout, he would still be opposing those guys that he is now telling us that he supports. The guy is immoral, bankrupt woyanne of the likes of Tecola Hagos. They are all the same bunch of misfits whose mental consistency is beyond repair.

    Ethiopia and all Ethiopian affairs can be reconstructed on the bases of the interest and well being of the majority of our people and certainly not by few lost and confused Tigreans who do not seem to know that their fate is tied with that of the rest of the country.

    We need to be vigilant and work earnestly for the benefit of our people. We need to know who our real enemies are and work diligently to expose them. Thus long proven wrong idea of “Shabya this and that” will not help us realize our long overdue peace and tranquility which I am sure will follow with progress and development.

  8. Teshomech on

    Once again abreha belai, the cheap tribalist is busted. He was hiding in the name of Ethiopiawinet but on the contrary he is most advocator of woyane minority regime minus meles and his clique for evidence anyone can see his web site. The guy is supporter of article 39, dreamer and worker for the separation of his little tigrai.
    Thank you Elias, please tell us how to get the book. I and the public should know more truth about public enemies like mr abreha.

  9. Does this sound like a personal vendetta against Abreha Belai by the defected TPLF official? Or is it a Shabia-instigated campaign against staunch anti-Shabia Tigreans like Abreha? Where does the defected TPLF official currently reside — in Asmara?

    Of course, Elias will most likely not publish this letter on ER. The link between Elias and Shabia has a long and very disasterous history for Ethiopia. In our political naivity, we did allow Elias to prevent Kinijit’s leaders from taking their seats in parliament. We know what followed that decision. The only people that benefitted from that decision were Meles and Shabia, each in different ways. We should never allow Elias to sabotage democracy in ways that he did in 2005. As regards Abraha, he is a indeed a Tigrean ethnic ideologue but also a firm Ethiopian patriot. Ethiopia as a country can live perfectly with such Tigreans. The Tigrean tribalists that we oppose are the Greater Tigrai types such as Meles and Sebhat Nega. Of course, Shabians will never forgive the likes of patriots such as Abraha because they obstacles to their persistent dream to ethnically dividing Ethiopia.


  10. Namara on

    I recently wrote a comment on Professor Alemayehu’s inspiring article of unity and his continued effort to move forward the struggle of the Ethiopian people. In the comment I wrote:

    “The fragmentation cited are tactfully being fomented by the likes of “Abraha Belay” who mix criminals in the dialogue of the Ethiopian struggle. I am refering to the conspiracy to rehabilitate war criminals like “Seye Abraha, Gebru Asrat and Nagasso Gidada” to further create disillusion among Ethiopians.”

    Those I mentioned are enemies of Democracy and Ethiopians wish them to go away like Tamirat Layne – they don’t belong in our struggle – they can only become part of the dialogue after facing prosecution by the Ethiopian people for the crime they commited while they were party to Meles and the Tigrean crime family.

    Unfortunately Abraha Belay is using the likes of Prof. Alemayehu who innocently provide an intellectual cover by appearing in the mix. I am one of the most ardent admirers who recognize Professor Alemayehu for his caliber of the highest league, integrity, and consistent contribution to move the Ethiopian struggle forward. So I didn’t want him to be tainted or associated with the likes of Abraha Belay, Siye, Gebru and Nagasso.

    It is time to wake up and smell the coffee as the saying goes, Abraha Belay and “Ethiomedia” website is the diaspora equivalent of “Amare Aregawi”Ethiopian Reporter” – both of which are the disinformation medium for promoting woyane talking points.

    In his latest concerted effort of Seye rehabilitation campaign, he is introducing an array of criminals in our political dialogue – the likes of Seye, Gebru, Nagasso who are instrumental in creating wedges between legitimate political opposition forces such as G7, OLF, EPPF, UDJ etc those fighting to dismantle the Woyane tyranny.

    Seye, Gebru and their diaspora collaborators spearheded by none other than ABRAHA BELAY are making an effort to reinvent post Melese Woyane to further extend the Woyane tyranny – Your time is up… Please go away and join Tamirat Layne until the day of judgement!!!

  11. Arat Kilo on


    No!no!no! don’t divert the subject of this debate. Elias didn’t write the book nor Shabia! It was written by one of Abraha Belay’s working colegue. The book is to the mark because other sources also confirmed that Abraha Belay is a dangerous tribalist. Or go visit ethiomedia and it looks like the Walta in the 90’s. Siyie, Gebru and Gedado are advertised as the saviour of Ethiopia. Abraha Belay is the supporter of article 39 & TPLF.

  12. Zergaw on

    Who is Tesfaye Gebre Ab? I remember some one with this name, who was writing interesting articles in Woyanee Magazines. During the first Ethio-Eritia conflict, he published the Military Secrets of Ethiopia, then after no one knows about his where about.

  13. I like the comments of Amir on

    Dear Amir,

    I support your comment but with my own way of improving your comment. Should Ethiopia and Eritrea come together and thrive together? That is a good idea. Should people who are supporters of either side confuse us and divide us in the cyber war? Damn I hate it. So my way of belief is that, recently one article by Mr. Ephrem Madebo was published in Ethiomedia and ER also presented in his website about “Whipping Mr. Elias Kifle for some of his wrongdoings.” Now the article which is now published in Ethiopian Review seems that it is a retaliation waiting too long to find some good article against Mr. Abraha Belay. I do not like when these two people are fighting. Because the agenda of fighting TPLF is being diverted and it will be supporting the main agenda of aigaforum in dividing and confusing Ethiopians in the diaspora. Look at their recent articles. They were supporting Senator McCain and writing some argumentative articles against the then Senator Obama. On his inevitable coming to the super power office, they come out of hiding and started as the sole supporters of President Obama. Now, yesterday when Mrs. Hillary is confirmed as Sec. of State, they propagated a poem about the irrelevance of President Obama coming to power. These mercenaries should be fought rather than insulting and fighting Mr. Abraha on one side and Mr. Elias on the other side.

    Thank you for giving this opportunity to express my comment.

  14. just an external observer on

    That piece of dirt at ethiomedia, i wouldn’t even want to name his name, is really a typical woyane. Audacious beyond imagination. So in the early 90s, he voluntarily spied on good Ethiopians to please his woyane masters. What a despicable low-life these crawling creeping serpents are!

  15. Amir,
    I would like to see your comment on the
    difference of Siye, Gebru, Aregash in one
    side and Meles, Bereket, SebHat on the
    other team. You look very confused in
    understanding the line of the “gangs”.


  16. Please ER editors,

    try to be a bit professional. When you talk about especially an “explosive” book, indicate to your readers how they can obtain the book.

    It’s useless to evoke a book and your reader do not know where to by the book.

    I hope you publish my comments !!!!!!


  17. Dawit on

    Let me tell the truth no body did the good thing for Ethiopia all of them the same. One day God will turn his face on those criminal people.

  18. Anonymous on

    Hi ER,

    Thank you for posting some of chapters from Tesfaye’s new Book ” yegazetegnaw mastawesha”. I read all the books written by this author before. Yeburka zimta was the best.

    This book,yegazetegnaw mastawesha, is on the market in Europe in different cities. It should be available soon to the US market. I advise people to visit Tesfaye’s blog site at for questions directed to the author, for availability of the book. You ought to tell people how to get the books and ask them to comment on the whole thing rather than on few pages.

    I have no idea why he wrote the book but it is an excellent piece of work.

    God bless Ethiopia and Ethiopians

  19. che below on

    I have been telling and writing all the time about this guys and the so called x tplf members the likes of siye aberaha,gebru asrat, aberaha belay(ethiomedia),and so on they all become Ethiopian number one patriotic is when it comes to Eritrea until the fight with shabia this guys are a happy and genuine members of the tplf they all have the change of heart because of the ethio-Eritrea war probably personal hate towards Eritrea, Ethiopians have to investigate for themselves about this people. this abraha belay guy he only talks about tplf did this with Eritrea and that, that is all he writes except that he was a happy member of the narrow minded ethnic divider tplf so guys wake up……so guys besides that He advocates that we should not work with Shabia, when tplf entered Addis Ababa supported fully mechanized by shabia he was a happy tigrayan tplf member knowing that Eritrea is going to be a sovereign states with massawa and asseb together it’s my view aberaha and likes are Ethiopian patriot when it comes to Eritrea because of a personal hate to wards eritrea but they quite happy with the rest of tplf ethinic based policy.if ethiopian opposition starts working fully with shabia they sure know what is going to happen.

  20. Anonymous on

    A very intersting piece of writting by Tesfaye G/Ab. We are awaiting more excerpts with impatience.

  21. Ze Dagim on

    አብርሃ በላይ አቶ ልደቱ ከቅንጅቱ ጋር የነበራቸውን ልዩነቶች በገሃድ ገልጸው ሲለዩ ይኸንኑ ልዩነታቸውንና የቅንጅቱን ወገን አቋሞች በማነጻጸር ይኸኛው ትክክል ነው ወይም አይደለም የሚል የፖለቲካ ክርክር በማቅረብ እንድናውቅ ከማድረግ ይልቅ ስለ አቶ ልደቱ በየእለቱ አዳዲስ አሉባልታዎችን በገጻቸው ሲጽፉ ስላየን የተጠቀሱት ደራሲ ስለ አቶ አብርሃ ባህሪይ ያስቀመጡት ትክክለኛ ነገር ነው::

  22. Jonathan_pre on

    I Visited ethiomedia recently and found an interesting article criticizing “The journalist memoir” and wonder! Why are they attacking this author? The author must be true to something behind the truth otherwise they shouldn’t react strongly or be judgmental and reach the point and Give him names like “SHABYA”. When woyane heard or see something he doesn’t like he will immediately associate with “SHABYA”. We know their “GAME”. When is this “GAME” end. I personally read the book, it’s really fantastic book. It exposes woyanes true face.
    God bless Tesfaye and for most God bless Ethiopia!!!

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