50 Ethiopian immigrants arrested in Kenya

More than 50 Ethiopian immigrants were on Friday arrested at Baba Dogo and Huruma estates, Nairobi, Kenya.

Detectives from the Transnational Organised Crime Unit suspect that the immigrants were being trafficked to South Africa through Tanzania.

The immigrants were found in separate residential homes in the two estates.

Omar Adan who was accused of harbouring the immigrants has also been arrested.

Source: The Star

One thought on “50 Ethiopian immigrants arrested in Kenya

  1. Oh fellow Ethiopians, of Mother Ethiopia, for how long are you going to suffer and when is Ethiopia going to Stretch her hand towards God/Allah/Egziabher/Amlak, to have mercy on His Children, who were the first and only ones to be free from colonialism and kept their Independency and richness of culture for themselves and to the world, especially as the Beacon of Hope for Africans who were under colonialism, now they have to suffer, when fleeing from their own country. Oh, God help our People of all nationalities, religions, tribes, traditions and cultures to be one family of unity in diversity that I can get them in less than 24 hours if they all sign herein from the Diaspora and withing Ethiopia. Weyne, weyne, maltate, to see this picture everyone must say so, unless and until he/she did not rebell against Ethiopia, one of the founders of the League of Nations and the United Nations, the Founding Father/Mother of the Organization of African Unity/African Union, and its Head Quarter given by Ethiopia/Ethiopians, that I was privileged to be awarded, by the Mayor of Addis Ababa, in 1973, a Gold Medallion and a Certificate of Merit for hosting about 400 Cultural Troupe of Dancers and Singers from all over Africa for the 10th OAU Anniversary Celebration, and Addis Ababa being also the Head Quarter of United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, and God. Ethiopia was the only Independent country to have a weekly Radio/TV program against the South African Apartheid regime of separate development and was also the only country in the world to invite Nelson Mandela to Ethiopia, secretely and to give him moral and military training and help to topple the Apartheid South Africa, and now Ethiopians are flocking as refugees to South Africa, while it has its own problems, Spread the word until all Ethiopians within and outside Ethiopia to pray earnestly through all their languages and be united as one family, as they have always been for centuries, before the world was born, but not in 21st Century, where we believe there is a United Nations and an African Union Organizations and Human Rights Commissions? Sincerely and lovingly to all humanity of whatever tribe, race or colour or religion, denomination or sect.

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