Battles raging in Ogaden between ONLF and Woyanne

ONLF - Ogaden National Liberation Front (Ogaden Online) – Reports reaching the Ogaden Online service desk indicate raging battles between the Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA) and the {www:Woyanne} regime militias throughout Ogaden in eastern Ethiopia. All the latest battles took place between March 4th and March 7th. Casualties are reported on both sides.

Our reporters on the ground and eyewitnesses confirmed that most casualties were sustained by the Woyanne militias. Multiple reports put the Woyanne casualties around 400 deaths. The reports add that in some places, entire battalions were overrun, garrisons completely taken over, all military supplies taken, and Woyanne militias captured alive and taken as prisoners.

It is reported that most of the Woyanne militias taking part in the renewed battles are from the battalions that have recently been brought back from the failed military escapades in Somalia by the Woyanne regime in Ethiopia. Some captured prisoners have told some of our reporters that they were misinformed about the strength of the ONLA.

More than one prisoner indicated that they were under the impression that the ONLA was just a ragtag army that could not dig in for battle, let alone wage an offensive or a counter offensive.

The service desk is still in the midst of collecting and corroborating the news from the frontlines. So far we have received confirmations for the following battles.

On March 4th in the town of Uubataale which is 12 kilometers to the major garrison city of Wardheer, the ONLA killed 60 soldiers including a high ranking official of Ethiopia’s Woyanne regime. Among the captured military equipment was satellite telephone identification and tracking system and an advanced military communication radio.

In the same vicinity in a town called Afyaraado, it is reported a counter offensive ONLA force killed 40 Woyanne militias who were attempting to come to the aid of the uprooted force in Uubataale. The remainder of the reinforcements reached their main base in Wardheer. They were reported to have dug more defensive trenches, and they were said to have cut off all contact with the so-called local administration in the city for fear of being spied on.

On March 5th, a fierce firefight took place in the town of Qamuuda which is part of Doolo province. In this battle, it is reported that 20 Woyanne militias were killed, more than a dozen taken prisoner, and military supplies taken.

In Hilla, on March 6th, in Hilla which is closer to Mustaxiil, the ONLA ambushed Woyanne reinforcements. It is reported that 35 Woyane militias were killed, and two military transport vehicle of the type known as Urals were destroyed. Other reinforcements were also ambushed by the ONLA in the vicinity of Abaaqorow and Godey. It is reported that 34 Woyanne militias were killed.

On March 7th, confirmed reports indicate a major battle between the ONLA and the Woyanne militias in the town of Goldhebileey which is closer to Garbo. In this battle, eyewitnesses and reporters on the ground confirmed the death of 38 Woyane militias. They also confirm that the ONLA took all the military supplies from the garrison that was deserted by the Woyane militias. Eyewitnesses in Garbo confirmed that few militias who escaped from Goldhebileey have reached the town of Garbo.

It is also reported that the remnants of the defeated Woyanne militias fought with the so-called local administration militias. Eyewitness confirms the death of about 20 militias from the so-called local administration and the remnants of the defeated Woyane militias.

On March 7th in the town of Baarta Jerar, the death of 33 Woyanne militias was reported. There were many injured Woyane militias many of whom were brought to the city of Awaare.

There are ongoing reports of sustained major military battles between the ONLA and the Woyane militias throughout Ogaden. It appears that the Woyanne militias went on the offensive, but are now on the defensive. In some towns, the ONLA are reportedly in firm control. We are in the process of collecting verifiable information about all the battles and will be filing in future reports.

17 thoughts on “Battles raging in Ogaden between ONLF and Woyanne

  1. Anonymous on


    What heros !!!

    If Myth Busters had been called to investigate Ethiopian history, they would have busted milliards of myths !!!

  2. Go For It on

    Long live for ONLA!!! we Ethiopians brothers and sisters are proud of you that you stand for your freedom and existance! Shame on us the rest of Ethiopians stand still see you scrifing your life to stand against the TPLF minority tags. Everyone in Ethiopia should stand toghether from north to south from west to east to destroy the unpopular taggs NOW!! So called GINBOT 7 should organize such a combined effort to destroy woyane!! Tell the people of Ethiopia to rise the same time!!! Use G-7 radio to reach out the millions what to do on their part! Don’t let us die simplly! Let us kill and die for the sake of freedom!!! if we could live through this, we will cheereshi our unity and freedom together!!! we should not allow any parasite eatting us one by one!! Start and learn to kill any woyane and their supporters now!!

  3. ALI YARE on


    My brave beloved countrymen, we are proud of you, and all your people are behind you. Let me tell you that the Zenawi’s days are numbered. It isn’t going to be a long time before his murderous regime colapses.
    GO ONLF, GO ONLF! May Allah be with you.

  4. Geelle on

    The reason the Ogadenis are fighting very hard is that they don`t see any future under the Woyannes.The ruthless army,Abbay Sahaye,Meles and that ugly Bereket Simon(his trucking business is booming) have abused and aggravated Ogadenis enough to make them say”ENOUGH”.If the rest of the Ethiopians say enough,thing will change for the better.

  5. An Observer on

    Good luck for ONLF. They are doing a fantastic job. What is happening with OLF? Meetings or demostrations is important but it is not enough. Woyanne regime understands only thelanguage of force

  6. Somaliland Man on

    One day somalis in the Ogaden region will get the freedom they deserve sooner Insha’allah

    From your brothers and sisters in Somaliland!!!

  7. Wedi Kelafo on

    where are you Meles? Your empire is crumbling around you. Are you familiar with this saying? ‘Jegnaw ye Ogaden Serawit ye Mustahil n ketema tekotatrotal. Dear Zenawi, you are going to hear more similar nightmares.

  8. Peace on

    People, do you remember we hailed and supported Weyane when they took over from Derg, I would not support another Liberation Army or Liberation Front. If I were you I would question their motive, what then if they win this war, the ONLF? I bet you they would want to declare independent. So keep on supporting ONLF and we will get another worse situation in Ethiopia. Wey Weyane, gud seran.

  9. Omos on

    When the oppressed people in Ethiopia fail to work in unison and fight alongside one and another to get rid of the TPLF cannibalist regime, then there is nothing wrong if some groups like ONLF decide to fight alone with dignity. I hope one is not in the opinion that ONLF should do nothing until others decide to join them and meanwhile watch the decimation of the Ogadenis.
    Absolutely no, many of us did not hail and support TPLF when they took over from the Derg simply because we knew who they were and they themselves never hide their intention. They changed their mind two years before they came to power. If in doubt find and read their political programs and their ultimate objective from their inception upto 1989. Apart from that, did TPLF ever ask or one seroiusly expected from them to ask whether or not they were welcome.
    Furthermore, anyone who is seriously interested in Ethiopian unity and have in their heart the well being of Ethiopia should stop living in the fantasyland of stale Ethiopian unity. To preserve the unity of Ethiopia, a serious, and hardwork is needed. One needs to identify what is wrong in the country, address them in a meaningful way and put in place safeguards and a solid mechanism so that the past wrongs will not be repeated. You can never keep the country together by allowing the wrongs to continue and in fact flourish or simply sitting idle and hope that one day things will just sort out by themselves and hopefully get better. Rather we will just continue living in the never-ending cycle of political instability, bloodshed, poverty, and the like.

  10. Anonymous on

    To the moderator you will not serve the people of Ethiopia if you only allow the opinions with whom you agree and suppress with those you do not. The TPLF regime does that efficiently why do you imitate them? Ethiopians need free flow of information without get keepers of the truth.

    I am totally in agreement with Omos he is write the Ogaden people should not wait till the rest of Ethiopia wakes up from their sleep. This pseudo country called Ethiopia has to breakup into many mini states that is manageable by the people. First the Amharas and now the Tigrians are exploiting the countries resources for their own selfish benefit while the great majorities suffer under endless wars, famines and diseases. Yes Ogaden for Ogadenians, Oromia for Oromos, Tigrai for Tigrians, Amhara for Amharas etc. Until ‘Ethiopians’ achieve that so called self determination there can not be a united Ethiopia. The so called ‘unity of Ethiopia’ has been an instrument for the ruling classes who keep instigating ethnic animosities among the various ethnic, tribal and nationalities of the region while they keep retailing the natural resources of the country to the highest bidders. ONLF fighters keep on fighting you will harvest your freedom from the ethnic prison called ‘Ethiopia’. The Eritreans have done it and you can do it! Peaces if you truly want ‘peace’ then you have to stand against injustices committed in the name of your beloved Ethiopia. “Hilm teferto saytegnu ayadrum”.

  11. Mura on

    Where are the rest of the Ethiopian, stand up for your right and fight the wayna gangs and murder. Go on to protest at the G20 and give him a shoe.
    long live ONLF

  12. j.j alpher on

    great job, i would like to see a place where peace, equality, dignity, fair, and freedom of expression to grow up in africa. what i should say it shame of mleze give people they right

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